Your View | August 26 - September 1, 2009

To answer Jack McVicker’s question, ‘Is “cash for clunkers” another payoff to the Detroit unions?’ Without a doubt, yes, yes, yes, yes! Under the “abortionator” now sitting in the White House, national politics is now as crooked if not more crooked than the cesspool from which he crawled out.

Do you want to guarantee the defeat of the Walmart referendums? Then get the town officials to publicly comment to using some money received from Walmart to lower our sewer rates.

Why did Mayor David Schwan schedule a special meeting of the Carefree council at 3 p.m. on Aug. 25 to consider only one item (“award contract for 8 Sundial Circle”)? Why not wait two weeks until the (illegally rescheduled) regular meeting on Sept. 9? I doubt if it is possible for the mayor to make meetings more inconvenient for the public. Public input on any topic is almost nonexistent.

The Carefree town code provides that “the council shall hold regular meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m., provided that when the day fixed for any regular meeting of the council falls upon a day designated by law as a legal holiday, such meeting shall be held at the same hour on the next succeeding day which is not a legal holiday.” Tuesday, Sept. 8 is not a legal holiday. The September meeting is now scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 9 in violation of the town code. The mayor must want to make sure nobody attends.

I would sure like to see if the mayor of Cave Creek couldn’t get MCSO to come up with information about when they fly through Cave Creek at more than 30 mph like they are doing today. Today is Tuesday. It would sure be nice if they could disclose a record of exactly what the call was all about.

The woman who complained about a writer who dissed Hillary and Sotomayor lacking intelligence is whacked. She defended Hillary’s intelligence by being smart enough to marry Bill, who became president.
Hello? What does that political choice have to do with intelligence? Considering Bill’s penchant for laying up with other women is the choice still smart? Bet her support for Sotomayor is equally stupid. A racist on the bench, how droll is that? “Unbelievable” is the only sane thing she wrote and it applies to her, not the writer who she libeled. And no, I didn’t write the letter, but I agree with him.

The letter from Will David about MCSO was scary! This guy will be a deputy? Read his last paragraph. This guy can’t wait to pull us over and essentially read us our rights. Well, he joins a lot of like minded cretins in Cave Creek and Carefree. I can afford a nasty attorney so take your best shot and pay the consequences, rookie.

What can I say? I voted into council (in Carefree) several dupes, the mayor and his supporting cast of three. But I am itching to pull the lever, as we said in Chicago, to put all four out of their misery. We can start, as I did, by signing the petition for recall and voting Schwan into retirement. Maybe his buddies will resign like the other three did and save us the trouble of voting them out.

I couldn’t believe that bobcat balancing on a pot on your front page. So I gave the paper to a photographer friend and asked is this real? He studied it and said, “If you are asking whether Photoshop was used, I say it wasn’t and it is a real photo.” Sorry for being skeptical and thanks for another great wildlife picture.

If you want to live under socialism don’t go to the tea parties that are sprouting up like weeds. Although I don’t understand how a know nothing, inexperienced socialist got in, we need to yell, and yell loud now! Don’t listen to the downtown rag that we should be “polite and keep our voices down.” That is what the liberal traitors want. Strap on your firearm and join other patriots.

On Aug.18 the paper printed an article by Will David, a police wannabe. David endorses the ‘Mickey Mouse’ tickets given to local residents and guess what? This first class … you know what … is going to the Police Academy. Here’s a guy with an attitude who should not be working in Cave Creek.

For someone who withdrew from the election, Greg Gardner is spending an awful lot of time at council meetings justifying his past town expenditures. Looks to me as if Gardner is running scared. Got something to hide Greg?

I do agree that CCUSD was immoral in breaking the election laws, and they should have received heavier penalization. However, I don’t think we as contributors of quality education should not support the override because they broke the laws. What I’m saying is that just because the administration screwed up, it doesn’t mean the students should be the ones to receive the just deserts. Instead, let’s concentrate on fixing the administration with decisions inconsequential for the students. I’ve seen Cactus Shadows’ current condition and I can safely say they are in need of anything they can receive.