Your View | April 7 - 13, 2010

CityNorth's High Street, located near 56th Street and Loop 101 in northeast Phoenix, is set for a foreclosure sale in June. Thanks to Carefree Town Council's approval of the zoning change for the equally goofy undeveloped Lewis Easy Street project, that hangs like a sword of Damocles over the town center, merchants continue to flee the area leaving only a few restaurants to do acceptable business. Yet voters continue to support the special-interest GOB mob as a Carefree property tax appears on the horizon.

As the town of Carefree's financial situation grows more precarious, MCSO writes dramatically fewer traffic citations, apparently following the wishes of the mayor to diminish the town's well-earned reputation as a speed trap. However, so many businesses have already left town that this pitiful effort, on a par with new signs and phony gas lights, is far too late to help sales tax revenues. Why does the town even bother paying MCSO for traffic control?

Don’s editorial hits the nail on the head! J.D. Hayworth is the man to go to Washington and fight for our rights. Does anyone think John McCain won’t vote for amnesty? Of course he will. He lives and breathes it and anyone who believes otherwise is a fool – just look at history. And another thing I don’t care what reason Sarah Palin has for appearing on McCain’s behalf. No self respecting conservative would since, at best, McCain is a RINO and we need party solidarity to defend against Democrats. I’m done with Palin. She is just another politician.

When, oh when, will the street construction be finished? The public has a right to know.

It is clear to me the feds are going after Joe Arpaio since he is jailing illegals. It is equally clear the feds are jailing so called militia members because of Janet Napolitano’s prejudice against anyone to the right of her and who isn’t? Get more guns and ammo and put them in a safe place. You will need them.

I understand Marshal Farmer was let go in Carefree. Interesting. What took so long? Tell me it wasn’t the recall election. Who is next we wonder. Let me suggest (Town Clerk) Betsy (Wise) for starters. Oh, I forgot, she knows too much.

I submit a more serious issue with ZIP 85331 is not that it includes Tatum Ranch but rather that it is tainted with part of Carefree, home to the most dreadful political cult in the state.

Let's hope that "Turn Tail Meyer" continues to play his piano and stays out of politics. Thanks to his free spending ways, Carefree is using up reserves to meet daily bills.  Of course the other two gutless wonders, Gardner and Fulcher, didn't help either.

The GOB crowd couldn't wait to crow about the result of Carefree's mayoral recall election and issue a rant against Sonoran News, "responsible for misinformation and personal attacks against our citizens, civic leaders, service clubs, public schools, churches, and other volunteer organizations." What the GOBs failed to mention was that the recall failed only because voters were against the idea of a recall, not because it wasn't fully needed and justified.

We loved your April Fools edition and gave more than we can afford to keep you going. I can’t imagine a week without Sonoran News to read. We can’t wait for your return to weekly editions although the Web site provides the information nicely. By the way I voted although we have Lifelock. Bless all of you!

One would think that the organizers of the Tea Party would be more selective in their choice of local representatives. The infamous and allegedly corrupt Hugh Stevens is hardly a positive role model.

Although I wasn’t fooled by your April 1 disclosure of “adult’ entertainment in the new commercial area, it got me thinking. Since that type of business does well in any economic climate why not encourage businesses of that persuasion to locate here? Tax dollars are tax dollars and we need them. Sure there will be complaints, but there always are. And if you think your friends and neighbors are above sneaking into such places I have a bridge I will sell you.

Good luck with your school board run Don! I have already contributed to the watchdog but I surely will contribute to your campaign. I will even attend school board meetings to hear you lacerate the “educators.” I know it was tongue in cheek, but think about it and get serious and yes I have kids in school.

We look forward to April 1 and always enjoy the front page tomfoolery. We vote for the adult entertainment article and the earthquake article second. Both are believable and fooled neighbors. Keep up the good work.