Your View | August 5 - 11, 2009

I just received "an open letter to Carefree citizens" paid for by "Citizens for Schwan - David Schwan, Chairman." Couldn't he get anyone else to stand up as Chairman?

Mayor David Schwan listed all the reasons he should be recalled in his "open letter" to the public. Thanks for reminding me, mayor.

Given the most recent news about additional criminal activity of ACORN and its shadow affiliates it is time that the citizens of Arizona demand that the leadership of our state let Washington D.C. know that ACORN (et al) ARE NOT WELCOME in Arizona as part of the census workforce. Short of that petitions should be circulated to send a message to D.C. that we are FED UP with this/their nonsense. That's my opinion and I'm fed up with the useless bloodsuckers in Congress!

Mr. Obama has a real problem now; he can’t stop spending your money!
He never managed any kind of business before he was elected – and now he is proving he can’t manage the country either!

Lyn Hitchon on a hunger strike till Schwan is competent? I love it!! Bye bye Lyn.

Wasn't it Bashas’ that pushed the 80 cent (although the ballot stated 8 cent … so much for democracy) tax on cigarettes? I guess this might be a factor for some not shopping at Bashas’ with their higher-than-average prices. And people who choose to pay tax on their groceries at Walmart/Cave Creek rather than shop down the road tax free at Fry's may just feel good about paying taxes and government spending. Same difference with Costco on Cave Creek Road tax free on food and taxed at Costco on Hayden Road.

Sounds like we have a racist liberal in our midst complaining about J.P. Maldonado. One would have to be mentally retarded to believe Hillary Rotten Clinton and Sonia Sotomayor were intelligent and powerful. Neither has a thread of intelligence as we have found Sotomayor is now in fact a racist. We don't need a racist Liberal female Hispanic in the Supreme Court! I have to agree for once with Kim Jong Il of North Korea regarding Hillary. "We cannot but regard Mrs. Clinton as a funny lady as she likes to utter such rhetoric, unaware of the elementary etiquette in the international community. Sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping." Put that in your pipe and smoke it "MCR," and I'm not this Maldonado character you speak of.

What is it with the trend of placing collection boxes in empty lots or along roads for clothing donations? While they may serve a purpose, they sure attract undesirable amounts of trash such as furniture, water heaters, etc. They turn the area into a dumping ground! I wonder how one got on the corner of Pima and Lone Mountain in Scottsdale? As for Tatum and Pinnacle Peak, that is City of Phoenix right of way. I wonder how they bypass the laws? We know now the City of Phoenix doesn't enforce right of way violations for signs and these ugly boxes. Contact your city government and give them an ear full! I often wonder how many illegal aliens or anchor babies are benefiting from the clothes.

Re-Elect NOBODY ... especially Peggy Neely. Correction to her political flier: Spending money like a drunken sailor on flowers and coffee and pastries via overpriced meetings at the JW Marriot at Desert Ridge and City of Phoenix Council meetings. Supporting a taxpayer funded DAY LABOR CENTER for the illegal aliens. Is this the leadership we need? Wake up sheeple! Vote these worthless inhabitants out of office once and for all. Spread the word!

Whatever became of the proposal to convert the empty Road House/ Hammerhead Jack's into a strip club? Did it fall through because it is 25 feet too close to a school? Maybe the Cave Creek political establishment should consider changing its position so that a flood of cash could revitalize the area. Wait, I forgot. They'd rather have a Walmart.

Would someone please hose off the porch at Los Portalos Mall. It smells like vagrants have been living there.

Who is Lyn Hitchon to tell me I shouldn't vote if I don't attend council meetings? Some of us can't make 5 p.m. meetings. And for her to defend Schwan's opposition to direct election of the mayor by suggesting the council is wiser and better able to pick the mayor than Carefree residents is impressively insulting. Call me silly but democratically electing the mayor seems like an AMERICAN thing to me! And 73 percent of Carefree voters agreed.

After reading Lyn Hitchon's condes-cending letter in Schwan's mailer, I am ready to recall both her and Schwan!

With friends like sewer mouth Lyn Hitchon, vulgar bully Gary Hayward and the dishonorable Hugh Stevens supporting Schwan, who needs enemies?!

Is Carefree turning into a fascist state? First, the man behind the recall is forced to leave town hall and the post office. Now he’s being harassed and not allowed to put up a sign. I didn’t think the recall effort had merit before. Now I do. I won’t stand for a mayor who suppresses freedom of speech. Nor one who abuses his power of office. We all know who the town administrator and town marshal work for, Mr. Schwan!