Your View | July 1 - 7, 2009

CCUSD placed an ad June 17-23, on page A-3, stating CCUSD "Inspires Excellence & Spells Success" and is accepting new students. The ad also states they offer Equine Programs and excel in State Champion Athletic Teams! What they do not advertise is the fact they DO NOT OFFER accommodations to students with disabilities. My daughter is deaf. She attended CSHS and had to endure ignorant and uneducated faculty and staff. Parents should think many times before placing their students in the CCUSD. It is very sad this district is way below guidelines and accommodations for these students who have special needs.

This should boggle your mind. HOW BIG IS WALMART?
1. Americans spend $36,000,000 at Walmart every hour of every day.
2. This works out to $20,928 profit every minute!
3. Walmart will sell more from Jan. 1 to St. Patrick's Day than Target sells all year.
4. Walmart is bigger than Home Depot, Kroger, Target, Sears, Costco, and K-Mart combined.
5. Walmart employs 1.6 million people and is the largest private employer. And most can't speak English.
6. Walmart is the largest company in the history of the world.
7. Walmart sells more food than Kroger and Safeway combined, and did it in only 15 years.
8. During this same period, 31 supermarket chains sought bankruptcy (including Winn-Dixie).
9. Walmart now sells more food than any other store in the world.
10. Walmart has approx 3,900 stores in the USA of which 1,906 are Supercenters; this is 1,000 more than it had five years ago.
11. This year 7.2 billion different purchasing experiences will occur at a Walmart store. (Earth's population is approximately 6.5 billion.)
12. Ninety percent of all Americans live within 15 miles of a Walmart.
Let Walmart bail out Wall Street. Better yet … Let them run the damn government.

Although I enjoy reading your paper while having a cup of coffee at C4, the only thing missing is a movie critics section. Has that ever been a consideration? I would gladly write a short review per issue.
Ed. Note: Tell us what you want readers.

Wake up, Cave Creek! The last summary of the Walmart e-mail campaign shows 66 percent are from out of town (Carefree, Scottsdale, Phoenix, County) and 94 percent of those aim to reach deep into your pocket for your wallet. Don’t let non-residents who are not affected financially dictate to you and cost you dearly for years to come.

Cave Creek’s Planning Commission and Town Council sure got lots of advice from Carefree over the past two weeks, from the mayor right on down through some HOAs and residents. But it was fairly consistent advice: do nothing until Carefree says it’s OK to do it. What would Cave Creek do without these clowns?

Anna Marsolo, a county resident who always knows what’s best for Cave Creek, pitched a shrill public spectacle during a recent council meeting denying she has anything to do with a Walmart referendum. Guess who drew a referendum packet first thing the next morning? I guess her husband’s complaint about her allegedly being called a name that rhymes with witch has changed to him apologizing?

Ever wonder who holds the non-callable bonds on Carefree Water Co.? Or why they got such a sweet deal from the town?

Trenk is all duded up with his extra large cowboy belt buckle and he's got a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. He shall be called “The Garden State Cowboy” from here on in. Giddyup you little doggies.

So Carefree council let go the one good thing left in town, the Town Center Garden Maintenance worker Jeanette Summers. The council has chosen to let the road crew who butcher the desert to do the future maintenance.

Look for an early October blizzard this year. However, it won't be snow. It will be an advertising and public relations blizzard to try to convince Cave Creek voters that Walmart won't pollute the town, slash home property values, drive away small businesses, and eventually control the town politically as well.

Stupid is as stupid does. Adam Trenk’s clear violation of state laws by his e-mail to council members before the ink was dry on his election says volumes. He is too young, too inexperienced and seems to have an agenda. His vote against Walmart proves he lies. He told me personally he viewed Walmart as the town’s savior. I won’t make the same mistake twice. I was wrong when I voted for him but have always been a sucker for salesmen. I reluctantly admit you were right and I should have listened.

Cave Creek Residents: Anna Marsolo, a county resident and local busybody, and Grace Meeth, a landslide loser in the town council election, two of the biggest losers in the area, want you to sign their petition to refer Walmart to a November election. The anti-Walmart union (UFCW) is paying signature gatherers to knock on your door. Please take the time to fully understand the entire situation and the potential long term negative financial consequences of signing the petition.