Guest Editorial
‘A Perfect Union’

By Artis Patterson | December 30, 2009

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November 7, 2009

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D. C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:
I write this letter in the hope all is exceptionally well with you and your family. I too am a family man and fully understand the importance of my family members’ holistic well-being.
In my opinion, you are doing a good job running the country and your plan to get the country back on its feet appears to be working. The reforms in Washington and within the various large business entities are long overdue. Having said this, I must discuss with you something that is weighing heavily on my heart and mind.

a perfect union book coverIn response to my sorrow about our country’s dilemma concerning the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, I started writing a book entitled A Perfect Union just prior to your campaign for the presidential nomination. For this reason, I have written to you and included a copy of my book. I am “unknown” and uninterested in gaining personal notoriety for this writing. Although I appreciate the demands on your time, I am intensely hoping you will make the time to review it because the future of our country is most important to me – so much so that I have sacrificed an enormous amount of time, energy, family resources and relationships, fellowship of friends and acquaintances and perhaps even my family business in hopes of an audience with you and so our country would have a reasonable chance to deal with this issue through wisdom and logic, rather than feelings and political correctness. I am optimistic that you will understand the magnitude of my sacrifice so this is not just another letter or book to you. I beseech you to see my efforts as an offering – a profound glimpse into many Americans’ souls who do not know how to express to you these thoughts and concerns.

As a voice for the people, A Perfect Union chronicles historical facts and perspectives in combination with the current collective thoughts, questions, and concerns of most Americans. It is designed to engage all segments of American society in a healthy debate about a possible, future civilization where the LGBT community will live in a permanently, infused union with American society. Essentially, this book is “the people’s” request of a moratorium on all LGBT legislation to give our country time to understand and develop compromises and/or remedies for this particular issue before instituting irreversible changes that could permanently alter our social structure.

Rest assured, I want you to be successful as long as you do not jeopardize the success of our country. This is particularly important for you to comprehend because in this book references to your management and direction in this particular matter are not favorable. You are described as a president under great influence of and pressure from the LGBT special interest groups and one whose presidency might need to be recalled in order to prevent you, in your capacity as Chief Executive, from doing irreparable damage to this country’s way of life.

I am certain once you have allowed yourself to move past your initial offense and ponder the reasoning, questions, and ramifications offered in the book, as a man seeking equity, you will see the necessity and urgency in allowing this issue to be figured out by the American people rather than a team effort consisting of you and the LGBT community.

Since you have managed to accomplish many things in the short amount of time you have been in office, it may be easy for you to believe that all your steps are correct. That is profoundly not the case concerning the direction you have taken in the pursuit of infusing the LGBT behavior into American society without giving the American people a fair chance to look at the facts and come up with solutions that are based on the consensus of the American people. I respectfully propose to you that you have taken a wrong turn which will devastate our country. I believe your heart wants everything and everyone to be fair and have an even playing field because you have experienced and know that there are a great many injustices in our country. But consider that the implementation of justice is good and right unless its frame of reference is flawed or missing pertinent information.

The goal of this book is to dissect the issue to get a clear understanding from a common sense perspective. In fairness to the American public, the African-American community and the LGBT community, thriving misinformation pertaining to the presumed similarities between the historical experiences of the African-American people and the LGBT experience is risky, at best, and are brought to light; but most importantly, it explains the significance of understanding why the United States is unlike any European country or Canada and dispels the misnomers concerning this issue.

You see, homosexuality is incompatible with our particular organized society. Understand that it is not the person committing these acts that society rejects – it is the sanctioning and promotion of anal sex. Looking at this aspect of the homosexual lifestyle from a peripheral viewpoint renders this act as benign. However, by inspecting it from an inside-out viewpoint, the detriment of its long-term affects on our society becomes quite clear. In fact, you will be hard pressed to assemble a panel of legitimate and honest medical doctors who will tell the nation that anal sex is a natural and healthy way of expressing human love.

Mr. President, most people tell the truth to those they truly love so they do not fall into harms way – even if you know it may initially wound their pride. We usually do not go out of our way to tell people we don’t care about much of anything. There is a certain level of anxiety to having “the conversation” since you don’t know how the person will receive your intervention. As an African-American male who loves God, my family, my country, and you, what motivates me (and I believe you too) to risk all my earthly goods to have this conversation is a deeply committed devotion to all those I have mentioned.

That being said, I am nearly at a loss for words to warn you of the impending political onslaught awaiting you and your party in 2010 and 2012. Sir, the infusion of this opposite sexual behavior will rip this country apart, and it will be strongly resisted. What will be heartbreaking is that people will come out to vote in 2010 to vote against your party in unprecedented numbers and then in 2012 to elect another president … anyone other than you.

Mr. President, I assume you desire for the history books to describe you not only as the first African-American President but as a man who evened the playing field for all. Unfortunately this will not be the case … all the good that you would have done by then will be forgotten and history will depict you as the first African-American President and a president who purposely tried to lead the country down an immoral path by attempting to get America to accept and endorse anal sex I seriously doubt you want this as part of your legacy.

I implore you, even though your victory of including the term sexual orientation in the Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Prevention Bill was meant to show the country that you have every intention of attempting to oblige America to the opposite and incompatible sexual behavior of the LGBT, before forging ahead with efforts to reverse “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” (or any other LGBT related measures) please lead the country in a nationalized, prime-time, televised broadcast with experts from various fields to discuss and answer together the pertinent issues and questions contained in the book – because these are the collective thoughts of the American people.

Personally and as a dedicated President of these United States, I sincerely believe you are interested in the preservation and well-being of our nation. For the sake of our country (especially our children) it is my sincere hope you will not capitulate in this matter due to external pressures, but instead decide that it is only fair that misinformation should be dispelled, the details uncluttered and the full spectrum of the LGBT issues and impact upon the future of American society must be openly and honestly discussed. You are a man that seeks to make this an equitable country … this course is fair and even to the American people as a whole.