Your View | September 30 – October 6, 2009

We hear about Miller and corruption, Schwan and incompetence, and Coady as the Lone Ranger. What about the other council members? Do they serve any function; do they do anything at all? Are they just make-believe elected officials, or maybe even blow up dolls?

I was not surprised to see on the recent anti Walmart mailer that two of their five supposed facts are outright lies and the other three are certainly debatable. First, if anyone in the anti Walmart group could read, they would readily understand the White Paper was really all about how to avoid a property tax, and I am unaware that the town adopted it as an economic model. Secondly, the PRIZE group that conducted the Aug. 30 forum at the library clearly supported a property tax as an alternative to Walmart. Come on – at least get your story straight even if it is BS.

How many times do the anti-Walmart people have to be told that the Carefree Highway commercial center will not be available in time to prevent the financial meltdown of Cave Creek? Where would the town get the money for infrastructure to make it available anyway? I have to conclude these people are dreamers with no sense of the obvious or they want to destroy the town they claim to love.

If an investigation was ever screamed for, Carefree’s bidding process does. I live in Scottsdale and narrowly missed buying a home there. Are Carefree citizens asleep? Carefree’s behavior, denying the rights of recall men and the apparent bid rigging, would make Chicago proud. Is that how they want to be thought of? And I confirmed they are also on the speed trap list. People who speak of their wonderful accomplishments are delusional.

Taste of Cave Creek was a hoot and almost cost me a DUI. I could have kissed the officer, but he probably wouldn’t have accepted it from another guy. Thanks again Sir!

Here we go again with signs. We have Walmart yes and Walmart no. I am for Walmart because I know I’ll have to move without Walmart. As far as CCUSD goes where are signs to say hell no? Where is CCUSD getting their money from and why aren’t there signs with truth to trump their lies?

REAL health care reform: Tort reform, more doctors and nurses, end to government rip-offs and mismanagement. Visit

Mr. Obama, I agree you are a liar. The American people have rejected your health care program, not because of racism but because of socialism. When you, your family and Congress sign up for the health plan we will believe you are sincere.

I am sure a lot of Creekers are still waiting to hear about the “Jesus is Lord” sign. But there are also some Creekers who appreciate knowing there are more important things happening in society right now. It is pretty bad when we live in a country where there is disrespect for a sign about the Lord with everything going on.

Larry Wendt, owner of the Buffalo Chip, deserves a huge thank you from the Foothills community who attended the celebration for Barry Myers after his funeral. It was great and Larry bought everybody the first round. In the time of grief it was great to see Larry’s community spirit. Thanks Larry.

I am a single mother who skimps and scrapes and has an extra job to send my son to private school. Since I didn’t finish high school I can’t home school him. But even though I pay taxes which support public schools, because I have to, I would never send my son to such a disgusting state, union and federally funded excuse for a school. And I don’t have to worry about his having to listen to Washington propaganda. By the way, my son and I only read Sonoran News. Thanks for being here.

Thanks to Gov. Jan's veto of a budget bill that would have perm-anently repealed the state educational equalization tax, my tax bill just jumped an extra 10 percent for a 16 percent increase rather than a six. I suspect her political career is winding down.

Sharon McCarthy’s letter to the editor last week about the Rust’s banner being stolen was moronic, stupid and a sacrilege although she accused them of her own shortcomings. The “Jesus is Lord” sign was an inspiration to me whenever I drove by and it reminded me to say a prayer, for someone or something. I hope the perpetrator is brought to justice and a new sign is erected soon.
Editor’s note: You’ll be pleased to know a new sign is in place.

Thanks to Deanna Burton of Cave Creek who wrote a letter in the Sept. 23 issue of Sonoran News. Her final sentence was perfect and it read, “I liked driving by the sign and being reminded that I still live in a place where you can say, “Jesus is Lord.” Amen! I can’t believe the sacrilegious attitude by detractors exists in Cave Creek, and I hope it doesn’t. I see the sign is back up again. Thanks to the Rusts for a daily reminder and their courage to erect the sign.