Your View | January 27 - February 2, 2010

The Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control investigation into the town of Carefree’s special event permits is the latest scandal to emerge on Mayor Schwan’s watch. A key financial beneficiary of the permits has been the Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce, the same organization that has sponsored council candidate “forums” that are simply public events where the good old boy crowd can cheer on their political cronies.

Anyone considering voting for incumbent Schwan should know that a vote for Schwan is a vote that endorses a Carefree property tax.

I just read Sonoran News’ “web only” item headlined, “Complaint filed against Schwan for misuse of town resources.” Maricopa County Campaign Finance Director Kristi Passarelli’s suggestion that, “This would be something that should be handled by the town attorney as misuse of city/town resources and reported directly to the town clerk as the filing agency for town candidates” is beyond hilarious. I submit it is more likely that two foxes would guard a chicken coop than the town attorney and town clerk doing anything about misuse of town resources.

 Schwan and his toadies must be attacking Bob Coady as a diversion since there is nothing positive to write about Schwan’s time in office.

CDC reports 20 percent of Americans vaccinated against swine flu and states, “From our point of view, this looks very successful.” From my point of view it appears the program was a flop and waste of money and that the government is trying to put a positive spin on the debacle. No states were reporting widespread cases as of last week.

If Hillary Clinton is trying to help Haiti, and Bill is trying to help too. Is Monica Lewinski trying to help out also?

Arizona educators can try to spin the state education program with “excelling schools”, but a recent “Quality Counts” assessment showed Arizona ahead of only Mississippi, South Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, and D.C. What large company would want to locate in Arizona where parents with school children would be reluctant to move?

Recently I wanted to walk along Easy Street in the Carefree town center and was informed there would be a $3 admission charge. I declined. Thank you, Mayor Schwan, for making the town so exclusive.

Congratulations David Schwan. It’s not every Mayor who can deliver a “threefer” in a single week:  Caring Corps conflict of interest, Water Company campaign letter abuse of power, and the kind of arrogance we see in Chicago style politics in the White House. If I sat on the board at Caring Corps I’d consider turning lemon into lemonade by returning those tainted dollars to Carefree voters pronto. Were you really stupid enough to think you could get away with this kind of stuff? Will the GOB’s find a way to characterize this as leadership? Will Carefree voters emulate those in the Bay State, and be shamed into finally, deservedly, throwing the GOB’s under the bus? Bet there’s a smile a mile wide on Mr. John Traynor’s face these days.

Why does it take a tragedy to bring out the kindness and neighborliness of local residents? I’ve seen more talking “across the fence” and offers of help even though “unasked” in the last few days than I’ve seen in years. Gives you a great appreciation of our local people but also makes you wonder where that spirit goes when we’re not in the midst of a tragedy.

If you are a spiritual person who cares about the education of our children and the social fabric of our nation, you cannot argue against Mr. Patterson’s case (A Perfect Union Guest Editorial). Kudos to him for speaking our minds when we feel less than free to do so. If I had $50,000 I’d buy as many copies as I could and give them away to people who want to talk openly about what will happen to our country if we do not stop Obama from forcing the LGBT community down our throats. And to the guy who wrote about lesbians and transgender individuals not having anal sex, it is political clout that has caused these groups to unite. They used to be enemies.

I can’t believe anyone else has had to put up with the problem of their cats vomiting. I had no idea it could be something to be concerned about. Our two cats have been vomiting for years. I just figured it was sensitive stomach. I will take them in and see what our veterinarian says. Thanks!

I thought FAR was moving to Scottsdale. Why is Harold’s still hosting their fundraiser? Why should we go? Is there a local group or more than one that is more local – Cave Creek or Carefree??