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Steele Coddington’s Tea Party article

Wow! Great Story. Thanks for including me.

Dean Martin

Good article, Steele – you captured the mood of the day!

Sandy Doty

Great article! Thanks for getting Prop 13 Arizona in there too!

Lynne Weaver

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Response to CCUSDWatch letter

In a recent letter to editor (“Never argue with a man who buys ...), it was suggested that “K-3 override supporters and the district should also make clear how it is going to improve academics and how this money will contribute to that improvement....”

Well, let’s look at CCUSD’s past accomplishments in this area, following the narrow passage of the first K-3 override in 2005-2006. Since then, CCUSD has received about $5 million from the district taxpayer, another $4 million from the state for all-day kindergarten and nearly $2 million from the state in miscellaneous “k-weight” (K-3) funds. This adds up to about $10-11 million from all sources.

A recent Sonoran News Guest Editorial commented on the K-3 money spent since 2005-6, “What is the district taxpayers’ return on investment? They have experienced very minor differences in Terra Nova test scores in the early grades, minimal use of new elementary teachers to supplement the then existing K-3 staff, little differences in class sizes and very minor spending for K-3 instructional materials.” After this four year record in spending $10-11 million for K-3 activities, what assurance can CCUSD administrators, and the governing board, give to the voters that they will not get “more of the same” with any future K-3 override?

The above letter to the editor had an interesting comment, “CCUSD should show the taxpayers some good faith by returning the $12 million in bond money that it currently has outstanding and that we have been paying thousands of dollars per year in interest on since 2006.” This is a commendable idea, especially since district taxpayers are paying about $50,000 per month (that’s right, $50,000 PER MONTH) interest on money quietly sitting in the bank, as a result of the $15 million bonds issued in September 2006. Is this prudent fiscal management? Doesn’t the district taxpayer deserve a break?

R. D. Beechcroft | E-mail

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YES on 400

Residents of Cave Creek have longed for the convenience of shopping in our own community for everyday items. Cave Creek has the opportunity to realize the convenience provided by Walmart. With the passage of the proposed Walmart in the commercial corridor of Cave Creek and Carefree Highway, we will not be captive to Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Carefree for our shopping needs.

Not only will this be a huge convenience for Creekers, it will also help support the community we all cherish. It is very apparent that the state of our economy is not going to change overnight. We are all very aware Cave Creek will not be able to support our essential community needs unless new sources of revenue are found. The proposed Walmart would help fill the financial void created by the recent economic downturn through the generation of valuable tax revenue.

As residents of this beautiful town, we urge everyone to vote yes on proposition 400 and 401. It is time Creekers experience the convenience and the added benefits of the tax revenue from this commercial corridor.

Stop the tax revenue leakage and vote yes on 400 and 401.

Dan and Kay Baxley | Cave Creek

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YES on 400

There is a lot to be said about convenience, especially if that convenience contributes substantial tax dollars to our town treasury and attracts many shoppers to our town, many of whom will most probably do other shopping in Cave Creek. This is the issue we Creekers need to understand about Walmart coming to our town. Not only will this give those of us living in Cave Creek a very convenient place to shop, (with virtually no negative affect to our town’s “Core Businesses”) but the taxes paid to our town, by Walmart, will help fund many of our essential town services.

It is no secret Cave Creek has reached a financial point of no return. In order for us to remain a sovereign town we must find new sources of income. (Or, if you would rather, we can default, not pay our bills and quite possibly become part of Phoenix or Scottsdale!) The two most rational and easily implemented avenues for additional town income are a property tax, or new sources of sales tax. I’m sure a vast majority of Cave Creek residents do not want to pay an additional large property tax. However, I believe Walmart can and will substantially help our community’s financial situation. We desperately need the tax money it will generate. Please think about the long term future of our great place we call home.

As a resident and concerned citizen of Cave Creek, I feel we must do the right thing for our town. Please vote YES on propositions 400 and 401.

Dr. Robert A. Chartier | Cave Creek

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YES on 400

The citizens of the Town of Cave Creek have demonstrated a phenomenal commitment and ability to preserve pristine Sonoran Desert for present and future generations. We have resisted most high density and commercial growth. However, like every state, city and family in America, we now face some tough decisions. We must be smart, proactive and self-reliant.

Scottsdale, Phoenix and Carefree have provided us convenient commercial businesses which spare us expensive trips “into town” (and there will be much more along Carefree Highway), but none of these contribute to the present and future sustainability of our beloved town.

As citizens, we expect the town council to make intelligent, carefully considered decisions in the best interest of the town as a whole. I believe the council has done exactly that in amending the General Plan and approving rezoning. Now our responsibility is to back up the council so Cave Creek can maximize its resources and ensure its future.

Yes, this paves the way for Walmart to build in what is undeniably our commercial corridor. With the planned setback similar to the Summit, our lighting ordinances and Walmart’s demonstrated willingness to cooperate with requirements and requests of the town, I believe this can be a successful venture for all.

To preserve our unique town core we need a strong corporate retail community member. If we are honest with ourselves, we already let one such opportunity slip through our fingers; can we afford this now? I am fairly certain the citizens of Cave Creek do not want more property taxation or to be swallowed up by the City of Phoenix.

Vote YES on Prop 400 and 401. Please preserve all the things we love about Cave Creek!

Deborah Payne | Cave Creek

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YES on 400

Walmart, as a company, is excited at the possibility of constructing a new store in Cave Creek. Historically, Walmart has had a deep involvement in the local community, non-profit and neighborhood organizations. Each new store Walmart constructs creates hundreds of jobs, provides cities and towns with much needed tax revenue, and affords families the savings and convenience that accompany a Walmart store.

The time I have spent in Cave Creek has been very meaningful; Walmart is happy to support the 4th of July Fireworks and the Film and Arts Festival. I have come to understand what makes Cave Creek uniquely individual. The Town Core has a meaningful history, the open space initiative has enabled the town to preserve the pristine desert, and the residents have irrefutable pride in their homes, town, and local organizations.

The partnership between Cave Creek and Walmart will enable residents to sustain their characteristic way of life by bolstering town revenues while improving convenience in the town. We feel the location of the store is central, fundamentally vital to its success and will best serve the largest amount of residents – including those that live in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Cave Creek.

While Propositions 400 and 401 do not explicitly afford Walmart permission to build a store, the re-zoning and General Plan Amendment addressed in the propositions are vitally important to our ability to continue through the process.

Join me in voting Yes on Proposition 400 and 401; we look forward to a long-term partnership between Walmart and the Town of Cave Creek that will enable the town to better serve its population while simultaneously receiving the convenience of a grocery component and everyday low prices families have come to expect from Walmart stores.

Delia Garcia
Walmart Senior Manager of Public Affairs and Government Relations

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Rep Wilson was right – Obama did lie

Congressman Wilson was certainly out of line when he made his “you lie” outburst in the House chamber but what happened to the discussion regarding the substance of Wilson’s remark? Obama’s health care proposal may “technically” exclude illegal aliens but, come on; just try this little test: Stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself with a straight face “I believe that President Obama is sincere when he claims that he does not plan to cover illegal aliens with his health care legislation.” Can’t do it, can you? Just for fun, you might try the same exercise and say “I believe that President Obama’s “Public Option” will remain “optional” and not morph quickly into single payer. Can’t do that either, can you?
Oh, what tangled webs we weave, when we first practice to deceive.

Roy Miller | Phoenix

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Questions about the President’s Czars

Dear Senator McCain:
The 30 plus Czars that Pres. Obama has appointed are finally starting to come under scrutiny which I think is about time. In light of Van Jones’ questionable history and anti-Americanism and other’s whom the President associates with, we need to really know who the President surrounds himself and allows to help him shape policies that affect us all.

I have had questions and concerns for some time about all these Czars and why so many. Who are they? How much are they being paid? Are they being paid by taxpayers? If they are being paid by the taxpayers, why should they be on the taxpayers payroll when they are not elected officials? Are they getting the President’s time and ear more than the elected officials like you? A Senator from Tennessee, I believe, can’t even get the time of day from the President.

President Obama has always been shielded with a cloud of secrecy and no one knows much about him except that he has “community organizer” on his resume before he became a short-term senator. And we all know how corrupt that community organization is. There is controversy even about his original birth certificate and school records, which have not been provided.

I have given our President the benefit of doubt but now I have more doubts than benefit as to the direction he is leading our nation.

Susan Trogan | Concerned American Citizen from Scottsdale

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Jesus is Lord

A sign proclaiming, “Jesus is Lord,” is so offensive it justifies a crime? The author or the letter stated they suspected many Creekers would agree to the sign’s removal. I had to write to say I’m not one of the many. Jesus isn’t just for church on Sunday. I would suspect He likes to be on the street corner and everywhere we go. I liked driving by the sign and being reminded that I still live in a place where you can say “Jesus is Lord.”

Deanna Burton | Cave Creek

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Your government at work (an oxymoron)

The Cato Institute reports that, after adjusting for inflation, funds spent on public schools have doubled since 1970, with NO improvement in education performance and a decrease in graduation rates.

This is your government at work!

Now, Obama wants this same government to control your health care and expand its control over us … it will be paid for by … get this, reducing fraud and waste. Come on – how many are buying into that?

Remember, those that can, do. Those that can’t, well, they’ve spent us into the poorhouse.

Tom Carbone | E-mail

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Yours is a great paper!

Yours is a great paper! My daughter saves hers for me. The editorial page gets clipped and sent to my brother – he especially likes Fenger Pointing. Keep up the good articles and may Conservatism win out – in time. Hopefully it will not take too long.

R. R. Oliphant | Phoenix

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Posing hypocrisy

Democrats in the U.S. House are moving to censure/punish Rep. Joe Wilson, Republican S.C. for his recent outburst directed at President Obama. The absolute horror of Wilson’s “You Lie” is of course totally unprecedented and shocks the tender sensibilities of the entire Left side of the aisle and many of the other self serving cowards that populate the House and Senate. Where were these idiots when George Bush was jeered and vilified on many separate occasions in that very same venue? Oh yeah...they were already in the starting blocks to get in front of the many friendly TV cameras to make speeches on the Capitol steps that make Wilson’s words obsequious by comparison. The only difference is that the Democrats did it together and hung together afterwards while we are now treated to feigned outrage and media assisted mass amnesia. Does the Obama plan cover that?

Jack Daniels | Scottsdale

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Kudos to the Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation that appears to be up and running. We appreciate each and every board member serving on the foundation and thank them for the time and effort they will put into supporting our community.

That said we find it unconscionable for the foundation to have the superintendent of the district serve on the foundation’s board of trustees. The foundation needs to remain impartial and independent. It needs to support the students, the teachers, and the improvement of academics. As we have seen in the recent past, our district leaders sometimes will have a different agenda, and the foundation should not allow itself to be influenced from the inside.

Additionally and more importantly, the foundation will have no credibility with community partners if it is not independent and transparent. Community partners will just look at the foundation as just another tool the administration (like PTOs and other parent groups) can use to further their causes.

We don’t need another organization spouting the same tired arguments about how we cannot improve academics because we don’t have money or the money is not in the right pot. People are tired of this.

We need a strong and independent organization that will take charge and do what is best for the students and improving academics while building community support. We hope and pray that CCUEF will be that organization.

CCUEF can prove their independence and commitment to the students by removing the superintendent ex-officio board member position from the foundation.

Be sure to visit the Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation web site ( and thank those board members for their efforts.

CCUSD Watch |

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Inconsiderate people

On Wednesday, August 19 at approx.7 a.m. my wife was rear ended badly at the corner of Scottsdale Road and Dixileta Drive by a lady who was not paying attention. My wife suffered numerous injuries and still is in a lot of pain. I guess what bothers me the most is how the lady who was at fault acted at the scene. She didn’t even have the heart to come and see if my wife was injured, or even say she was sorry, but instead paced back and forth with a cell phone to her ear. How rude and unkind. Shame on you.

Ray Croft | Cave Creek

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