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Many say ‘YES’ on propositions 400 and 401

I have faith in the elected officials of Cave Creek. I have been a long time resident of Cave Creek and I have witnessed the changes to the town and the surrounding communities.
During the last election, every contender ran on a ‘pro-Walmart’ platform with the exception of one candidate. All of the Town Council candidates understand the necessity and importance of constructing the Walmart store in our Town.

Cave Creek is a very distinct town and I know that the proposed Walmart will be a very distinct store. We can ensure appropriate property setbacks to minimize the visual impact of the store on Cave Creek and the environment. The Target development on Scottsdale Road is a great example of how a retailer can blend seamlessly into the existing community. Walmart must abide by all of our community standards and building codes – the codes have been implemented throughout our town history in order to maintain our unique way of life.

Not only will Walmart increase sales tax revenue, but it will also be a very convenient location for all Creekers to shop. The residents of Cave Creek need to have faith in our elected officials; they must live in our town and would not do anything that would compromise our way of life and serenity. Town staff and Town Council had the best interests of Cave Creek and it’s residents in mind when they passed the re-zoning and general plan amendment. I encourage Cave Creek residents to trust the judgment and insight of the Town Council; on November 3rd, I will vote Yes on Props 400 and 401 and I hope you will do the same.

YES on propositions 400 and 401.

Theodore J. and Patricia Bryda | Cave Creek

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Many say ‘YES’ on propositions 400 and 401

Residents in Cave Creek cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to bring Walmart to our Town. Hundreds of thousands of potential tax revenue dollars would be generated in Cave Creek’s economy and help stimulate the growth and development of the town’s existing business. Furthermore, the presence of Walmart will attract consumers from outside of Cave Creek to frequent not only the Supercenter, but also our locally owned and operated businesses. Residents of Cave Creek will enjoy the benefits and convenience of shopping in town rather than traveling to neighboring cities.

Cave Creek consumers will have the opportunity to shop reasonably and save money on everyday items, such as groceries and household items. The sales tax revenue that the town gains thanks from Walmart will help prevent Cave Creek residents from being faced with town service cuts and property tax hikes. For these reasons, concerned business owners and Cave Creek residents alike should vote YES on Propositions 400 and 401; allow Walmart to bring economic development, renewed financial prosperity, and convenience to our town.

Michael P. Frawley | Cave Creek

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Many say ‘YES’ on propositions 400 and 401

The Town of Cave Creek has a character all it’s own, and it’s residents and business owners make up the collective uniqueness that is Cave Creek. We are proud of our Western heritage, our strong arts community, our award-winning schools, and ensuring the preservation of the natural beauty of Cave Creek’s landscape. The more we “keep it local,” the more prosperous and secure we all become.

Part of that prosperity means moving with the times, and providing for ourselves. Having the goods and services we all need right here in our town allow us to funnel that wealth back into our own community – the “core” of Cave Creek. Having Walmart in the town limits means that revenue comes back to us and benefits us all.

I want to spend my dollars in a store like Walmart that is giving back to my town, not to mention providing our community with much-needed job opportunities. As residents and business owners, we are the ones responsible for ensuring our town stays healthy and vibrant.

Jean Glass | Cave Creek

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Many say ‘YES’ on propositions 400 and 401

The long hot summer is continuing and it does not look like the end of the heat is close. We all know that as summer continues most of Cave Creek is more interested in heading north for some cool weather and I understand this after 40 summers in the heat. I feel that this makes it even more important for me to join all of my fellow Creekers and show my clear support of Propositions 400 and 401 on the November Ballot.

I was so pleased to see my elected council doing the proper thing and supporting the Planning and Zoning Commissioners recommendation for the property at the Southeast corner of Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway. (I will call this what everyone who supports it or is against it have called it: The Walmart property.) Our elected officials agreed that this would be the proper location for a commercial property as most citizens would agree if they drive by everyday as I do.

Well, we all agree that enough signatures were collected to place these propositions on the November ballot. I am sorry that this election has to happen as it will cost our town money they should not have to spend but a referendum is a right of the citizens.

We all accept the right of the citizens so it is very important that the facts be placed in front of my fellow citizens. First this property should be commercial and all areas around it prove this fact. We have a gas station on the Southwest corner, a pharmacy and home improvement store on the Northwest corner and behind this property a new truly needed YMCA and Community College. The property sits on one of the busiest streets in the north valley and is the best location for a commercial provider to locate their business. I do understand the feelings of local residents who live near the property but progress is part of all of our lives and all of us have had to face changes in our neighborhoods, mine included.
My fellow citizens, if we vote against our elected officials proper decision we will lose our life blood of explosive revenue for Cave Creek. Oh and just to remind you Walmart will just move to the South on Cave Creek or further west on Carefree Highway in Phoenix. It could go to the east of this property next to 60th Street and oh yea, Scottsdale would get the revenue stream and again Cave Creek loses. There is even a possibility it could go to the Northeast corner in Carefree and oh yea, then Carefree gets the revenue.

You know my Mom taught me: Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, well you all know that one. Well we have been fooled at least three times – think of Home Depot in Phoenix, Lowe's in Carefree, Fry's in Phoenix and CVS in Carefree. Let’s not let this happen again. We need the revenue and it is time to forget the naysayers. Let’s show our support for Proposition 400 and 401. Please vote YES for Cave Creek! Let’s make this town the best that it can be. VOTE YES!

John Ford | Cave Creek

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Many say ‘YES’ on propositions 400 and 401

The current economic climate has severely impacted our Town’s ability to pay for essential services. The small businesses in Cave Creek have felt the distress of reduced tourism and economic activity. There is no doubt that the residents of Cave Creek are very loyal to our local businesses, but tourists that we have heavily relied upon are currently a missing component for our Town.

I think it is important to realize that much is being made of the economy, fiscal environment, and tax revenue argument. From the standpoint of the Town, we need more revenue, period. When the economy recovers, and assuming we return to tax levels prior to the recession, our Town will struggle to cover the costs of services and open space preservation.

I love Cave Creek and appreciate the open spaces and personality of the town. While I do not think Walmart is the only solution to the economic recession, I do think it is necessary to our long-term success. A Walmart store within our town limits will not open the flood gates to commercial development in Cave Creek or compromise the integrity of our homes. As a Town, we will continue to fight for our open space and historic core preservation; the Walmart development is planned for the commercial corridor of our town and will enable us to cover the costs of operation. I strongly encourage all residents to vote ‘YES’ on 400 and 401 – help save Cave Creek.

Suzanne D. Johnson | Cave Creek

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Treason and betrayal of the mass media

The American People know Obama has not produced a Birth Certificate:
WHY is there suddenly an urgent need for the liberal media to LIE and DISTORT the facts when it comes to Obama's eligibility, under the Constitution, to sit in the Oval Office?

WHY fabricate excuses when it comes to Obama's REFUSAL to produce the ONE DOCUMENT that could PROVE he is NOT a fraud and a usurper?

A scientific Research 2000 poll commissioned by the extreme left-wing Daily Kos. The poll found that 58 percent of Republicans either believe that Obama was not born in the United States (28 percent) or simply aren't sure (30 percent).

CNN President Jon Klein IS so ANXIOUS to make the Obama Birth Certificate controversy go away that he had the audacity to falsely claim that the State of Hawaii destroyed the birth certificate and he e-mailed the CNN staff instructing them to perpetuate this FALSEHOOD on the air.

The American people are NOT fooled. The American people know that Barack Obama HAS NOT produced his actual birth certificate, a document that could PROVE that HE IS eligible under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States to occupy the Oval Office.
Millions of Americans know that Barack Obama is ACTIVELY resisting efforts to compel him to produce his birth certificate. And moreover, the American people know that you may well be aware of the fact that Obama HAS NOT produced his birth certificate.

It is NOT your job to BEND the news to advance yours or others disgusting personal political agendas.

Your job is to REPORT the news ACCURATELY, FACTUALLY and without bias. Stop providing political cover for Barack Obama and do your job. Stop distorting and start reporting.

Rich Reamer | Crofton, Maryland

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‘Fenger’ fan

I am a fan of Becky Fenger and read her "Fenger Pointing" column on a regular basis but ... honestly, before she takes a negative stance on organic foods and the Whole Foods markets, she really should go and see the movie called Food, Inc. Her opinion would change drastically. She would probably never eat another McDonalds hamburger that has its beef mixed with some filler. I am a competitive bodybuilder and certified personal trainer. (I am a professional calligrapher when not in the weight room.)

Domenica Corbo | Scottsdale

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Law enforcement is a service that, without it, we would not live in a society anything like the one we presently enjoy.

Those who choose law enforcement careers put a target on their back every day when they go to work. Every time they pull over a speeder they do not know if it is an absent minded driver going to the grocery store or an armed robber fleeing the scene of a crime with his weapon on the seat next to him. I would not want this job and I doubt that any of the readers who gripes about MCSO would want the job.

Our towns pay MCSO to provide a service. If you do not want to abide by the stop signs and speed limits I submit that MCSO did not put them there. Maybe your gripes should be with someone at Town Hall or ADOT. If you just think you are too good for MCSO, I ask who are you going to call when you get home and find that you have been the victim of a burglary?

Try to remember that every “cop” is someone’s child, spouse, parent, sibling or best friend. The way some of you talk about MCSO, Will David and those of us who are “like minded cretins” makes me think that you probably hurt a lot of people and destroy a lot of peace as you stomp through the mud with that “nasty attorney” you are so proud that you can afford. Did you ever hear “What goes around comes around?”

Get off your high horse, go back to first grade, learn to follow the rules and to play nice with others.

Leslie Diane Mulvey | Cave Creek

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From whence does Washington get the power to engage in Health Care?

The debate on Health Care is misdirected. Instead of debating the “how” we should be debating the federal government’s constitutional authority to be engaged in Health Care.
The constitution is very clear on the very limited roles that Washington is authorized.
President Obama is supposedly a constitutional scholar. I have heard not one word from him as to how he concluded that a federal role in Health Care is “necessary and proper” to enable the federal government to fulfill one of its enumerated constitutional powers.

Why are we all sitting on our duffs and allowing the Democrats and Republicans to ignore the constitution they swore to uphold? Are we to be a nation of law and order or not? How long will we allow these people to defile our constitution and their sacred oaths?

Jack C. McVickers | Scottsdale

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I, for one, am not sorry

I, for one, am not sorry to hear that the "JESUS IS LORD" banner has been spirited away. I suspect many Creekers feel as I do, though they may not come right out and say so. I believe it is totally inappropriate, and even irreverent, to display any religious statement in front of a business establishment. Mrs. Rust was quoted as saying that the banner has been a symbol of strength for their family while enduring a personal tragedy. I am sorry for her tragedy, but if this is her reason, I'd think the banner would serve her better hung inside her home where she could see it, rather than facing Cave Creek Road where everyone else sees it.

My own personal religious beliefs are very strong and very private, and whether or not I agree I find it disrespectful when other people harangue me with their convictions. The person who removed it, according to Rust "a misfit with a hate for Jesus," more likely felt the banner was a sacrilege and belonged on a church rather than displayed in front of a retail store.

To quote Thomas Jefferson: "Religion is a subject on which I have ever been most scrupulously reserved. I have considered it as a matter between every man and his Maker in which no other, and far less the public, had a right to intermeddle."

Sharon McCarthy | Cave Creek

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How good can it get?

Let’s see, I have my $2 million bones for my one year of service at Goldman Sacks thanks to the Paulson bailout. My two stimulus checks are drawing good interest thanks to the government backing at AIG. Soon I will apply for a federal extension on my unemployment insurance.

The new Chevy Impala sure looks good sitting in the driveway thanks to the cash for clunkers program. The illegal immigrant should have it washed and polished soon. I sure hope Congress keeps giving Government Motors more money so Mr. Goodwrench can keep it running. I would have bought a more reliable foreign car – but I’m an all American kind of guy.

Just think, in one more year I’ll start my Medicare Part A and thanks to President Bush, Part B Prescription drug benefit. Ahh, Viagra prescriptions for the rest of my life!!! Who knows, maybe by 2010 Obama will come up with an even better plan.

I see on TV a government backed program that will give free Hover Hound Golf Carts. I can ride the Hound over to the country club while my hot new girlfriend goes shopping in the new Impala. How good can it get? Thanks to the benevolent elected officials in Washington who say that I have a right to all of this.

Little do they know how much I appreciate all they are doing for us.

Ed Harris | Cave Creek

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