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November Vote

King Solomon wrote, "Where there is no vision, the people will perish."

In the same manner, "Where there is no vision, Cave Creek will perish."

Our General Plan was developed by the then elected Town Council with much input from the Planning Commission and the general public and was passed by voters in 2005. Much has changed since then both economically and politically.

Based on what has occurred and continues to occur in this nation, Arizona and Cave Creek we are all living in a very different economic environment and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Cave Creek always sought to be "different." We wanted to maintain that small town, western environment with very low-density housing and none of the commercial growth that has defined our neighbors, Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Unfortunately, in order to maintain our western lifestyle, low-density housing and open spaces we must provide a financing source. We look to the Carefree Highway corridor as well as the Cave Creek Road/Carefree Highway intersection as the prime locations for commercial development to sustain our lifestyle.

The "heart and soul" of Cave Creek is its Town Core, that section of Cave Creek Road between Spur Cross Road and Galloway. This area must be kept as western and eclectic as it currently is and must be supported in every way possible by the town leaders to be economically viable. However, this area cannot, through sales tax even in the best of times, support the financial needs of the town.

The location of Walmart on Cave Creek Road south of Carefree Highway is only a part of the commercial development necessary in that area to support the financial needs of the town.
We can no longer depend on development fees and construction taxes to meet our needs.
It is imperative for the survival of Cave Creek as a town that you vote YES on Propositions 400 and 401 in support of the General Plan Amendment and Rezoning as approved by your town council. A YES vote on BOTH Propositions will ensure the vision of Cave Creek as a community with low-density housing and open spaces.

Ralph S. Mozilo | Cave Creek

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A dog bites man story about American health-care

Six-thirty on a Sunday morning in Scottsdale, Arizona. My wife and I are on our two-hour walk and far from home. Cell phone rings. Our 18-year-old son Chris tells us he was out running in the neighborhood and was bitten by a dog.

We tell him to get the dog owner’s name, phone number and the dog’s shot record, go home, wash out the wound and put antiseptic on it.

He calls back and thinks he might need to see a doctor. Thanks to American health care, we tell him there are three options: (1) go to the nearby hospital emergency room; (2) go to the nearby urgent-care clinic; or (3) call the answering service of our family doctor. We recommend option 3.

Within 10 minutes, the family doctor calls back, tells him how to treat the wound, says there is no need for other medical treatment and she’ll call back during the day to see how he is doing.

For 15 years, the family doctor and her staff and other doctors in the small practice have given superb care to our son, my wife, me and to my aging mother. The doctor is in her late thirties and is still paying off her college loans. Because of Medicare price cuts, she probably loses money whenever she sees my mother, but she shows the utmost patience with her and gives her all the time she wants or needs.

The doctor and her staff are like family to us. We give each of them a Christmas gift each year and our sincere appreciation each time we see them.

The nearby urgent-care clinic also provides outstanding service. For non-emergencies, the clinic has a system whereby a patient can call ahead to find out the wait-times and request to be notified at home when a physician is available.

All of that will turn to crap under whatever form of national health care President Obama shoves down our throats. Our doctor and her staff will become de facto government employees and the urgent-care clinic will become a de facto government facility. Can you spell Post Office?

Years from now after national health care has worked its wonders, a son will call his parents on a Sunday morning to let them know he was bitten by a dog. The parents will tell him he has two options: (1) go to the emergency room and wait 24 hours for treatment, as is the case in Britain; or (2) call a physician on Monday morning and make an appointment to see her at the first available opening, which will probably be in three weeks.

The thought of this makes me so rabid I want to bite Obama’s leg.

Craig Cantoni | Scottsdale

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About all we get on TV these days is either shots of screaming protesters (or supporters) of the President’s health plan, or views of President Obama on one of his multiple press conferences … the most interesting part of which are the number of times he turns his head right, and then left, as he reads from the teleprompter.

The disturbing thing is that neither the supporters of the health plan nor the protesters really know what is in it, and this includes the congressmen and senators (and perhaps the President himself), only two or three of whom claim to have read the entire 1000-plus pages. I think the only persons who know what is in it are those who wrote the thing, so the question is who are they – who actually wrote it?

No senator or congressman had anything to do with the drafting of the bill – of that I am sure. Did some of the “bright” young men or women of their staffs write it? I don’t think so. So, who would get the job of writing all (or a part) of the 1000+ pages? My guess is the lobbyists and/or the attorneys for the pharmaceutical companies, the insurance companies, the medical establishment, and/or the many other interested groups (maybe including ACORN) who lurk in the shadows and do their arm-twisting in very low-key and sophisticated ways, worked long hours on it.

Any time some salesman tells me that I must buy today or I will lose all the benefits of his marvelous offer, I walk away. I think that Congress (and the American people) should do the same thing with regard to the healthcare package, certainly until someone really knows and can convincingly explain what it is all about. As the tortoise said to the hare, “slow but steady wins the race.”

Ralph G. Smith | Cave Creek

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Send the cash cow (AHCCCS) to butcher

I gave my son a ride to his doctor’s office for a checkup after his back surgery and to find out if he needs neck surgery. I was left in the waiting room with a bunch of geezers on Social Security. Barack Obama was on TV and 100 percent of the geezers were upset about his health care plan. It was then the toothless meth head came in. He was complaining about neck pain and needed medication. He explained his disability check was late and that AHCCCS would cover it. He was ushered right in. The receptionist knew their cash cow had come in.

The lady sitting next to me was upset. She explained to me she was eighty two years old and her parents walked away from her when they lived in a homeless camp during the depression. She told me of the rapes and murders in the camp. She stated she had just bought an AR15 and 1000 rounds of ammo. She could not have weighed 90 pounds. She said she knew what she was capable of doing. She then said Lincoln started the civil war and Obama will start the next civil war. She told me she is afraid for America’s future. Then the rest of the geezers chirped up. The elderly man on the other side explained to me that the meth head was getting almost twice in disability what he was getting from Social Security. Then another geezer stated he lived back East next to a nature preserve for 20 years; the Feds bulldozed it and put up 3000 houses for Palestinian refuges behind his property. We are sending our food to Kenya, the National Guard is attacking homeless Americans in the Los Angeles National Forest, General Motors dropped $500 billion in pensions, our homeland security czar, Napolitano, stopped deporting illegals unless they are proven criminals, and our police don’t solve ten percent of the home burglaries. In Tucson the police respond to one in six armed robberies. On the news it said Obama had a 50 percent approval rating; in the doctor’s office it was zero. Most of Arizona’s budget is free medical care for the poor. The geezers felt betrayed. They worked all their lives and because they owned their own homes a meth head was treated better than they were. It’s time to send the cash cow (AHCCCS) to butcher. Free medical care has bankrupted Arizona and America is next.

Jeffery Gellerman | via E-mail

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Replies to the ‘Missives Missus’

Although the messages are often muddled and inaccurate, one must give Hitchon credit for expending the effort. She was obviously relieved when our town clerk managed a recount of votes, which was favorable to Hitchon’s bid to stay on the Carefree P & Z. Wonders never cease in Carefree elections, large or small.

Moving on, I have to say that Missive #2 began with a very valid introduction. Unfortunately it tumbled into the roll curb of accuracy soon after. Your first point essentially painted Carefree voters as dim-witted; additionally, you ignored the clear record that Schwan opposed Direct Election of the Mayor.

Lyn, since when is a politician’s record a ‘moot point’? It is the point. Schwan firmly sided with the old guard, who were seeking the protection of 4-year terms – no debate there. You also need to get your marbles sorted because Coady was not ‘appointed’ mayor, he was simply nominated; and FYI, Vanik was not an ‘experienced’ council member unless 24 hours counts as experience for you.

No matter how you try to repaint history, Schwan was in favor of criminalizing minor code infractions, simply because some other towns made adjustments and our ordinance change was written by a lawyer. It was removed from the agenda because the TV media arrived for coverage, not because Morgan had great insight. Other towns are not Carefree, but if you want to jump off the Sundial because your neighbor does, have at it.

You repeatedly asserted that Schwan had a right to his opinions and votes. Very true, but you conveniently forget he was elected to represent all residents and was clearly out of step with their will. You may feel voters are dim-witted but they were very clear on the two propositions and trying to boot out the old guard. What don’t you get?

In closing, I can only hope that someday you will gain better insight into the workings of Carefree government. The only people being ‘spoon-fed’ facts and told how to vote are the old guard faithful, of which you are one. Open-minded residents deliberate before making their own decisions. Take a lesson.

John Traynor | Carefree

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Response to Your View on MCSO

I know the majority of you think MCSO over-polices and employs a Barney Fife mentality; and some of you, even believe they are out to get you! I can't remember the exact date of the "Your View" and I don't recall the exact words used by the readers ... one person wrote something like (and I'm paraphrasing) "his wife was verbally abused for 5 minutes for speeding 8 over" and another said "how he stopped like normal, admitting it was NOT a complete 2 count, for the last 20 years and has never been ticketed." And, I remember someone posing the question "Isn't it illegal for a MCSO patrol car to park hidden in the median between the double yellow lines on Cave Creek Rd?" Also another said "Their (MCSO) attitude is disgusting."

Stop whining cry babies! Be responsible and own up to your mistakes. I completely disagree with all of you! These men and women are working hard and risking their lives every day so our 2 precious little towns will be as safe as possible. I'll be the first to admit I'm not a perfect driver, nor will I ever claim to be. In fact, on a couple of different occasions I was speeding on Cave Creek Road toward Carefree Highway in my RED car, and I would have bet the house, the farm and the red sports car I drive that I was getting pulled over by a MCSO hiding in the double yellow turn lane, but no, I just waved politely at them as I sped past. I've gotten off with a warning a couple of times, but I've also received a couple tickets. (I've since purchased a RADAR/LASER detector, arguably one of the best investments of my life). Each time, warning or ticket, the officer acted very professional and courteous; I'm very proud these men and women protect and serve my community. I don't blame them for attitude ... it’s probably because you didn't check your attitude and slow your role. Everyday they have to deal with the "hoity-toity" and "Don't you know who I am" pretentious BS attitude ... probably the same people who don't want Walmart (sorry I had to get that in there). Treat people as you want to be treated. Stop making excuses and blaming other people, especially the people who protect our town!

No, it's not illegal for the police to park in double yellow. There are a lot of things that are illegal for you and I that the police do everyday. Really, come on ... are you serious???
And, just because you've done something one way for 20 years doesn't make it right.
To: My wife was abused for speeding ... was that 8 mph over in town, near one of the schools/churches or on a residential street? Eight over out of town on Cave Creek Road is completely different than in/around town. Hey pal, that 8 mph could be the difference between you/your wife breaking in time or hitting me and my kid while out for an evening walk. What you are calling verbal abuse was probably just a stern and unsympathetic warning. I hope she got a ticket.

Oh ya, I can't forget the one reader (and I quote from the 7/22-28 Your View) who suggested "Retire these frustrated, has-beens ..." Thanks for the advice, I recently passed the police exam and start the academy in September.

License, insurance and registration please. Oh man, that sounded good ... I've always wanted to say that! I love the way it rolls off the tongue ... don't forget to buckle up. I'll be seeing you around town.

Will David | Long time Cave Creek resident | Host AM960 KKNT

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Where is my vote?

During the reigns of Mayors Morgan and Fulcher, David Schwan always voted as he was told and hardly ever thought of thinking for himself at all. In the recent council elections Schwan received the fewest votes of the ten candidates that ran. By withdrawing from the run-off elections the gob (good ole boys) assured Schwan’s seat on the council in that election.

Also in the run-off election against unknown write-in candidates the gob managed to elect another one of their own by a mere eleven votes. Then, to add insult to injury, Schwan used the 4-3 gob majority on the council to anoint himself the new mini-mayor of Carefree. The gob’s chicanery has made a mockery of the will of the people and clearly illustrates the need for direct mayoral elections.

I urge all 800 Carefree residents who voted for Bob Coady to protest these shenanigans and the subsequent annulment of their votes. Please sign the petition to recall David Schwan. You can do so at the post office, or in the office at 7202 Ho Road, telephone 480-643-0910. The office is on the east side of Tom Darlington Road, just south of the Shell station.

Henry Tinkelenberg | Carefree

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See what Obama has done now

I wanted to give ya'll some disturbing information on our wonderful president. I work with the Catch-A-Dream Foundation ( which provides hunting and fishing trips to children with life-threatening illnesses. It is a great program needless to say.

This past weekend we had our annual banquet/fundraiser event in Starkville. As part of the program, we had scheduled Sgt. 1st Class Greg Stube, a highly decorated U.S. Army Green Beret and inspirational speaker who was severely injured while deployed overseas and didn't have much of a chance for survival. Greg is stationed at Ft. Bragg and received permission from his commanding officer to come speak at our function. Everything was on go until Obama made a policy that NO U.S. SERVICEMAN CAN SPEAK AT ANY FAITH-BASED PUBLIC EVENTS ANYMORE.

Needless to say, Greg had to cancel his speaking event with us. Didn't know if anyone else was aware of this new policy. Wonder what kind of news we all will receive next?

Charlie Stokes | Area Agronomy Agent/County Director | MSU Extension Service
Aberdeen, Mississippi