Scottsdale Republic anti-Walmart infommercial inaccurate

Two adages come to mind as I write this response, “Never respond to someone who buys ink by the barrel” and “To err is human to forgive divine. Neither is Marine Corps policy.” As a former Marine, I favor the last quote.

Ms. Duckett needs either to editorialize on the editorial page or get the facts straight. The intersection of Cave Creek Rd. and Carefree Highway is commercial property and has been for many years. The Home Depot’s current location in Phoenix is a half mile from the proposed Cave Creek site, not 5 miles. That error might explain why she gets such great gas mileage.

The commercially designated site on Carefree Highway, between 28th St. and 34th St., was always planned as a long term (10-20 years) future growth area. The market place, not Mr. Phillips, determines where growth will take place.

If you draw a half mile circle around the 8 residential properties on Olesen Rd., you will find a Chevron gas station, CVS, Lowes, 13 acres of designated commercial property, a school, YMCA, and Junior College complex and some scattered residential property to the south.
Increasing the size of the circle to 1 mile you will find a Fry’s, Home Depot, Starbucks, Saba’s, Fletcher’s Tire, M&I Bank, a yet to be opened Fresh and Easy, and other assorted commercial operations.

Further, I do not consider it a grassroots movement when the grassroots movement PRIZE is bankrolled by the national union; UFCW. Contrary to the misinformed opinions of Mr. Phillips, Cave Creek did not cause the current WORLD WIDE economic recession through local mismanagement.

Please look around and smell what you are shoveling. Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway are major four lane divided north/south and east/west corridors which in the future will become six lanes.

Walmart brings competition to our area and competition brings greater selection and lower prices to the consumer. In the same edition as the INFOMMERCIAL was an article about the reduction in the cost of food over the past year. Cave Creek citizens shop for groceries in every surrounding town and city because we have no grocery or supermarket in Cave Creek. That fact alone sends a great deal of tax revenue to Scottsdale and Carefree.
Contrary to popular opinion, both tax food as does Cave Creek. Walmart is not the silver bullet solution to all economic woes; it is a great start and it will keep Cave Creek solvent over the next 3-5 years. More growth is necessary and it will come. The economy will eventually improve and Cave Creek will be better for it. The road to recovery will include 4,000 acres of managed open space, horse and hiking trails, streetscape and the retention of Cave Creek’s life style. The major commercial areas will be the intersection of Cave Creek Rd. and Carefree Highway, the 240 acres along Carefree Highway between 28th St. and 34th St. and the resort area north of the Cave Creek Regional Park. Downtown Cave Creek will remain funky and continue to set the tone for Cave Creek.

Objectivity and balance are required in reporting. Getting the information straight before publishing is essential. Good decisions are based on facts not fantasy.

George Ross | Cave Creek

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Dear Mrs. Carroll

I am out of the country so unable to respond in person as I would wish because I would enjoy looking you in the eye at this moment. Rose and I have worked very hard to be contributing citizens in this town. We purchased our land in 1998 and completed the home (we built ourselves) in 2000. My primary business kept me on the road so I was unable to get involved in the town. In 2007, we purchased the Cave Creek Coffee Company (with our own money) and have worked hard to become a contributor to this town. We have spent the last two years trying to restore this business and trying to become a significant member in this town instead of a thorn in the town’s side.

We are one of the few business in town who recycle, we are one of the few business who has adopted a roadway in Cave Creek and try to keep it clean, we work very hard and do not expect anything from anyone. We do not have financial partners, everything we do comes directly out of Rose and my pocket. We got excited about the Open Space and tried to get involved early so that we could be a contributor and we feel proud of this town for its commitment to open space. We are early adopters for the potential of building out of a commercial center in the Carefree Hwy corridor that provides us the opportunity to meet 80 percent of our basic needs in Cave Creek, and for the town to develop an economic engine so it can sustain itself. It is not about Walmart, they just happen to be a business interested in coming to town, and a bird in the hand is better than two in a bush!

As far as your accusation, it is absolutely false! You should check your facts before spouting off LIES! Rose and I along with our General Manager worked with each musician and got them to donate their time. I donated our space, and did I make a little money on food and beverage? Yes, if I didn’t I would not be a very good business man would I? Did you hear me mention Walmart? No because they were not involved!!!

Rose and I are personally insulted by this accusation and are both sitting here looking at each other in amazement of how anyone could be so ugly. Walmart had absolutely nothing to do with this benefit, nor do they or will they have anything to do with any part of our business. I have been around the retail sector for much of my career, my enthusiasm as you put it, for Walmart is merely coincidental. I would have the same enthusiasm if it was Trader Joes, Bashas, Albertsons, or Joe Blows Grocery Store. How dare you insult my wife and I who put blood, sweat, and tears into running a business in this town. I would enjoy sitting down face to face so that you can explain to me where you heard so much nonsense and explain to me how you find it acceptable to create lies about two people who have done no harm to you. I would have expected more consideration from any human being, just because we may not agree on something does not justify manufactur-ing blatant lies! It is this kind of lie and ugly, nasty, behavior that drives hard working people out of business.

Todd & Rose Newman | Cave Creek Coffee & Wine, LLC | Cave Creek

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Marie Keane’s letter last week

With regard to Marie Keane’s letter last week entitled “Where is our Representation?” I would ask where she was during the recent election of the Town Council?

In her letter she says that our elected officials are not representing her and their constituents because they are not opposing Walmart. Well, let’s take a look at that. Every single successful Cave Creek Town Council candidate, from the Mayor down to the two runoff candidates, supported Walmart consistently, publicly and vigorously. They supported it in every neighborhood forum and in both Sonoran News and the Arizona Republic forums. They could not have been more forthright and publicly outspoken on the issue. Every single candidate who lost the election, and they were landslide losses, did not support Walmart.

Our elected officials are doing exactly what they were elected to do by their constituents only 90 days ago. Don’t get caught up with the naysayers in Carefree, Phoenix and Scottsdale who have absolutely no stake in the decision, and if you are really a Cave Creek resident, get out and participate in Cave Creek’s open and very public processes.

Melanie Williams | Cave Creek

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Ward Connerly is right on!

Thank you for running the guest editorial by Ward Connerly. He is a very intelligent, articulate and courageous man. I can’t imagine how demeaning it has been to him to be institutionally told that the color of his skin made him less capable of achievement than that of Caucasians.

We had begun to believe that our state legislators were not capable of getting anything done, but we can at least be pleased that they listened to Mr. Connerly and put this issue on the ballot.

I imagine that most people assumed these policies had been off the books for years. Now that we find this kind of racism still exists in Arizona, it is time to end it.

Art Kennedy | Cave Creek

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A word of thanks

This Saturday Cave Creek’s Film and Arts Festival will celebrate its fourth Awards Ceremony.

By way of a short history, the Festival came into being with Council support in 2006 as one of several events to commemorate the Town’s 20 years of incorporation. It consisted of a single art discipline: Film, stewarded by Suzanne Johnson under the theme, “A Day in the Life of Cave Creek.” There were twelve entries, primarily from Cave Creek. Today, a short four years later, the competition is statewide with 420 artists from 22 Arizona towns and cities.

At an intermission during that first Festival, Shari Jo Sorchych, wife of Sonoran News editor and publisher, Don Sorchych, came to me and said, “Mayor, this is great, but we’re not all filmmakers. Could you expand this idea to include other arts disciplines?”

A committee was formed and the following year five other arts disciplines were added to film, including photography, visual arts, poetry and short story and original song. Thus, Cave Creek’s Film and Arts Festival was born. In 2008 choreography was added to make the current seven arts disciplines and the Festival committee became a 501 (3) (c).

Such undertakings, of course, do not just happen. They require commitment and hard work. The Festival solicits the help of over 100 volunteers and is funded by over 12 sponsors. For example, each of the seven arts disciplines has a chairperson and jurors. There are so many to acknowledge and thank.

But the driving force and reason for success is due to tireless energy and 100 percent-plus dedication of five citizens who serve as the Festival’s Board: Judy Bruce, Suzanne Johnson, Ralph Mozilo, Carole Perry and Patti Windes.

The commitment these five have given is not of the casual kind; each Festival has required 12-months of attention. Judy, Suzanne, Ralph, Carole and Patti have been putting forth this effort for the past three years. The results of their efforts is not only an incredible Film and Arts Festival – which continues to grow – but a signature event that shine the most positive of light on Cave Creek. We, the community, say thank you.

Mayor Vincent Francia | Cave Creek

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Anyone who cares about justice

There hasn’t been much written about what the legislature has done, but a lot about what they haven’t done.

I head an interview on the radio with one of the principles of an initiative that will go to the ballot which will end affirmative action and do away with preferential treatment based on gender or race.

Maybe in the coming months we’ll be able to read the specifics of this initiative because this is something that should have been done years ago.

Anyone who cares about justice must be for treatment in work place based on equal rights. We’ll all have the chance to vote this part of our ugly past on the next ballot. I don’t know why the legislature couldn’t do it, but I’m glad I’ll get to vote for it.

Martha Reynolds | Carefree

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Noise in Scottsdale

Councilman McCullagh: I was very interested in your opinion piece in today’s Scottsdale Republic. It is very encouraging to see a Councilman express his views relative to noise and how it affects the quality of life of Scottsdale Homeowners and Residents.

I certainly hope that your opinion will reflect heavily when the subject of raising the weight limits for Scottsdale Airport from 75,000 lbs to 100,000 lbs is brought up at the COS August 9 meeting. Contrary to “some” opinions, SIZE and WEIGHT = NOISE!

You mention that the burden must be shifted from the offended to the offender! I could not agree with you more! In the case of SDL (Scottsdale Airport) there is a constant movement to increase the size and weight of planes/jets that use this “Land-Locked” facility and it never ceases to stop. Every couple of years it comes back … dressed up as something a little different … but in actuality … the same! SDL wants more, bigger, and heavier jet planes to use their airport simply to compete with Deer Valley, Glendale, and Sky Harbor for the maintenance and jet fuel DOLLARS.

I don’t believe any of us in North Scottsdale are for closing this airport. We simply want them to recognize their limitations (Land-locked, surrounded by residential, taxpaying communities that were allowed by previous COS Governments for the tax base they created). They must learn to be a “good neighbor” and limit the type and size of aircraft for reasons of “SAFETY” as well as “QUALITY OF LIFE” for the residents that surround them!
Thank you for your support of this “NOISE” issue!

Bob Popow | Scottsdale Homeowner and Resident

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Demeaning behavior

The scene Tuesday evening at the Carefree Council meeting was contemptible. It began with a very well orchestrated convergence of Schwan anger and a prearranged parade of loyal resident followers.

They trooped to the podium to slam the recall effort, many coming dangerously close to libel. All proclaimed their love and support for David and more than a little distaste for Sonoran News. None, however felt any remorse, or cringe of conscience, for the manner in which they were lambasting the good name of others, others not present.

Many decried the vicious level of political elections in Carefree, yet few bothered to look at themselves or at their friends in the room who had organized the poison PACs, sent all the hate mail, and attempted the character assassination of Coady. I even observed respected citizens who I felt would never stoop as low as joining in on such a lynching. It is difficult for me to comprehend that a small group of tasteless, classless miscreants actually believe THEY OWN Carefree and that they are its sole protectors. Even Jo Gemmill, the self-appointed town organizer, took it upon herself to complain because she perceived someone had rained on her fireworks display. Is it any wonder that some feel the town is dying?

Any time I've seen the Chamber fill with the likes of Stevens, Nelson, the Arnolds, the Haywards, the Pipps, the Dingmans, and their like-minded friends I have come to realize I will witness a new low for Carefree. Although I have no role in this recall effort, I can certainly understand the frustration of some residents who have had to live with this manure for several decades.

John Traynor | Carefree

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I made a mistake

My curiosity pertaining to how much a gallon of jet fuel weighs led me to the fact that I made a mistake in paragraph seven of my “Questions for Mayor Lane” e-mail.

I said, “45,000 gallons” when I meant to say “45,000 pounds.”

I felt compelled to bring this to your attention since 45,000 gallons would weigh approximately 308,000 pounds. There was no intention on my part to exaggerate the point I was making.

I hope this admission will help remind everyone representing the city and the airport that I was looking forward to your feedback. So far, no one has provided an ounce of input or even told me to get lost.

As a Scottsdale resident, I expect as much respect as I give.

Nick Luongo | Scottsdale

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Water bills

I am very surprised more people have not complained about the new Cave Creek water bills.

Let me explain my situation. I am retired, living on a fixed income. I live alone with my small dog. I have a four-bedroom home, nice landscaped back yard with a pool. My water bill went from $132.75 in March to $436.29 in April. That's over 22 percent of my social security. My health care supplement is only $298 per month. As you can see, I pay more for water than health insurance, that's just NOT right.

I have called the water company complaining about how a person, living alone, can use 56,900 gallons in a 32 day period. They say, “Do you have a pool, automatic watering system etc.?” When I say yes, but my neighbors with larger families, pools and watering systems use much less water, they don't have an answer. If I had large pools of standing water in my yard I would expect a broken pipe, or over watering – but I don't. It's an absolute disgrace to be charged more for water than gas and electricity bills combined.

Al Gaspar | Cave Creek

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Shameful, pimps and apologists

Imagine my dismay to see my picture on the front page of your July 1 paper in conjunction with activist Jayne Carroll. My husband and I support opposite views from Ms. Carroll regarding Walmart. Persons like Ms. Carroll who call people offensive names to express their views I find personally appalling and in poor taste.

Mrs. Davidson

Editor’s note: Mrs. Davidson was pictured, although not identified, in the front page photo accompanying Linda Bentley’s July 1 article “Activist calls Walmart supporters shameful, pimps and apologists.” We apologize for the association since it was unintended and obviously not appreciated.

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