Your View | December 9 - 15, 2009

Not only did Mayor David Schwan come in last of ten candidates in Carefree's March 2009 primary election, but also he received less than half of the ballots cast in the May general election, despite only four printed ballot candidate names for four available seats. Yet he had the chutzpah to cast the fourth vote for himself to become mayor. Why didn't he simply resign rather than force the town to pay for a recall election to remove him?

I am proud to live in the beautiful Town of Cave Creek and I believe most Creekers feel the same way. However, I am puzzled by the fact that most of my neighbors walk their dogs and never clean up after them. I walk on a dirt road which other dog walkers share. There is a pile of dog poop every 15 feet along the road. It is not only unpleasant to see and smell; it is also a health hazard. It is loaded with bacteria. It attracts and breeds flies, and when it "washes" away, or dries up and blows away, it pollutes our rare and beautiful creek and our mountain air. Perhaps those who don't clean up after their dog simply have not thought about the consequences of the "mess" they leave behind and the fact that it is "litter." I am hopeful that will change and not just some, but everyone, will take an extra minute to keep our special town healthy, clean and beautiful.

Carefree Town Clerk Wise has officially called the mayor's recall election set for March 9, 2010. Ballots are to be mailed out on Thursday, Feb. 11. That is 26 days before they are due back. Another reason to support the recall is that at the November council meeting the mayor voted against sending out ballots at the earliest date provided by law.

People have complained before about the “sandwich” boards that line our streets. They are unsightly and dangerous. Has it ever occurred to advertisers there are myriad newspapers to advertise in, including this one? My husband told me in a recent council meeting two men claimed their tattoo parlor would go out of business if they couldn’t put sandwich boards on Cave Creek because they are not on Cave Creek Road. I believe those of us on Cave Creek Road pay premiums to be there and non-Cave Creek Road people should advertise in the media, not on the road.

Yes, Carefree is a speed trap and a family member paid a large fine for the ridiculously low limit of 25 mph in a non-residential area, I am calling on the sitting council to evaluate this issue. I’ll bet GOBs don’t get ticketed.

I went to Sonoran News to place an ad and the most nasty woman I have ever heard came in with complaints about the silly “protest” those sore losers had across the street. She was slamming a Sonoran News paper from one hand to another and was yelling in a shrill voice. I own a business and if someone did that here they would be escorted out by a deputy. No one I am acquainted with voted for CCUSD overrides and they didn’t lose because of Sonoran News. It is a lousy school! Interview a recent graduate and you will know what I mean. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to assess the school board and the administration as seriously deficient. Fix it and quit wailing.

I saw last week’s note in Your View suggesting that Sonoran News not let “the bastards grind you down.” We used to say “e carborundum unum.” It is sad my favorite newspaper has to put up with such crap. I hope the liberal #&*$^% enjoy making asses of themselves. It would really be a hoot if they were following the lead of a 14 year old. On second thought they are just stupid enough to follow a kid.

I hope Sonoran News stays away from PC and calls Christmas Christmas, not holiday something or other.

At the December Carefree council meeting an agenda item was included to propose that to vote in the mayor's recall election a voter would have to pay his own postage to return the mail-in ballot. One councilman asked Town Clerk Wise the method by which the language made it on to the agenda. Her answer set a new standard for being evasive. Rather than come right out and state it was Mayor Schwan's idea, she insisted it was arrived at by the combined minds of her, the town administrator/planner, and the mayor. Fortunately the proposal was defeated 0-6 with the mayor not voting.

After hearing former Carefree Councilman Gardner's farewell address about how well off financially the town is and following a supposedly detailed analysis this summer of the fiscal year 2009-10 budget by Mayor David Schwan, it turns out the town is running a deficit at an annual rate of $600,000 or more. There is no end to the reasons the mayor must be recalled and sent packing.