Your View | July 8 - 14, 2009

North Korea's Kim Jung-Il is planning to fire a barrage of missiles in our direction on July 4; sectarian violence has increased in Iraq; Representative Jeff Flake (RINO - 6th Dist) misses a vote against Obama's socialist bill in the House in order to attend his daughter's beauty pageant in Alabama; Iran's dictator wins the election with the help of Iran's version of A.C.O.R.N., getting more votes for him than the total number of registered voters; the Supreme Court is about to be infiltrated by a Latina socio-ethnic activist ... and what are the media reporting 24/7? The death of a freakish entertainer! No wonder the USA as we knew it is dying! He-hee-heeee!

I'm surprised at how many vehicles around here didn't come equipped with turn signals – even the expensive ones like Mercedes, BMW and Lexus. Or, is it because their drivers are too busy talking on their cell phones, texting or "tweeting" to bother with anything as mundane as letting the rest of us know they are turning or changing lanes?

I am hoping someone can share any information they have on the current state of Fresh N’ Easy at the corner of Carefree Highway and Black Mountain Parkway. Do we know if and when it will open? I have been patiently awaiting their grand opening and look forward to the time when I can shop there! Editor’s note: It is scheduled to open around the first of the year.

John Hoeppner’s guest editorial said what I wish I could articulate and Katie Hobart’s letter said what I feel in my gut.

I find it interesting that Walmart donated $40,000 to the Sonoran Arts League. Its president is Judy Bruce, wife of Councilman Jim Bruce. Not at conflict? How do you spell bribe? Editor’s note: All seven councilmen were openly for Walmart, although Adam Trenk lied. How do you spell good citizenship? Point of clarification: The donation was made to Cave Creek Film & Arts Festival.

According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, greater Phoenix home prices have fallen 54 percent from the June 2006 peak and 35.3 percent from April 2008 to April 2009. Carefree homeowners are clearly much poorer compared to three years ago. Yet Councilman Glenn "the enforcer" Miller insists on viewing the Carefree Water Co. as a stand-alone business. Instead of taking money from general town revenues to support the water operation, he supports yet more rate increases. Councilman Bob Gemmill wants to see his wife get plenty of cash for a 25th-anniversary party! It is business as usual for the good old boy crowd.

As the Carefree Mayor and Town Executive, Schwan has the responsibility to inform staff if their job is being eliminated. Instead of informing the recently laid off Jeanette Summers of her plight he has her come to a council meeting and puts it to a vote in front of her. What a spineless sap for a mayor. At least the others had some leadership skills.

As in any speak-easy some contributors display their ignorance. Stavoe (and Gemmil) are more than financially secure and enjoy their restaurants as hobby businesses. To think their only contribution on the council will be self-serving to their businesses is not knowing the facts. We are lucky to have councilmen that actually have something to do with the town of Carefree versus having just worked at some company in the 1970s.

I noticed a couple of people said the paper's anti-Trenk campaign caused them to vote for Trenk. First of all I believe that's total bull and second if true, you people do a disservice by not voting/electing the best qualified. As the paper continually said ... the kid was not experienced and he was/is not qualified to hold office. For cripes sake the kid's 25 years old and doesn't even have a job!

David Schwan's observable behaviors clearly demonstrate an autocratic style and an unwillingness to embrace the changes overwhelmingly embraced by the voters in the Town of Carefree; if you will direct us to a place that gathers signatures, our family will sign to bring this challenge forward and give the voters an option to decide the outcome. Good luck! Editor’s note: The website is:

I go to town council meetings and I am disgusted by David Schwan. Seven reasons why I will enthusiastically sign a petition to recall David Schwan:
1. Schwan anointing himself mayor – after finishing DEAD LAST in a field of 10 candidates! – is an insult to Carefree voters.
2. He campaigned against direct election of the mayor, a basic democratic right, which Carefreeans overwhelmingly wanted.
3. It’s evident to me, now, that Schwan fought against direct election of the mayor because he wanted the position for himself, without having to heed the will of the people. Despicable.
4. He donated to and supported those nasty PACs that defamed opponents and brought politics to a new low in Carefree.
5. His belittlement of citizens at council meetings is inexcusable.
6. He allows his friends unlimited time to speak at council meetings yet selectively limits others to just 3 minutes.
7. Voting to fire the town landscaper at a PUBLIC town council meeting is inappropriate, unprofessional and an embarrassment to both the lady fired and this town.

There sure was quite a show of force on Thursday afternoon with two MCSO squad cars facing toward Desert Mountain but they were on Cave Creek Road. Quite a welcome into Cave Creek, I thought.