The Supreme Court ruled against federal health care in 1935

The U. S. Supreme Court has already ruled “NO” in the case “Railroad Retirement Board et al. vs. Alton R. Co. et al. – argued March 13, 14, 1935. – decided May 6, 1935.” (The emphasis is mine.)

“The question at once presents itself whether the fostering of a contented mind on the part of an employee by legislation of this type is in any just sense a regulation of interstate transportation. If that question be answered in the affirmative, obviously there is no limit to the field of so-called regulation. The catalogue of means and actions which might be imposed upon an employer in any business, tending to the satisfaction and comfort of his employees, seems endless. Provision for free medical attendance and nursing, for clothing, for food, for housing, for the education of children, and a hundred other matters, might with equal propriety be proposed as tending to relieve the employee of mental strain and worry.
Can it fairly be said that the power of Congress to regulate interstate commerce extends to the prescription of any or all of these things? Is it not apparent that they are really and essentially related solely to the social welfare of the worker and therefore remote from any regulation of commerce as such? We think the answer is plain. These matters obviously lie outside the orbit of congressional power.”

Jack C. McVickers | Scottsdale

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Flatulence fatal to world

Dairy cattle are being blamed by climate scientists for their part in climate change. Cattle pass gas as a natural product of digestion. This gas is methane and is produced by all animals and insects. These include all herbivores – cattle, humans, termites – all animals, domestic and wild, including gnus, hippos, moose and deer, etc.

These scientists for once could be on to something really profound here and maybe beyond their boundless imagination. That is, given the “soaring world population,” that they decry – think of it: two billion Asians eating rice; another few billion elsewhere; South Americans eating beans and rice. God help us!

The looming danger is awesome, leaving only dismal choices to save the planet:
1. Pass laws prohibiting consumption of any and all vegetable matter
2. Pass laws mandating killing and consumption of all herbivores
And if we, the developed nations of the world, refuse to take responsibility for this dire situation, all assets must be divided among the “have-nots.”*
Since “pollutants” such a CO2 and water vapor are self-cleansing in acid rain and polar condensation – these will not be a factor, ever.

By gassing ourselves to oblivion we face extinction and unless addressed by next Wednesday, planet Earth cannot be saved. Once again, the poor and minorities are targeted.

*Guru Gore supervising.

John P. Brebner | Carefree

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Toys for Tots

I would like to extend my personal gratitude and a thank you from all the firefighters in Cave Creek and Carefree to everyone that played Santa this year. Once again we had an incredible response to our Toys for Tots program. All of you local 'Santas' donated literally thousands of toys, which were given to the Marine Corps and the Foothills Food Bank for distribution to those that aren't as fortunate as some of us. Every year the citizens of both towns out-do themselves in their generosity. It is an honor for all of us to work for such an incredible group of citizens who show limitless boundaries in their gift giving. I wish those of you who donated toys could see the look on the faces of the children as they pick up their gifts. It is an incredible experience.

I would also like to thank the Marine Corps for what they do every year, and a special thanks to Pam DiPietro and all of the folks at the Foothills Food Bank for their hard work in distributing the toys. They are the elves that make it all happen.
Again, thank you so much for your generosity!

John Kraetz | Fire Chief, Rural Metro Fire Dept. | Carefree/Cave Creek

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Congratulations to Gov. Brewer for Privatization Commission

Governor Brewer is on the right track in looking for ways to save money by establishing her Privatization Commission (announced Dec 21). I hope the targets for this commission will not be limited since there is virtually no function of state government that cannot be privatized. We may CHOOSE to keep the courts and police as government employees but even they COULD be private, albeit as government granted monopoly.

The easy targets should be functions like managing the state parks, running the Departments of Commerce and Tourism, running all the state’s post secondary education, building and maintaining roads, distribution of welfare payments, etc, etc. Thank you Gov. Brewer. Now let’s make this a meaningful effort.

Roy Miller | Phoenix

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Economic sleight-of-hand

Economists are a strange bunch. In a Washington Post article, quoted in the Arizona Republic, an economist at Syracuse University says:

“Right now, this year, we have $1.6 trillion in debt coming due. That’s roughly twice individual income-tax revenue. Our only plausible strategy for paying that back is to borrow more money.”

This is like paying off your maxed-out credit card by signing up for a new card on the solicitation that comes in the mail.

And the Syracuse guy is not alone. Nobel laureate Liberal economist Paul Krugman contends that budget deficits at the moment ARE ACTUALLY TOO SMALL!

This sort of economic nonsense goes back a long way. In 1930, during the Great Depression, the much-revered (in some circles) Lord Keynes proclaimed:

“For at least another hundred years we must pretend to ourselves and to everyone that fair is foul and foul is fair; for foul is useful and fair is not. Avarice and usury and precaution must be our gods for a little longer still…”

All this reminds me of my youth, when I sometimes went swimming in the muddy Mississippi River – I could not open my eyes in the silty water to see what was actually going on beneath the surface. “Swimming” with the economists makes me feel the same way.

Ralph G. Smith | Cave Creek

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We do not stand alone

Something from the heart and mind for the holidays: balanced as we are on an evolutionary knife-edge, the actions of each one of us can have repercussions beyond our capacity to imagine. Because we do not understand the physics of consciousness we do not understand how the insights of one might affect the 'critical mass' of the whole. But we do not stand alone, we are all interlinked … All is One.

This is the convergent message of both science and the sacred sense. So each time we make a choice that puts self ahead of others, each time we withhold a word of compassion for a troubled friend, we shift the balance, albeit perhaps slightly, towards a chaotic society. By contrast, each time we smile at someone on the street, each time we extend a caring hand to a fellow traveler in distress, we move – all of us – towards that light which illuminates the moment with love.

Ron Lowe | Nevada City, California

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Private schools operate with less funding

Each child not in public school saves the state taxpayer $9,707 per year. Private schools provide choice and competition and do not have teacher's unions! Because of this and less bureaucracy, private schools operate with less funding.

In the latest issue of Hillsdale's Imprimus, an article by Larry P. Arnn explains how modern public education has rejected absolute truth, resulting in a change in our political climate from "all men created equal" to the sort of despotism where "experts," big government and social engineering prevail over individual rights. Inalienable rights from our Creator, Nature's God and other such politically incorrect terms in our Founding documents are largely ignored by our public school system.

Because of the Arizona tuition tax credit, my three children are able to attend a Christian school where they are taught about the Judeo-Christian roots of our nation, which includes such information as the Pilgrim's search for religious freedom and the Pilgrim's Mayflower Compact, which stated that their colony was established for the "… advancement of the Christian faith ...." Children in Christian schools learn that our Constitutional Republic's success is based on the moral integrity of individuals and individual responsibility.

If you are considering an Arizona state tax credit to relieve your 2009 state tax burden, please call North Ridge Community Church at 64th Street and Dynamite, 480-515-HOPE, which has a list of church families with children at local Christian schools seeking tuition tax credits. Please mention that you are interested in being a sponsor for the "random drawing." Your submission must be postmarked (or paid online) on or before Dec 31. You will receive a dollar for dollar tax credit, to the limit of your 2009 state liability.

Holly Buss | Cave Creek

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The U.S. has an illegal president: the proof

A basic foundational premise of the Constitution; the president must be a natural born citizen," has been in constant violation since Nov 4, ‘08. Obama DOES NOT fit this Constitutional mandate. He is not now, nor can he ever be a "natural born citizen." He may be a "native born" citizen (born on US territory) but can never be called "natural born."

The difference is this: "natural born" is all about sovereignty.

Sovereign rules of "natural law" are easily understood when you compare it to that of dog breeding; such as toy poodle breeds. Two authentic (certified) toy poodles that mate, in-turn, procreate a pure bred toy poodle. This "pure bred" toy poodle is a product of sovereign, natural law of breeds. Meaning, an authentic toy poodle mating with another authentic toy poodle begets an authentic, natural law born, toy poodle.

This is what the US Constitution speaks of for the term "natural born."

It can be further understood as this – an authentic toy poodle mating with any other breed of dog violates the sovereignty of the breed, thus it is no longer a pure bred (sovereign) toy poodle breed.

This same sovereignty of "natural laws" and "natural rights," to be "natural born," means you inherit your sovereign rights as a citizen through, and from, your parents. The occupation of the Office of President of the United States was, and IS, intended to be a Natural Right and NOT a Legal Privilege. That is why the Constitution framers specifically stated this office is to be filled by one who is natural born of US citizenship, without ties, connections, or parents of foreign descent. Thus the "president" would not have split allegiance and split loyalties to foreign powers or foreign lands; nor cannot be blackmailed or threatened, having immediate family in foreign lands.

Obama is born of a minor age American and a Kenyan (British) father – regardless of whether he is born in the US is irrelevant … he is a product of two different citizenships. The sovereignty of US citizen has been violated (as above) because of being born via two different citizenship alliances. It’s that simple.

Thus there is NO WAY he can be eligible to be President of this Nation, period. So right now, at this moment, in time, this country has no president, no leader, no commander in chief – only a usurper.

Any bill Obama signs, any veto, any treaty, any executive order, any and all of it, is illegal, invalid and void.

Rich Reamer | Crofton, Maryland

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Put your name after ‘Your View’

I am so weary of reading the same views from the same anonymous people week after week. You constantly harp about how poor a job the mayor of Carefree is doing. As a councilman and mayor, David Schwan has presided over the town that has its own fire department and water company all without a property tax!

Let the town step up that can say that! Cave Creek pays property tax and is on subscription for fire protection with the cost ranging from $500 and up per year per home! Carefree also has no cost emergency service. Hello!!!

The council has OK'd left turn lanes, signage and night lights – all to aid in helping local business. The founding fathers of Carefree would be proud to see what has been done in these times of economic stress. You naysayers should be volunteering suggestions on improving our town whenever you can do so. The mayor's door is open to you! At the very least, have the courage of your conviction, discern the truth and put your name after “Your View.”

Joseph Intenzo | Carefree

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This is a deeply heart felt note of affection to those who love Illegal Criminal Alien Invaders and persist in advocating that Illegal Criminal Alien Invaders should have full rights to everything U.S. and have full say on the affairs and future of the United States of America.
As you go about your daily grind on your job, doing shopping, shuffling your kids in school and the malls ... keep in mind that the Illegal Criminal Alien Invader you see working in your community, that same Illegal Alien's children are going to kill your children either by gang related shooting in your children's school, or a random spray of bullets in the mall, or in a drive by incident to complete a gang initiation or by killing your local drug dealers in an effort to take complete control of your community's drug trade in an effort to more quickly and completely poison your off-spring or some other trivial reason, including you, Mr. President. You have two daughters, you WILL have grand children, and they WILL want to frequent the malls and they MUST attend school ... they WILL be exposed.

If you have spray painting defacing property in your community, you have a gang problem.
And those Illegal Invaders' daughters are going to give birth to more gang members … and if you've completely diluted yourself, let us remind you, these Illegal Criminal Alien Invader's children do not love you. Indeed they detest you and your children. And should you be fortunate enough to be granted a home invasion, and your entire family is killed for a computer and some TV's ... remember how you went out of your way to insure your exposure to this gift, from Illegal Criminal objects of your affection.

I'm sure you will forgive us if we don't seek your counsel or approval on this matter … you see, we live in LA, and in case you forgot, WE are the ones who warned you of this Illegal Criminal Alien Invasion back in 2003.

So you will understand if we are not shocked at your suffering; while entertaining delusion ... like Michael Jackson, to the degree where you can no longer attain a good night's rest because of all the trouble you have brought upon yourself.

We would like to give recognition to Congressman Luis Guiterrez, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Reps. Janet Murguia and Joe Baca, and all the other Central and South American Cartel's political puppets who have successfully infiltrated our political system. We'd like to insure you that we are keeping close record of all your attempts to advance the Illegal Invasion of our nation.

Any questions?

M.E. Goodwin | Los Angeles, California

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A stolen license plate

A tragic end, officer killed on Phoenix street. Chasing a car with a stolen license plate at 100 mph. “A thief Thursday night took that life,” authorities say.

There must have been more to the story than just a stolen license plate, but I haven’t heard it. Please tell me there’s more, there must be more.

Ed Harris | Phoenix

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