MCSO is out of control

This is an open letter to Commander Holmes and whatever political force is responsible for the MCSO Policy in Cave Creek and surrounding North Phoenix areas.

I honestly have never been a big fan of the Barney Fife mentality of many of the MCSO officers here in Cave Creek/Carefree but over the years I have more or less gotten used to it and just conformed to and accepted the ludicrous array of traffic regulations, noise ordinances, artificially low speed limits and the speed traps that accompany them, nitpicky rules, and petty harassments all in the name of small town tax collection. And no matter what politicians and the safetycrats want us “naïve and unlawful“ citizens to think, traffic enforcement is nothing more than tax collection. Fortunately I have managed to avoid the gauntlet most of my eight years here, and the few times I have had run-ins, I have made my case in court and prevailed. Fortunately the judges in this state appear to have a lot more common sense than the police.

MCSO has stooped to a new low this time. Clearly this district has lost all its sense.

As I was pulling out of a side road onto an empty Cave Creek road early Sunday morning, this time in my car (I made my usual stop short of the intersection, looking both directions, saw no cars for half mile in each direction and then took off). Not sure where this guy even came from, but an MCSO deputy quickly came up behind me and then proceeded to tailgate me for about 3 miles. I don’t mean he was tailing me either, like he was 10 feet off my rear end. He finally pulled me over. I was absolutely perplexed … and angry. I was not speeding, I used my signal, I had my seatbelt on, I even shaved my license plate frame recently because some “genius” lawmakers decided that although our state’s license plate has cactus all over it, the “Arizona” needed to be 100 percent visible.

So what did I do wrong in officer Schrey’s (badge #1857) well-trained and professional eyes?

Apparently I did not come to a tire screeching, neck snapping, one one-thousand, two one-thousand, stop.

Now how he could see this from half a mile away, I am not really sure. Perhaps his eyesight is that good, but most likely I doubt he saw anything that clearly and just had orders to collect money.

I did in fact make a common sense stop, its how I have been driving my whole life and not one single cop has ever had a problem with it in the past, including MCSO in Cave Creek.
To make things more laughable, after I got the ticket, the officer was also quick to point out what a nice and generous guy he was for letting me off the hook for several other nitpicky things he could have cited me for like my dinged windshield, etc.
Yep, that’s Jerkwater America.

If this town has gotten that desperate, that insolvent that it has to cite people for “not coming to a complete stop” to wrest more money from us – maybe it’s just time to get out of here and take my business elsewhere.

Shame on these public servants for harassing people like that – you all should be EMBARRASSED.

And you wonder why a lot of us have no respect for law enforcement – you truly are nothing more than overpaid tax collectors.

Maybe it’s time you remember who pays YOUR salary.
MCSO needs to re-badge the police cars from “To Protect and Serve” to ”Trap and Extract.”

Mark Kilian
North Phoenix/Cave Creek Business Owner

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Presidential Scholarship

I do not know how to get this valuable information out ... so I thought about your newspaper and our community.

My daughter is a recent graduate of Cactus Shadows High School, 2009. As most parents realize getting a Pell grant, FASA etc. is very hard and time consuming, but we all still apply and pray that we are granted some financial assistance. I unfortunately was randomly selected for an audit by FASA. I did not realize that this required me to send to the schools my daughter was applying for our tax returns and W2's. This caused a delay in my FASA to be completed and a minimal amount of a Pell grant be awarded to her. My complete fault. I lacked the understanding on how the system works. I will not make that mistake again.

We decided that going into debt for $18,000 was not an option and that a community college was our next choice. A friend of mine was telling me about a scholarship that her daughter received ... A "Presidential Scholarship." What is that? Well ... if you contact the community colleges in Arizona they all have this Scholarship, but no one knows about them. Not even our High School, Principal, Student Advisers etc. ... otherwise we would have known about them. My daughter had to take three tests, and excelled in all three. Best of all, you have two chances to pass. WOW! Practice tests are available online too. Then, once you pass you must take one honors course and maintain a 3.25 average. This scholarship can continue for the next 2 years. Is this not amazing!

Needless to say I can't wipe the smile off my face. My daughter passed and her first semester is covered at 100 percent. Now, my question to you is ... How is this information spread? If not for my friend telling me about this I would have never known. My daughter is a hard worker and deserves to be rewarded, or at least I think so. Thanks for listening.

Brenda Dixon | Cave Creek

Editor note: Our research shows most colleges have a President’s Scholarship, not to be confused with Presidential Scholars.

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A $1 billion tax increase would be huge

Back in January, a document was produced to help inform the legislature’s work in rebalancing the 2009 budget. Among other things, it showed that almost $900 million, about 25 percent, of the public education budget was available for adjustment as discretionary spending.

Immediately, the teacher’s unions seized on this document and used it to rally the troops against $900 million in phantom cuts that never were. Governor Brewer has been trading off that demagoguery ever since.

The legislature’s proposed cuts to the public education budget are $220 million, out of $4 billion. That’s about a 6 percent cut in the General Fund public education budget. Compared to total education spending, including school districts’ share, that’s a less than 3 percent cut and hardly drastic, draconian, or disastrous.

By contrast, no matter how you count it, a $1 billion tax increase would be huge: a 12 percent increase compared to current general fund taxes, an 18 percent increase in the state’s sales tax rate, or a 14 percent increase in the state/local weighted sales tax rate.

Byron Schlomach, Ph.D. | Economist, Goldwater Institute | Phoenix

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A couple things struck me in your July 8-14 issue

1. Way to go Alf Taylor for stepping forward and voicing the unprofessionalism of the MCSO in Carefree/Cave Creek. I too have experienced their unethical and harassing behavior. I am convinced if you start to look into this you will find the MCSO is not a professionally run office here in Cave Creek. I grew up in San Diego and the only encounter I have ever had that even closely resembled what I have experienced with the MCSO was down in Tijuana. And even those police in Tijuana were better behaved then the wild ones we have here. Hats off to the Sergeant who conducted his business professionally. But my question is why isn't this Sergeant controlling the others under his command? It is a good cop/bad cop show in this town and ultimately it is the commanding officers responsibility to get these vigilantes under control. My friends will not even visit me here because of the harassment they too have experienced by the MCSO. Alf take your rugs and run, because the MCSO is turning Cave Creek/Carefree into a ghost town.

2. Way to go coach Cuff, Chung and Knuteson!!! You ladies run a top-notch team and you enhance those girl’s lives. We love you!!!!

Jan Smith | Cave Creek

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GOB plans sent by Ralph Pipp

From: Dick Stewart
To: Susan Vanick; Jim Reed; Ralph Pipp; Greg Gardner; Dave Dennison; Jom Coates; Hans Thiele; John E Skarda; Paula Scully; Peggy Schuetze; Sandy & Bill Rintelmann; RFoussard; Paula & Steve Pruett; Al Mascha; Barb Leard; Barbara Cochran; bbohannan; Bert Heikens; Blaine Keith; Bob Kroyer; Dan Dooley; Deborah Adams; Don Basta; Howard & Sue Beastall; Joan Clark; Nan & Steve Searle; Paul Meredith; Ray Arnold; Ron & Jan Brockman; Suzzane Loeper; Tom Ensign; Toni & Deri Cattelino; Trudy Gray; Wayne Fisher

Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 2:55 PM
Subject: Now What?

Dear Citizens: The Carefree Town council Meeting of July 7 was instructive, as was the earlier Water Board Meeting that same day. I was there from about 4 p.m. until sometime after 6:30 p.m.

During the Water Board meeting and later, I was impressed by the officiating by Mayor Schwan, and others. The dozen or so comments by citizens demonstrated that, when motivated, citizens readily sound off.

But, what might we do to build on this favorable event? I think it is unlikely that the "Recall Petition" will be withdrawn. Therefore, we might consider both individual and joint actions which will protect our town from this nefarious effort to subvert our recent election of the Carefree Town Council.

Collectively we might: (1) Support the Mayor and Council by attending the town council meetings each month to participate in the call to the public. (2) Launch a "Save Our Town" website, (3) Collect signatures to a "Petition of Support," (4) Schedule informal receptions at which we informally mull our fortunes and strategize, (5) consider the need for a PAC and raise sufficient loose change to effect newsletters for distribution and (6) consider ways to incorporate our shared goals into the Carefree 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Individually I am sure that you will use your diverse public contacts to see that good and decent Government of Carefree prevails. I will personally meet with anyone who wishes to help protect our Carefree future by doing any of the above or other lawful means. Thank you.

Dick Stewart | Carefree

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Should I be ashamed for not defending my mom from the Angel of Death?

The following is a fictional but realistic scenario of things to come.

My 88-year-old mom needs surgery to extend her life and not live in pain. However, she is worried about spending part of her savings on the surgery instead of leaving the money for her grandson as part of her small estate. In a family meeting on the issue, I tell her to go ahead with the procedure, because, after all, she had scrimped and saved money for all the years of working as a secretary and clerk in order to have money for the infirmities of old age.

Then, something frightening happens: A man in an expensive suit and a toothy grin barges into the house and exclaims, “You’re not spending your money, Mrs. Cantoni, for surgery at your age. Instead, I’m taking your money and giving it to someone more deserving.”
Confused and scared, my mom responds, “Are … uh … are you giving it to my grandson?”

“No! I’m giving it to your neighbor for his medical expenses. He’s younger and will get a longer payoff for the money.”

Seeing my mother trembling and crying, I become more enraged than I’ve ever been in my life.

“You bastard!” I yell to the intruder. “You can’t be serious that you’re going to take my mom’s money and give it to that ne’er-do-well fat-ass next door, the same guy who has sired four kids out of wedlock with three different women, and who has spent every penny he’s ever made on cars, ATV’s, big-screen TVs, gambling, cigarettes, and big buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

“Yeah, that’s the guy,” says the intruder. “The Medical Rationing Board has determined that he needs the money more than your mother does. In fact, he needs triple-bypass surgery from years of eating finger-licking-good chicken.”

“Who the f**k is the Medical Rationing Board?” I ask incredulously.

“They are esteemed physicians who have been selected by me to make these decisions.”

“What about their Hippocratic oath?” I ask rhetorically. Then I say, “This is right out of the
Third Reich. I suppose that the chairman of the Medical Rationing Board is Dr. Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death of concentration camp fame.”

The intruder smiles and smugly says, “That’s really over the top, and I’ll use your words to demonize you as a right-wing extremist.”

With that, I reach into my desk drawer, grab my .38 pistol, point it at the intruder, and say, “Leave this house immediately.”

Laughing, the intruder tells me to look out the front window. “There are thousands of armed agents waiting outside to take that gun away from you and put you in jail for the rest of your life for being against the common good.”

Not only do I realize that the situation is hopeless, but I also know that I never had any intention of shooting the thief. After all, the United States is a nation of laws, most of which are moral laws but some of which are immoral ones, such as the new nationalized health care law. Still, I say to myself in clichés, the law is the law, and violence begets violence.
Throwing the gun down, I say, “Okay, you win. But could you at least tell me your name?”
“Yes, I am the god who determines who lives and dies. My name is Barack Obama.”

Craig Cantoni | Scottsdale

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Recall of Mayor David Schwan

We are long, full time residents of Carefree and knowledgeable of the Town Council and Planning and Zoning activities.

The mayor of Carefree does not receive a salary as many other Arizona towns provide their mayors; even though, for the most part, it is a full time job.

Carefree has been fortunate over the years with mayors of good intellect and excellent character, honesty, trustworthy, high integrity with business leadership experience. These men looked to serve the citizens of Carefree and not to better themselves. This includes our present mayor, David Schwan. We have a fine town that is well run and financially sound.
The recall petition has no merit. There is not one accusation that has any substance. We fully support Mayor Schwan and feel this recall should be withdrawn.

One must question the motives of the few people who are behind this partition and are wasting all of our time and money.

Al & Olive Mascha | Carefree

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Poorly written article

I was just reading the article about Nacho Ramos and I have to say, I thought it was very poorly written. It doesn't even state what the guy was in prison for in the first place. I can't imagine he was in prison for 10 years for shooting a drug smuggler in the butt.

Bridget Jablonski | Cave Creek

Editorial comment: The story of the Ramos and Compean case was published extensively in Sonoran News.

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Most gallant man I know

Happy Birthday, John Finn!

On July 23, 2009, John will be 100 years old. On that infamous day, December, 1941, while everyone else was running and ducking for cover, John stood in the open and shot back at the attacking enemy aircraft. He was seriously wounded over and over again, but he stood his ground and refused to run. For his heroic actions, John Finn was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

These are the final words from the recording “Gallant Men” by Senator Everett Dirksen, “Tyrants must know, now just as then, they cannot stand; not as long as there are gallant men.”

To the most gallant man I know; thank you, John. God Bless You Sir!

Gary Marchinke | Pahrump, Nevada

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Your none vote

Thanks for letting us know – below see my e-mail to Representative Barto. Now please make sure we know who is running against her?

Representative Barto: I just read that you failed to vote for HB 2280. You are a dishonest coward and not worthy of the office you hold.

You are there to vote so vote – You like alien sanctuary laws? Then vote for them! And, then run for re-election on your voting record.

I saw you at the Cave Creek Tea Party and my wife and I have voted for you in the past – BUT NO MORE.

I so wish you stated your true views at that Tea Party – you would have had the opportunity to learn what the people think.

You are unworthy of our continued support. We know your name now and who you are.

Mike & Linda Doyle | Cave Creek

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