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By Don Sorchych | November 18, 2009

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Don SorchychCarefree PACs

How petty can you get? Councilman Bob Coady has done more to put Carefree on the map in a positive way than anyone, including the founders. Coady was invited to Washington by U.S. Rep. Ted Poe, R. –Texas, regarding the subject of recycling mercury containing florescent light bulbs; however, when he asked Mayor David Schwan for trip reimbursement he was denied.

And Schwan and his backers wonder why he is being recalled and, yes Virginia, he will be recalled.

Back to recycling for a minute. Congress passed irresponsible legislation favoring florescent bulbs without a thought to their toxicity. Coady found a company that built equipment to recycle the bulbs and eliminate the mercury issue. Carefree was, as far as we know, the first to make the technology available to local citizens.

Yet after all his good work he is not only denied costs he incurred by Schwan, he is harassed by Lyn Hitchon. Hitchon, also known as “Large Lynn” who is a Schwan sycophant, a member of Carefree P&Z and author of missives called, “Carefree Truth” although they could more accurately be called myths and fables.

Hitchon has long been the treasurer of Sentinel Rock HOA. She abuses that position by sending her propaganda to the Sentinel Rock HOA members. When citizens who live there were asked why they tolerate her in office, the answer is always the same. It is believed they would even be a target if she was out of office. It is also believed the four that rule the HOA are either Hitchon’s buds or they are afraid of her.

Hitchon wasn’t always a town activist blindly kissing GOB butts. At one time she rivaled people like Jim Peirce who sees the council for what they are. She frequently wailed in Call to the Public about the town, town officials and council. She also ran for council and was flattened, not once or twice, but three times.

But one thing has never changed; she hates Bob Coady, which makes her a friend to the GOBs.

Somewhere along the way she and former Mayor Ed Morgan made peace and she wormed her way onto P&Z.

Since that time she is a 100 percent GOG. She went along to get along. But she has chosen losers who will, in the next few years, be simply bad memories.

Now she has demanded information about Coady’s trip to Washington. Her buddy Schwan, soon to be recalled, denied Coady’s expenses, which weren’t already paid by others, denying the trip was town business.

I would tell her to pound sand!

As a P&Z member, any reputable council, or mayor, would see Hitchon’s bizarre behavior as a reason for dismissal. The current administration obviously enjoys her support, inaccurate as it is, but it is doubtful the voting public does.

Another weird strategy the GOBs have is to collect signatures on petitions favoring Schwan.
Tellingly, the only people carrying the petitions are Kiwanians. Upstanding citizens of Carefree like Ned Dobek, Bill Rintleman and John Skarda are among the Kiwanians who otherwise do so much for kids, or do they?

It doesn’t seem to bother these knuckleheads that their petitions are meaningless. In the case of Ryan Ducharme’s petitions there is review of signatures by town staff and the election department. If 203 signatures are valid, and they are, the vote is on for March 9, 2010.

Who is going to confirm that the Kiwanis signatures are present voters in Carefree? Huber Stevens? And if they are valid, so what? They carry no legal weight at all. There is no one to turn them in to and they sure won’t bring them here.

According to an article in the Scottsdale Republic by Beth Duckett, who thinks the town of Cave Creek built a 20 million (it is 2 million) gallon water tank in Cave Creek and also erroneously believes town snoop Anna Marsolo lives in Cave Creek, while she lives in the County …

Anyway, I won’t vouch for her accuracy, but she wrote, “Three groups have filed paperwork to form committees to show support for Schwan. They are Carefree Truth, Carefree Citizens Against the Recall and Citizen’s for Schwan.”

The facts are these: Hitchon has a vastly misnamed PAC and there are four PACs, not three.
There is a Donald Snyder PAC labeled, “Carefree Citizens Against the Recall.” Snyder was on council with his buddy Ed Morgan.

Duckett claims they have 542 signatures. That is doubtful because Snyder was seen collecting signatures with Kiwanis members, and no where else.

Mayor David Schwan has his own PAC called, “Citizens for Schwan.”

Kiwanian Ned Dobak has a PAC titled, “Support Our Town- Citizen Volunteers.” Snyder is co-chairman and treasurer and Kiwanian Dieter Loper is also co-chairman. This group illegally collected signatures and only formed a PAC when the town was informed and had to tell them to form a PAC. This, not Snyder’s PAC, collected the signatures.

Duckett quoted Dobak as saying, “Recalls are based on some kind of reason like judiciary misconduct, immoral or unethical behavior.”

Read the statute Kiwanian Dobak; you can recall a sitting official because you don’t like how they part their hair, ARS § 19-204 titled “Form of Petition,” merely says, “The grounds of this demand for recall are as follows: (state in two hundred words or less the grounds of the demand).”

See anything about “judiciary misconduct, immoral or unethical behavior?”

In other words your whole premise is your opinion, slanted by political convictions and a lie! However, if “unethical conduct” is a reason we have ample proof of that and will be happy to share it with the public during the future election preliminaries.

And finally Kiwanian Dobek said the “recall founders are trying to bring them down and they are not the kind of people we like in our town.”

So you don’t like the people who drove the recall? How about the 406 Carefree citizens who signed the recall petition? How about the more than 800 that voted for non-GOBs, Bob Coady and Peter Koteas? But you don’t like people like that in “our town?” How about write in candidate John Traynor missing a council seat by 11 votes?

It is you who is out of step with Carefree voters. You, the horse you rode in on and the slim minority of GOBs, GOGs and Kiwanis members although I am being redundant.