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By Don Sorchych | July 22, 2009


Don Sorchych
Barry’s screwups

One of the few controls on the outrageous behavior of Barack Obama is the Supreme Court.

The Senate hearings of Sonia Sotomayor show Democrat confidence with their numerical superiority and gutless Republican response. Given important facts, like 60 percent of her cases being overturned upon review and her membership in La Raza, a seriously racist organization, she should be retired, instead of promoted.

Why not filibuster this disgrace? Republicans, in spite of their minority status, should filibuster until the Democrats use their veto proof chambers to defeat the filibuster. At least the Republicans would have tried and, who knows, there may be enough Blue Dog Democrats to continue the debate.

Reports are Sotomayor backpedaled from her revealing statement of: “A wise Latino woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male that hasn’t lived that life.” That statement alone should disqualify her and if it didn’t her long membership in La Raza should.

After Obama, without constitutional authority, fired the head of General Motors, we should expect such lame decisions. He hired a 31- year-old who had zero car experience and appointed him CEO. He shorted legitimate shareholders and bond holders to give twenty percent of GM to unions who supported his candidacy and without constitutional backing! This is fascism; no other term fits as well as that.

We are being lulled to sleep by complicit media, TV, daily newspapers and the drumbeat of propaganda out of Washington. I get e-mails every day from individuals reputedly in direct touch with the sainted one.

There is more, much more, about Obama, but is he constitutionally qualified to serve?
Obama has spent over one million dollars with attorneys of PerkinsCoie. Attorney Robert Bauer, Chairman of the political law group of PerkinsCoie LLC has threatened those who are litigating to get the truth out.

For those of you writing to say Obama’s citizenship is, “a settled issue,” it is about a settled as global warming. On both issues if we had media honesty the public would be up in arms.
The Democrat party, represented by Obama, is blocking all attempts to increase oil and gas exploration and production while our trading partners are racing to increase their energy sources.

Worse, Obama is forcing the issue of cap and trade that would seriously affect energy availability and cost.

Obama hasn’t finished appointing “Czars.” The term itself is scary enough, loosely translated to mean “King.” So far he has appointed a dozen, with no end in sight. He obviously wants every segment of society to be controlled by him through these kings with no congressional oversight or vote by the public.

Seen the list? Here it is:
• Energy Czar, Carol Browner
• Urban Czar Adolfo Carrion, Jr.
• Infotech Czar Vivek Kundra
• Faith based Czar Joshua Dubois
• Health reform Czar Nancy Ann Deparle
• New TARP Czar Herb Allison
• Stimulus accountability Czar Earl Devaney
• Non-proliferation Czar Gary Samore
• Terrorism Czar John Brennan
• Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein
• Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske
• Guantanamo closure Czar Daniel Fried.

The country’s recovery depends on less government, not more. All these czars need a budget, and who will control them?

If you think you, your company, your legislature, your governor or your club won’t hear from the czars or their minions, then you don’t understand how socialism works.

The gaffes by Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are many and varied. If a Republican had muttered such nonsense it would be front page news and on every TV news announcement, except maybe FOX. Obama’s dependence on the use of Teleprompters is gist of that kind, but never used, never explored, just tolerated.

What else?

Obama wants to increase taxes on oil companies when a decrease of taxes is in order. Oil companies, already strapped by government regulations and lack of exploration approvals need help, or better yet a roll back of onerous regulations.

Obama promised he would tax the rich, with the definition of “rich” a moving target. Giving to the poor from wealthy individuals is a Marxist concept and has no place in a Republic.
Have we reached the point where people vote with their hands out? It appears so.

He wants to increase ethanol subsidies, which raise food prices world wide. It encourages the loss of forests and in no way can ethanol compete with other sources of energy.

His handling of the Honduras dispute plays into the hands of dictators. The overthrow of leadership was to protect their constitution and he has joined Caesar Chavez in railing against the new government. Once again, Obama has shown his true colors and they aren’t pretty.

Obama has vacillated from his campaign position that the United States already had the technology to convert coal to gas and it was both clean and efficient. Not true, and enviros claimed such technology doubled the emission of greenhouse gases and that reduction of world wide oil sources would doom such an industry. After Obama said improvements of technology are needed and for his support greenhouse gas emission would have to be decreased by 20 percent, he went silent.

Obama wants to open the 700 million barrels of Strategic Petroleum Reserves. It would be a short-term fix and would serve to temporarily increase petroleum use, then vanish with no critical reserves remaining.

Obama’s “performance” with foreign leaders has been embarrassing. Bowing to Saudi royalty, kissing up to terrorists and showing his naivety is not the mark of a world leader.
His discussions with Russia to reduce nuclear bombs would never reduce the world wide proliferation and Russia is not to be trusted. Ronald Reagan was famous for saying, “Trust, but verify.”

His reduction of funding for defensive systems is alarming. Submarines can now deliver nuclear bombs here and enemy states are increasing the range of their missiles.
Show your bonafides Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro, or step down!