Vol. 16 Issue No. 16 | April 21 – 27, 2010

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Barto's bill attempts to morph holdership rights into ownership rights

By Linda Bentley | April 21, 2010

nancy barto'I wouldn’t necessarily assume that every law that’s been in place in another state, even California, since 1939, is necessarily evil'
PHOENIX – Rep. Nancy Barto, R-Dist. 7, has been attempting to defend HB 2154, Easements; proportionate liability for maintenance, which she, as the sole sponsor, introduced on behalf of Gerald Freeman, who, in 2005, along with his wife, filed a complaint against his neighbor Donald Sorchych, who also happens to be the publisher/editor of Sonoran News.   More ...

Arizonans await Governor Brewer's signature on SB 1070

By Linda Bentley | April 21, 2010

message on a toilet'If you come to America and you're here illegally, guess what? There is no catch and release'
PHOENIX – Now that SB 1070, which requires local law enforcement agencies to fully enforce federal immigration laws, has passed both the House and Senate, Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, who sponsored the bill, says the law will bring Arizonans less crime, lower taxes, safer neighborhoods, shorter waits in emergency rooms and smaller class sizes.  

CCUSD board clerk publicly chastises board member 'for the record'

By Linda Bentley | April 21, 2010

It's not about all-day kindergarten – it's about free all-day kindergarten
CCUSD – During the April 13 Cave Creek Unified School District Governing Board meeting, Clerk David Schaefer read a prepared statement into the record to publicly castigate board member Susan Clancy for asking questions and/or making suggestions during board meetings with which he does not agree.  More...

car washCouncil approves SUP for car wash

By Linda Bentley | April 21, 2010

Cave Creek to hold workshop to discuss 'Appendix A' and map of areas to be considered for general plan amendments
CAVE CREEK – Council unanimously approved a contract not to exceed $28,500 with Camp, Dresser & McKee for design of 2,250 linear feet of 16 inch water line to connect the Neary Tank to the new 16 inch Rancho Mañana Boulevard pipeline.  

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