Your View | November 25 - December 1, 2009

Commissioner Lyn Hitchon was appointed to Planning and Zoning to serve all the residents of Carefree. Yet her political bias, including periodically sending out a "Truth" e-mail, must lead many who appear before the commission to believe that they have little chance of receiving her vote if they do not support the good-old-boy crowd. I submit the town council has a duty to remove her from P&Z immediately.

During the November Carefree council meeting someone asked why the Elections Department was instructed to mail out ballots just 15 days before the election, thus providing inadequate time for some ballots to be received and counted on time. Town Clerk Betsy Wise was quick to point the finger of shame at both former Mayor Huber Stevens, who began the practice, and current Mayor Schwan, who endorsed the practice in the latest election.

I am a 50 year old resident of Cave Creek, a widow on a fixed income. I want to thank everyone who voted for Walmart. You have kept me in my house for a little longer. The property tax would have driven me right out of town, which wouldn’t be fair to us old ladies.

The liberal media doesn’t seem to understand that the American people do not want the government in charge of our health care system, period!

I live in Cave Creek and I am appalled at Cody’s death house. I have lived in Arizona for 45 years, this is the worst month I have ever spent. The noise level brings new meaning to disturbing the peace. If our town is that hard up please vote for Walmart and maybe we can get enough money to exist without doing anything so dreadful again.

President Barack Obama said the entire nation is grieving for those slain at Fort Hood, and he urged people not to jump to conclusions while law enforcement officers investigate the shootings. This from the same guy who immediately said the police acted "stupidly" when they followed correct procedure and arrested the uncooperative Henry Louis Gates Jr. (black Harvard law professor) a few months ago.

I guess Meeth and Marsolo are just about out of issues to complain about. If two women ever needed jobs, it's those two. Hint: Walmart will be hiring!

The CC voters followed the money allowing Walmart … be careful what you wish for. Are we to be threatened with a property tax each time there is disagreement with town policy?

For at least one scheduled Carefree council sanctioned event, the plan is to sell glasses in one spot and then pour "free" wine a short distance away. A councilman officially commented from the dais that the system is simply a method to avoid the need for an alcohol license. That is yet another example of the council's contempt for the law. I'm bringing my own glass.

I'll never understand why so many people hated Bush so bad that they were willing to give up their country and freedom for change that they knew nothing about!

Since the Cave Creek School District is mismanaging money to the extent that they need to beg for overrides every year, then why don't they trim costs by terminating all bus services except for the handicapped? Every day the buses stop traffic on roads throughout Dove Valley Ranch, a single lane road, while the parents sit waiting in their automobiles to pick them up. The kids walk slowly and casually with not a care in the world about the traffic they are stopping. Here's a concept parents: Why don't you drive to the school to pick up your children? Better yet, why don't you tell them to walk to school? I did. I used to walk a mile each way to school. I “never” rode a bus, and I attended elementary, middle, and high school all here in the Paradise Valley School District. This would not only save money for taxpayers, but it would also discourage obesity in our children, potentially saving more money in health costs down the road for taxpayers. It's bad enough children aren't outdoors getting the physical exercise they need (like I used to do as a kid) due to playing with their Xboxes and Play Stations indoors all day.

I have been noticing some real idiot drivers in North Phoenix lately. These are the folks that turn right immediately into the left lane, or turn left into the right lane. Others think it is OK to do u-turns at a RED traffic light. Others think it's OK to merge into the center lane while making a left turn. I think the Phoenix PD needs to do some stronger enforcement and start ticketing these fools. These violations are likely to cause an accident ... not speeding by 10 mph.

The Carefree town council, wearing their board of directors' hats as the managers of the town's water business, appears trapped in a vicious circle, much like water swirling down a drain. Despite numerous water rate increases, the water operation still reported a financial loss in the year ended June 30, 2009. The more rates are increased, the less water is used. Lower water demand requires still higher rates. Maybe after Mayor Schwan is recalled from council in March the next mayor will come up with a better plan. The problem began when former Mayor Huber Stevens insisted on issuing 7 percent non-callable bonds, now unnecessarily costing what Stevens called "only citizens" millions of dollars.