Your View | December 2 - 8, 2009

Amazing: hundreds of thousands of job-saving dollars have been given to Arizona's Fifteenth Congressional District by President Zerobama! Computations for such largesse were surely carried out by the same people who tallied Chicago's cadaveric vote, or maybe by Zero himself, who claims to have visited "all 57 American states."

As Superman used to say, when I was growing up, "Truth, Justice and the American Way." I guess David Schwan didn't read comics as a kid either.

According to the Arizona Repulsive, “(14-year-old CSHS freshman Miss) Davis' parents, who attended the protest (against an editorial position of Sonoran News), said their daughter organized the effort on her own." Apparently the Repulsive didn't bother to confirm that information with Miss Davis herself and the source was considered sufficiently credible for a headline that blared, "Teen organizes protest of Cave Creek override news coverage." I am sure it would have been a different headline if Miss Davis had been asked and replied, "Actually it was my parents' idea."

According to CCUSD93's website, the District has 16 different committees and task forces. My personal favorite is the "2009-10 Calendar Review Committee." Headed by a Facilitator, the committee includes these Representatives: Administrative (3), Principal (2), Classified (1), Certified (8), Parent (8), and Community (0). The "Financial Feasibility Committee" has 30 members. It would have been my favorite except Carefree Mayor David Schwan is a Municipal Representative. Maybe having committees in charge of everything is what got the district into its present mess.

Newsweek decided it was important to the nation to have Sarah Palin on the cover of their magazine wearing her running garb. The question now becomes when will Newsweek feature Michelle "Thunder Thighs" Obama squeezed into Spandex as a cover page? That should be a sight to behold!

Is it any wonder the National Inquirer has surpassed NewsWEAK as a credible source of news and facts? Could the reason be that they are totally biased in their reporting? Just when will the dolts running that toilet tissue pretending to be a news magazine file for bankruptcy protection? It can't come soon enough and they certainly deserve it.

So the "Disappointed" Carefree couple "cherished" the intersection at Cave Creek and Carefree Highways? Maybe they shouldn't have allowed CVS and Lowe's there first. Why did we even need a Lowe's with Home Depot a half mile away? Perhaps a better location would have been Cave Creek and Tom Darlington!

Why would Oprah announce her retirement two whole years in advance? Could it be she wants a lot more publicity?

Recent polls results shown on the Fox News channel show Obama losing more and more support these days. When he loses for reelection in 2012, will he go back to Kenya in Africa?

I submit Sue Coady, wife of Councilman Bob Coady, would be an excellent candidate to run in the recall election of soon-to-be former Carefree Mayor Schwan. She has attended virtually all town council meetings during the past ten years and knows all the issues well.

Personally, what that 14-year-old zealot (A.J Davis) needs is a good old-fashioned spanking. Oh, that’s right ... we can’t do that anymore. So we are to believe a 14 year thought this up and planned it but suggests people should call her parents? Her family is a disgrace and they are sucking her into stupid and possibly illegal things. I also believe the Repulsive blog that puts the blame squarely on Kiwanis. Thank you Sonoran News for your school coverage. Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

I’m glad to see the wait is over and Schwan will have a recall vote. I will mobilize everyone who is willing to vote the insipid little fraud out of office. He is merely a tool for Good Old Boys to use, and they giggle while they do it. Carefree deserves much more than an errand boy and I would vote for Elmer Fudd if he ran. Anybody but Schwan and Good Old Boys.

I hear Mayor (David) Schwan of Carefree is asking the council to charge voters postage if they mail in ballots. Has he ever read the Constitution or asked his highly paid attorney about case law? Sounds like a poll tax to me, which was outlawed long ago. And the good old boys think he is a great mayor? Was it his idea, Huber’s or Kiwanis?

Just so you know … I saw cars at the protest near your office circle around to honk as signs asked them to. What a setup and what great cheating to show the students. I am so glad I voted against those clowns.

Where are the protests about the so-called Art and Craft tents all over town? As a 20 year Creeker, I thought we had seen the last of Lester Recklin and his sidekick. I remember they owed big bucks to the town of Cave Creek and yet here they are. Just like it used to be, they are competing with local tax paying businesses and if you pay cash, you avoid town taxes. How does that help the town budget? Town Hall get a grip and regulate them out of business.