Your View | September 9 – 15, 2009

I think we should put aside our opinions on the CCUSD adminis-tration and take a minute to congratulate the teachers and students of the eight schools in CCUSD which are once again all excelling schools. Regardless of what you believe regarding the superintendent's pay, past election processes, or even the concept of standardized tests in general, the fact that all of the CCUSD schools are exceeding the state's standards should be applauded. This is not easily done as only 20 percent of Arizona schools achieved the Excelling ranking! There are excellent schools in CCUSD and we should be proud of our students and the tireless efforts of their teachers. They should know the community is behind them 100 percent and that we acknowledge their success, just as we are so quick to acknowledge when they (or the administration) do not meet our expectations.

I think those in favor of Wal-Mart, including the Cave Creek Town Council, should consider the recent occurrence on El Sendero this past week. Do we know this gentlemen wasn't targeted due to the fact his house is close to Lowe’s and visible from the parking lot? We may not know the specifics but safety issues should be the priority of the Town of Cave Creek and placing commercial buildings within a close proximity of residential areas SHOULD be a consideration. Obviously, Carefree didn't consider this with the Lowe’s proposal. Will Cave Creek? Or does the $$$ take precedence over the safety of our families?

The state of California is $26 billion in debt and there’s no way they can pay it back, so what they’ve decided to do is set it on fire and collect the insurance.

I'm calling it a series, but perhaps that is not completely appropriate. In any event, I want to congratulate you on two outstanding articles (last week and this) relating to the obnoxious and unlawful manner in which Carefree officials conduct town business. Your presentation of the facts should be clear enough for even the most dense old-guard supporters.

This message is for those people who complain about getting in trouble by going eight miles an hour over the speed limit. I say set your cruise control at the speed limit and enjoy the scenery and you won’t have any problem. That is what cruise control is for.

I am new to the area and have been reading Sonoran News recently and I can’t believe the so-called patriots have shown such disrespect for our president and government. It is time we all stood together and got behind the administration a little bit and give them a chance.

Since formulation of a health care program is still in the formative stage with its provisions as yet unknown even to those whose responsibility it is to act on it, expressions of opinion as to its advisability, pro or con, are premature and speculative. A thinking person sees these expressions as partisan propaganda.

Sonoran News' headline reads, "Has Chicago-style bid rigging come to Carefree?" Why am I not shocked? The recall election for the mayor can't come soon enough for me.

Be sure to attend Carefree's big party at the amphitheater on Oct.3. Celebrate the recall of the mayor, the bankruptcy filing of Carefree Resort & Villas, sharply declining home prices, high vacancy in the town center, and ever-climbing water rates! Every GOB and GOG will be there. It's just $25, if you can afford it and can stand to be around them.

I want everyone to know I am outraged that Obama thinks he can fill my child with his propaganda. She won’t be there no matter what the principal says. If CCUSD had any courage they would simply say keep your nonsense out of our school. What can parents expect when we have a stupid school board and administrators to match. I wish I could afford a private school and would home school if I was qualified. HELP!

Who is the nutcase who thinks that Will Davis guy who can’t wait to stop us when he wears a MCSO uniform is cool? He or she is another one that has been inflicted with authority figures virus. So Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. I hope they never stop and terrorize you like they did me. And I hope they screen the Davis person out of the program. We have enough like him already.

I gotta give it to the paper and no, I've never met anybody who works there. How, without the paper would the average Joe/Jane know about: The unqualified vying for the town council(s), the backroom dealings, awarding city contracts to unlicensed contractors, changes to the city's Master Plan, Spur Cross, Walmart, Bobby Hernandez, the 'Town Snoop,' 'foul mouth' Hitchon, issue challenged Meeth, illegals, recalls, upcoming town events, etc., etc. Some may not agree with the paper’s position, but you sure as all hell can't question the amount of local news and information.

This is for the buffoon that is in his forties that doesn’t take Viagra and the unhappy girlfriend that said I libeled her boyfriend. Me think thou does protest too much. Also right above the Your View column it says you won’t print libelous materials so that woman showed her non intelligence by saying I libeled her since you wouldn’t print it. Also, looks like I hit a sore spot and need a soft spot.