Your View | December 16 - 22, 2009

As an American, as a veteran and as a conservative Republican, I cannot sit idly by any longer. Every week I find myself more and more disgusted with Schwan’s desperate tactics to save his own skin at the expense of people’s rights. What and whose Constitutional rights won’t this man trample on to desperately cling to power?

According to the Maricopa County Elections Department, they plan to bill the town of Carefree $1.72 per ballot for the mayor's recall election. Currently there are 2,650 registered voters, bringing the total that will be owed to about $4,558. That is far less than the mayor's wildly exaggerated claim of up to $25,000 he stated at the December council meeting. In any case if he is serious about reducing the town's financial deficit, an easy way to aid the reduction would be for him to resign rather than be recalled from office.

I normally don't give two hoots about Carefree affairs, but this recall thing has me interested. I was approached at the post office by two older men a while back who wanted me to sign a petition to support David Schwan. When I told them I didn’t live in Carefree, they said it didn’t matter, I could sign anyway because their petition wasn’t a legal document. In fact, they said I could sign for my wife!! How ridiculous. What merit does it have then? Apparently, all these Schwan supporters care about is padding the numbers to trick people into thinking Schwan has more support than he really does.

This is regarding a letter to the editor by Craig Cantoni. I call him Craig Canabolognie. I think he is a whiner and a thermometer. There is a book called Tribe, by Seth Goden and in it he says whiners are thermometers as opposed to thermostats which can change things. Thermometers tell you what is wrong but are useless because they have no way of changing things. Sounds like Craig. Thermostats change things almost automatically. On a lighter note, if I was his wife, when we would go for a walk I would put vodka in my water bottle and industrial size cotton balls in my ears.

If the present mayor of Carefree is recalled, in the next election, I think we should give the councilman who got the most votes in the last election the mayor’s position.

The editor of this newspaper is to be congratulated for keeping his readers informed as to the legal proceedings against Mr. Obama, who certainly is not qualified to be our president because he is not a natural born citizen of our country.

Leave it to Mayor Schwan to estimate Carefree’s recall election costs at a rate five times higher than what the Maricopa County Election Board said it should be. That is just an example of why he needs to go. Either way it will be a bargain to see him exit.

Speculating about the March 2010 recall election is interesting. If anyone went to a council meeting they would run, not walk, to the polls to vote Schwan out of office. Assuming he is history, will any GOBs run for council in 2011? If so, which one is electable? The answer is none. It is possible that for the first time in the history of the town we will have a sound council.

Those people protesting Sonoran News because of the defeat of the override have to be liberals. Who else would demand someone else should pay for their kid’s education? Rather than socking our property tax why don’t they pony up the funds to get the level of funding they think is correct? No? Then they are hypocrites, but we already knew that, didn’t we?

It seems rather obvious to me what happened to Arizona’s budget. Janet Napolitano never saw an increase she didn’t like and the inflation of the budget is her doing. What the legislature should do is return the state budget to what it was pre-Napolitano. Problem solved!

Loved the picture of the manger scene on your front page. Thanks to you and to the Payne family. That issue is a keeper.

That Adam McDonald person Linda Bentley wrote about and his letter to the editor raises many issues. Magistrate Preston said the right words but why are McDonald and his partner in crime given a plea bargain? The damage they did can never be repaired. His letter to the editor, required by Preston, is revealing of penance because he was told to. I read his letter as a whining admittance which expects us to be sorry for him because he may never be an EMT. God, I hope not! Throw the book at him and maybe hard times will soften his granite hard heart.

The person who wrote about sandwich boards is right on. They are ugly and dangerous and should be banned. If a business is not on Cave Creek Road then their choice is an advertising medium. Why should the public suffer because you are too cheap to advertise? Times may be tough but get in the town core or give it up. And where is the town enforcement?

I had to go back to my high school English book to see what a preposition was, then I understood Geoff Orton’s little poem. How clever it is. Thanks Mr. Orton!