Your View | August 19 - 25, 2009

Over their strident denials, there is increasing evidence that the anti-Walmart PAC led by Anna Marsolo, Grace Meeth and Dean Phillips, will soon bring the anti-Walmart labor union, UFCW, to Cave Creek to bolster their campaign. I hope they don’t because Bashas’ experience is that these guys are professionals at obscuring a critically important issue with deceit and dishonesty.

I work in Easy Street in Carefree and the Carefree Town Hall flag, the U.S. flag and the Arizona flag, are tattered, faded and look like crap. I would call town hall myself except they are so rude it is too much of a hassle. Maybe if they read it in print they will pay attention.

I hope Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin will run for governor. Our current, supposedly Republican governor, Jan Brewer, looks to be on par with our former gubernatorial nightmare, Janet Napolitano.

Who would be a better candidate to replace Mayor David Schwan on Carefree town council than Mrs. Robert Coady? She has attended almost 100 percent of all council meetings during the past ten years and knows local politics as well as anyone in Carefree.

OK, this is to that woman hater who discussed Sonia and Hillary in Your View last week. (Sounds like) you are a 70-year-old geezer – you’ve done a great job in this country so far haven’t you? And your mental retardation is showing. Hillary not intelligent? Well, she married a man who is intelligent enough to become president and who got the release of the two American journalists. Maybe your Viagra isn’t working and you are really pent up and need to release all your vehemence against women. Unbelievable!

I loved Bil Canfield’s letters page cartoon in the Aug. 12 issue. He has an uncanny ability to take a big picture view of one or several multi-level issues that are related and offer a perspective no one would think of. We welcome a committee or the whole bunch from Washington to Cave Creek. They would undoubtedly learn a lot.

Thanks to Judge (J. Kenneth) Magnum for stopping the abuse of (Carefree’s) constitutional rights. It is way overdue. To think this has been going on for 14 years is unbelievable. You have to look no further than the political elites to place blame and I hope they are prosecuted. The PAC members and contributors, the town staff and Kiwanis are all culpable. Mr. (Rod) de Szendeffy – please go all the way and have the thugs prosecuted. I would contribute to a fund raiser.

We love your front page pictures of local wildlife, which I keep in a scrap book. Visitors love to page through the book and are incredulous that we have such a variety of beautiful animals and birds. Thank you and keep up the good work.

I felt sorry for Gary Hayward’s wife the other day. While they should both be on top of the world, happy, traveling and taking in retirement, she has to shadow Mr. Bitter to council meetings and watch him grumble and mumble their senior years away. I was thinking she deserved a better retirement.

On her own, and at great risk from her own party, Pam Gorman killed the sales tax hike. She should be given some sort of credit for saving Arizona from the economic disaster that the tax hike would have caused. She stuck to her convictions, and she needs to be rewarded. Personally I’d like to see Pam Gorman run for Governor. Lord knows we need one.

I’m doing my second dog rescue in two weeks. Thank God they were both alive and in fairly good shape. Please either put a chip on your pet or put a collar on them and have current information on your tags. Check the tags once in a while to make sure the digits have not worn off and the information can still be read. It sure helps ensure getting the pet back home safely to their owners. Please consider checking your pets collars now.

In this time of recession and cutting costs is the recall vote of Carefree Mayor Schwan necessary? The 8 Sundial purchase was enough. Less than two years and Carefree will get a new mayor. The petition for recall by a non-resident at the post office is an insult. Direct elections should have occurred years ago. Anyone want to give this town real financial advice?

It was nice to read Sonoran News issues for Jul. 29 – Aug. 4 and Aug. 5 – 11. They are just heartwarming, especially Mr. Shreeve’s letter on Barry (Letter to the Editor entitled “Thank you for your comments in “Barry’s Screwups” by Scottsdale resident Sid Shreeve in the Aug. 5 – 11 issue). I think your newspaper is great! I totally support Clint Bolick at Goldwater and called to thank him for what he’s doing to help you so people can make a choice on voting without being subjected to undue pressures from people on either side of an issue. Thank you again. We love your paper.