NRA Women’s Leadership Forum meets in N. Scottsdale

April 7, 2010 | By Steele Coddington

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NRA Women
Arizona NRA Women’s Leadership Forum met in N. Scottsdale to promote leadership in the Forum and actively support women who can and have influenced programs to actively defend America’s Constitution and its Amendments.  Left to right Vickie Reinbold; Marsha Petrie Sue, noted author; Wendy Rogers, candidate for AZ Senate; Didi Foss, wife of former NRA President, Medal of Honor winner Joe Foss; Shawanna Bolick, candidate for AZ House; Sandra Froman, past President of NRA; Pamela Gorman, former State Senator and candidate for U.S. Congress District 3. Courtesy Photo

SCOTTSDALE – Approximately 40 women heard Heide Raser, NRA Headquarters Coordinator and Assistant Director of Strategic Giving, present “Why NRA?,” a brief documentary on the Second Amendment and its influence in helping to preserve the other Constitutional Amendments.  She said, “We are not only about having a gun to defend ourselves, but also to defend the principles of all the other Amendments.”  A former FBI Agent, she spoke on how to organize local Women’s Leadership Forums and interest women who can have a significant voice on the importance of the Second Amendment and the Constitution in preserving our liberties and fundamental freedoms.

Other speakers included Sandra Froman, past President of the NRA from Tucson, who pointed out that the NRA is one of the oldest and largest Civil Rights organizations in the U.S. and ended the evening by asking each person in the room, “What can you do for freedom?”  She urged the women to be in the forefront of the NRA’s mission to fight for the preservation of America’s precious Amendments and Constitution.  “We need active, educated women to be leaders and part of the Women’s Leadership Forum.  Your participation is critical.”

Also noted in discussions was the research work of the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund in the landmark decision of the United States Supreme Court in District of Columbia vs Heller which struck down the city’s long term ban on hand guns and operable firearms for self-defense in the home, a ruling which enforced the Second Amendment individual right to “keep and bear arms.”