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2010 Election challenger

By John Traynor | December 16, 2009

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John Traynor emerges to address financial concerns, political repression

john traynorToday, after much sincere and thoughtful consideration, I announce my candidacy for a seat on the town council to serve the residents of Carefree. My decision is made with an eye on the town’s future, but fully mindful of current imperatives and our rich history.

Entering our ninth year here, my family and I have embraced the southwestern culture, magnificent surroundings and all the charm Carefree can offer. Concerns relating to the financial viability of the town, in concert with our desire to engage new residents and young families, necessitate renewed commitment. I firmly believe we should maximize citizen participation and protect the political rights of our residents from a pattern of repression which has emerged in recent times. The absence of tangible leadership, open to meaningful strategies and/or differing viewpoints, calls for decisive action.

In this decade Carefree has experienced some growing pains. Although segments of our community have taken different views of current events, I sense we all want a financially sound, harmonious future for our town. We all want to reverse the trend in property values and enhance our quality of life. In order to attain these shared goals we will need to take a realistic look at issues, evaluate credible actions and even embrace a degree of change where necessary. The continuous stream of revenue that once flowed into town, funding substantial projects, has slowed dramatically. Fueled by insatiable development and the growth of personal spending, communities like ours expanded far quicker in the past ten years than in the prior forty.

National economic problems were not our creation, yet we continue to feel the impact here more than in other parts of the country. The resultant issues we face must be addressed in an open, honest, and straightforward manner. Unfortunately differing views of obvious challenges and political rights have alienated some residents and caused others to take sides. New residents, many with growing families, have remained on the sidelines preferring to avoid the contentious reaction to sincere debate. As a town we lose valuable insight and a new generation of volunteers.

My 35 year background, in what has become known as the information technology industry, affords me a unique perspective on complex issues, including technical, financial, and people challenges. In senior management positions within three sizeable insurance organizations, most recently as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, I have managed large numbers of highly qualified employees while also managing global technology projects and budgets in excess of $40 million.

My experience with ‘needs assessment’, financial analysis and resource management will be invaluable as I work with other committed members of the town council, staff, and residents to address the very real financial challenges we face here today. My awareness and understanding of town issues emanates from five years of active participation in council, the water company, and various committee meetings. I’ve met many of you over the years while volunteering at numerous recycling events. My views on citizen participation, including voters’ rights, have been clear and unwavering.

I sincerely hope you will support my desire to address our common concerns, resolve pressing financial issues and restore our status as a prosperous community.