Your View | September 16 – 22, 2009

What is this crap? Bad enough I can barely pay my (Cave Creek) water bill, I get school garbage about CSHS Booster Club and a “Homecoming Parade” in the letter with my bill. It also says the town is a sponsor. And how much does that cost? How about cutting out the school and lowering my rate? And does the town know CCUSD is floating an override that will be voted down? I think what you are doing is wrong, how about tending to your own knitting?

There exists a man with tax tangles; Who enjoyed using threats he could dangle. So while the rest of us paid; While he only played; It seems fair to fire Charlie Rangel.

Now the Republican response to Obama’s speech is throw him out. Don’t be accountable; don’t do your best; blame others; be white. And we interrupt this important message with important news from Fox, the world is black. We report. You decide.

Socialized medicine will be harmful for the majority of people in this nation because of the poor quality of care we will receive. It is also unconstitutional. President Reagan was called the great communicator; Obama should be called the great deceiver.

A certain someone at my Easy Street building that is 99 percent empty should have something better to do than standing around wearing a red and white T-shirt all day.

In the world of public service, neither Miller nor Gemmill (the male version) have the retention of a flea – fleas can be trained. How can they not remember a comment made a minute before they displayed their innate density? I know, Miller already admitted to being stupid – it has been proven. Gemmill is truly the darker side of Gemmill the light. Whoever dubbed him Gemmill the Dim nailed it!

Schwan thinks that his training session at the League of Towns and Cities makes him a mayor/leader – it makes him an inexperienced deer caught in the headlights of reality, with no intellectual weapons to escape the headlights.

I think Sonoran News deserves a Humanitarian Award for their coverage of Carefree. The control freaks bash, the more they bash, the more they read – even rats in a maze finally figure it out.

It was a Carefree Call to the Public tag-team event – Hitchon/Hitchon vs Coady. Why? They felt like attacking someone. It must be more of 'their' Carefree Truth. At the final bell, they looked petty; he didn't. In the same event, Dingman sought comfort in defense of his letter to you while attempting to defile Sonoran News – he discovered the 'real' truth hurts.

Obama is no longer satisfied with being President, he now wants to be dictator!

I can’t understand why a town like Carefree puts up with riff raff like they do. There is a short list of terrorists there and they are well known. Go to any town meeting and meet them if you can stand stupidity. Call them GOBs or GOGs, they are still worse than undesirable and I can’t understand why good people take their instructions, or tolerate them living there. Too bad stocks and pillory use is passe’. What are you afraid of, people?

To provide some information regarding Obama's speech on Tuesday, over half the students on Cactus Shadows' campus watched the speech. However, no teachers assigned or requested any of the menu activities. This is true of Cactus Shadows, but I am not sure if the other middle or elementary schools did the same.

I was calling to say if Carefree would be kind enough to allow us Creekers to have a Walmart we would return the favor by allowing a Nieman-Marcus in Carefree.

To the person who thinks the murder on el Sendero is related to the fact the Lowe’s is nearby: Do you really think someone who enjoys doing their own home repair projects is the type of person to commit murder? And then be dumb enough to steal the victim’s credit card and go two blocks down the road and use it?? Get serious.

I can’t imagine why anyone would call thinking critically and expressing genuine concerns about the president’s health care plan partisan propaganda. Most of those who must act on it haven’t read the 1000+ page document and it appears many people (like the one who wrote to Your View last week) either aren’t aware of it or are still suffering from the Obama worship syndrome. The only issues about the ObamaCare program that are in the formative stages are those in the 1000+ pages the American citizens have denounced as socialistic, fiscally irresponsible, or just plain scary – thereby necessitating reformulation.

What is the point of a petition against the recall of Carefree Mayor David Schwan? If the required number of valid signatures is gathered the issue will be on the ballot for voters to decide. Am I being obtuse or is the petition against the recall just a colossal waste of time?

If I ever need to launch a letter writing campaign, I want Dennis Guthrie, the attorney who wrote the letter to Nancy Pelosi published in last week’s Guest Editorial, on my team! Thank you for expressing our disdain so eloquently!