Guest Editorial by Anne Teixeira

Election of a king

September 2, 2009

Anne TeixeiraIf you grew up in the 70s, you may remember the cartoons between the cartoons on Saturday mornings. You know, the ones with the catchy little tunes by School House Rock? Well, I don’t know about you, but there was always something inherently satisfying about watching King George of England get booed back across the ocean by, aghast, an “angry mob” of Americans who had become fed up with his unfair intrusions into their lives and a little thing called, “taxation without representation.” Liberty and freedom are the proud heritage of Americans. Our generosity and compassion as individuals and as a nation grow from them and our call to hard work and vigilance are required by them.

Apparently, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and their fellow Democrats may be a little too old to have learned from these great little snippets of American history. And I believe our children would do well to watch them. They will learn more about pride in our great country’s achievements watching these cartoons than attending many of our public schools (but that’s a whole other discussion). While Barack Obama is the right age, he’s not of the right mindset. These little history lessons were filled with pride in American history, independence, ingenuity, and freedom. Obama, on the other hand, is aggrieved at our country. He is angry and apologetic for our country’s accomplishments and greatness. He bows at the feet of dictators and apologizes for our imperfectness as a people. I don’t know his America. And I certainly don’t want him remaking mine.

America, we have elected a king. How did this happen? We now have a self-proclaimed king who tells more than half of the country to sit down and shut up when they express dissenting views. Excuse me, but our country is based on the premise of all people having the right to their own views and the freedom to express them, even if the President finds offense. We have a sniveling liberalocracy (i.e. aristocracy) pandering to win his affections. We have a left wing liberal zealot calling Americans Nazis and Un-American for exercising their God-given First Amendment right to free speech.

Let Congress and the “no longer mainstream media” know our memories aren’t that short. We still recall the shrill screeching of Hillary Clinton, demanding that war protests be described as patriotic. News flash, when only one opinion gets to be heard, when only one side gets to scream, when only one side dictates and denigrates the rule of law, we are no longer a Republic.

Far too many of our elected officials have lost their credibility. They are too removed from the people they were elected to serve. They no longer believe they must represent to their best abilities all of the people in their districts. They no longer believe they have to work together with people of differing views to do what is best for America and her citizens. They say, as does the King, “We won. Sit down and shut up.” Excuse me, when did the Office of the President of the U.S. begin to resort to such childish rhetoric?

No wonder Nancy Pelosi and others believe they can hold fake, manufactured Town Hall meetings for which they let in only “supporters,” while turning away their constituents at the door. Unbelievable unaccountability.

Americans need to stand up and be heard. We have a responsibility in our Republic to dissent when attacked. It doesn’t matter that they try to smear us, the average hard working American citizen. We have our Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect and defend. Contact your member of Congress. Politely, remind them they work for you. Tell them you have concerns about their risky business and you want accountability.

America does not have kings. Americans sent King George packing across the ocean. Remember those patriots – yeah, the ones sticking their tongues out at King George in defiance – who may have been viewed as “those uneducated colonists” by the English elite, but they won. We must honor their memories or our children and grandchildren will be fighting the yoke of suppression we thought was conquered when the wall came down in Berlin.