Your View | July 15 - 21, 2009

Rumor has it former Mayor Ed "crab cakes" Morgan has sold his house after three years of trying and, along with most merchants, is leaving town. The mayor dubbed Carefree "The Best Small Town in Arizona." Now that he's going, I presume the title will change to "The Worst Run Town in Arizona." I wonder if he will no longer be on Ed Lewis' payroll.

I have never written to the paper before but I am outraged. I was at the post office yesterday to sign the petition to recall David Schwan and I wasn’t able to because a Deputy Sheriff wouldn’t let me. Who is a law enforcement official to say who can and who can’t sign a petition??! He told me that “someone” called the property manager and they wanted the nice young gentleman gathering signatures to leave the property. I am well aware that AZ Wine owns the property where the post office is which is why I will never shop at AZ Wine again!

That’s the final straw for me soon-to-be ex-mayor Schwan. I am now going to actively campaign against you and tell ALL my friends and neighbors to do the same. This action to prevent that young man from gathering signatures is entirely political and don’t think the people of this town don’t see that and who’s behind it! People have always been allowed to gather signatures in front of town hall and the post office. It’s their right! How dare they target petitioners they don’t like and prevent them from exercising their first amendment rights.

Why didn’t the council consider making the stupid gaslights solar powered – therefore saving money and making this town a little more environmentally friendly? The town center looks lovely now … look out! Here come the moronic tree trimmers!

I read “Enough already” criticizing Michael Jackson by J.P Maldanado and I think I know what the J.P. stands for, it means “Just prejudiced.” I not only think it is homophobic but extremely racist. I wanted to express my opinion of that lunatic.

I just would like to say how much I appreciate the friendly, helpful and fast service at my Cave Creek post office. Unfortunately for them, if I had a nickel for every time I closed their lobby doors, I’d be rich. Do you leave your doors open at home? I can just hear my mother’s voice when I was a child, “Were you born in a barn?” Let’s give those hard working folks a break and keep the post office cool. Close the darn door!

A fine example of good citizenship; Rod de Szendeffy is caught violating town ordinances at his garage and then he leads a recall against the mayor. Sour grapes Rod! Editor’s note: See My View for the facts about the garage.

On the subject of adding a movie column to Sonoran News, I vote NO! I already get a TV guide with more movies on TV and DVDs than I can watch. Why would I drive a long distance with high gas prices and endure the heat when I have all the comforts of home and movies to watch?

Before launching off on our traditional two month summer vacation, we signed Mr. [Ryan] Ducharme’s recall of that silly mayor. I was coming to your office to get a two month subscription when my wife said, “Hey, we are online there and so is Sonoran News.” Leave it to a woman to be practical but I didn’t want to miss the fracas going on in town so we will be tuned in. Good luck Mr. Ducharme, we’ll be here to vote.

According to Lyn Hitchon, only people who attend council meetings can make an informed decision on town matters. Maybe if Hitchon had a real job, she wouldn't be able to attend 5 p.m. meetings either. She is entitled to her opinion, but I'm entitled to mine ... if Hitchon kept her mouth shut more, not only would the air quality in Carefree improve, so would her waistline!

What a hoot! All those good ole boys stacked up in council chambers to support their beloved Mayor Schwan. Who are they kidding? That arrogant little priss never made an independent decision in his life. Just look at his voting record. Now, when Carefree really needs a strong leader, we have a little twit who is afraid of his own shadow!

My pet bunny, Fluffy, escaped her cage. I wondered what happened to my sweet baby. Now I know. Editor’s note: The author must be writing about the online pictures of a Western Diamondback swallowing a rabbit.

The good old boys were out in force to support David Schwan and condemn the persons behind his recall. They spoke on fairness and despicable, cowardly attacks. What was most obvious to me was that these were the same people that used nasty innuendos and blatant lies against David Smith in the ‘07 campaign and Bob Coady, just this year. That's right, I'm talking about you Gary Hayward, Ralph Pipp and the forever shady Hugh Stevens. Get back in your holes and take your slime with you.

The last three Arizona Republic articles regarding the proposed Walmart store in Cave Creek were far more fantasy than fact and clearly indicate that the Republic opposes this store – so strongly that their editorial opinion is now expressed as “news articles.” Kind of makes you wonder if the Republic is anti-Walmart and has opposed all of their stores in the valley, or just opposed to Cave Creek. If the Republic is only opposing Walmart in Cave Creek, why is that?