Your View | July 22 - 28, 2009

Kudos to a great article on Carefree's patrolmen. I can relate since the exact same thing happened to me. I even took photos to prove that from where he was parked it was impossible to see me stop at the painted cross-lines on the road. And the attitude they have is disgusting.

If an oversized sundial and a fire house are the best Carefree has to offer, then they had better get over themselves.

I don’t know the details but I am sure Sonoran News will deliver them accurately. I do know this: Bill Allen, Grace Meeth and Terry Zerkle, without any authority, surreptitiously and dishonestly, betrayed the town by trying to kill the Open Space Agreement the town finalized after seven years of hard work. Bill Allen, their front man, first tried a former Land Department deputy and current governor’s office executive and evidently didn’t get anywhere, then tried to convince the Goldwater Institute to sue the town and have the Land Department void the Agreement. These people and their supporters are sorry citizens and sorry excuses for human beings. This shiny new town council should at least dump Bill Allen off P&Z immediately.

Carefree Resort & Villas and the parent corporation of Carefree Bashas' market have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Approximately 65 percent of the space in the town center is vacant. Carefree real estate values have plummeted. The town-owned Carefree Water Co. just raised already absurdly high water rates another 3 percent. Town tax revenues are projected to drop 15-20 percent in the current fiscal year. Building-related fees have dried up. Thank you, Mayor David Schwan for all you and your good old boy crowd have done for the town of Carefree.

Will the last merchant to depart the Carefree town center please turn off the electrified gaslights? The town's monthly electricity bill is enormous.

Someone recently noted that the Walmart referendums are led by the two biggest losers around – Anna Marsolo and Grace Meeth. I agreed, but now we must add Ms. Jayne (“pimps and apologists”) Carroll. Why would anyone sign up for a cause led by these three obnoxious and unpleasant losers?

I hope Sonoran News will publish the names of every Cave Creek resident who signed the Walmart petitions. I want to know exactly where to go if I am saddled with a huge property tax or we lose our town because of these people.

Lyn Hitchon should go on a HUNGER STRIKE till David Schwan's competency is proven beyond a doubt.

Cave Creek Residents: Anna Marsolo, a county resident and local busybody, and Grace Meeth, a landslide loser in the town council election, two of the biggest losers in the area, want you to sign their petition to refer Walmart to a November election. The anti-Walmart union (UFCW) is paying signature gatherers to knock on your door. Please take the time to fully understand the entire situation and the potential long term negative financial consequences of signing the petition.

Carefree council's decision to change town center zoning to allow the huge Lewis project has frightened away most of the businesses in that area. Ironically the Lewis project is unlikely to ever go forward. In another year or so as leases expire the town center will be left with only the ugly fire house, a post office and goofy clutter (my favorite is the $30,000 lizard slide) in place of formerly needed parking. I am happy to see Councilman Gemmill's spouse is planning to spend town funds for a celebration of the town's dismal condition.

The Repulsive Republic loves to editorialize in their front page banner headline. Which, of course, is not considered good journalism!

The Arizona Republic reported last week that the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) that represents labor at Fry’s and Safeway, among others, was a major contributor to Basha’s bankruptcy. This labor union is viciously anti-Walmart (its workers are happy without the union) and is bankrolling the referendum effort against Walmart in Cave Creek. Imagine that!!

Sonoran News July 8, right when I thought we would be spared another J.P. Maldonado letter, there it was, another ignorant work in progress in Your View. Same slanted view showing his fear of intelligent powerful women, first Hillary and now Sotomayor. You don’t have to sign your name, he-he-he, says it all. My name is MCR; go back to Santa Fe.

When is enough, enough with the local MCSO’s behavior? These Barney Fife versions of the Gestapo must be reined in by Carefree council. It’s the part I hate about living in this town and am sure why some don’t like visiting here. My neighbor was pulled over on his bicycle for not completely stopping at an intersection, then threatened with jail for not having ID. My wife was verbally abused for 5 minutes for doing 8 mph over the limit. Retire these frustrated, has-beens and get some officers that have respect for the citizens of Carefree.

When every Carefree council member voted yes to publicly fire Jeannette Summers, the town gardener, they made a poignant statement about their inability to make responsible decisions.