Your View | September 2 – 8, 2009

Recall a mayor who has slightly over a year to go? On what grounds? You don't like him? You want another mayor? That's what elections are for. Get a life, people. Try spending your energy on some positive things, like pumping life back into the town core. On that subject, maybe you should look at your recently elected council member who closed his coffee shop for the summer. That must have been a real boon to businesses in Carefree. Or not.

To the Hillary lover: While my age should be irrelevant your guesses are incorrect. I am in my 40's, don't require Viagra, and simply adore intelligent women. If you think Bill Clinton was responsible for the release of the two Koreans, you're nuts! That was all pre-planned before his "trip" and who knows who he shacked up with whilst traveling. If you consider Hillary smart enough to marry a cheating sack that lies under oath, you must have some really low standards for a husband. I support women who are intelligent, certainly not Hellary or Sonia "the racist with an agenda" Sotomayor. Sarah Palin would run rings around these two dopes in an IQ test. Perhaps you should stop reading your New Slimes, turn off your Dead Air America and Wolf Blitzer CNN propaganda and come to your senses. America needs intelligent voters before we turn into a socialist "Hillary village."

News headline: "Government plans vast swine flu vaccine effort." Reminds me of (a) the government's ill-fated 1976 effort to vaccinate against swine flu. The vaccine was given to 40 million people and blamed for causing a rare paralyzing disorder known as Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and (b) the line from a joke, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." I won't be rolling up my sleeve.

Has anyone else taken notice that despite the uproar against their position and their lack of intestinal fortitude to go against the socialists they backed in the last election, the bums running AARP continue on their path of NOT denouncing the legislative piece of garbage known as "Healthcare Reform" that hurts those they CLAIM to represent and continue on their path of “Dancing with the Devil?”

Great letter from Will Davis! I agree 100 percent. I too invested in a good detector, but realize they are there for our safety. I always thank the officers when I see them eating at a restaurant and tell them I appreciate all they do. I also donated last year to the posse via mail. Keep up the great work MCSO.

My dog got a Sonoran Toad in his mouth and a vet visit would have cost $1,000. Thankfully, my vet suggested I wash his mouth out with a hose and also wash him down to eliminate toxins. In 45 minutes he was fine.

If anybody ever doubted the media to be liberal, all they would have to do is turn on CNN to see the Kennedy coverage. Yup, the Clinton News Network is running, what appears to be, a non-stop eulogy on this overweight, overpaid, liar! Even CNN "Lib" Wolf Blitzer is pathetically wearing a black suit and blue tie. It's disgusting. I took a moment and signed his guest book on as the following: In memory of Mary Jo Kopechne, may he rest in Hell.

The whole town will be carrying pitch forks and torches if Mayor (for now) Schwan attempts to impose a property tax on the citizens of Carefree. Sorry, the good citizens of Carefree will not pay for the spending sprees and mismanagement of our town’s tax dollars – you will. The old-guard has started up a machine to crank out gibberish, half-truths, and even bold lies. Same old Carefree ...

Thank you for taking on one of the (usually) behind-the-scenes mouth pieces. It seems Matt (Dingman) is a firm believer that the only valid agenda is the one he supports. Nice job, thanks again.

A Carefree Council decision based on an erroneous staff report? Most of the council as well as the staff are completely dysfunctional. Just look who they voted in as mayor and vice mayor!

Of course Carefree hired on a contractor without a background check. The guy is most likely one of Glenn Miller's drinking buddies. What other qualification would he need?

The young man who wrote a letter about being a police officer should never carry a badge and gun in the name of the state. The last paragraph of his article where he salivates over saying “license, insurance, and registration, please” shows an unhealthy love of power that should never be unleashed.

For once, Lyn Hitchon may be correct about something. She advised me to look up 'irony' in the dictionary - I did. It is more than ironic that her 'newsletter' is called Carefree Truth, when it contains material heavily slanted in the opposite direction.

Shame on you SN! You are not the favored news publication of Carefree's control freaks and spin doctors. Curiously, they somehow seem to know your weekly content. Haywire evens counts articles to keep track of the things you say about us and Hitchup uses your printed material for creative writing ideas.