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By Don Sorchych | July 1, 2009


Don Sorchych
Political chicanery

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Cap and Trade bill by 11 votes while Arizona’s Congressman Jeff Flake attended a daughter’s event. Actually his daughter’s real event was the following night, but Flake was quoted as saying his vote wouldn’t have meant a victory.

Seven so-called Republicans voted for it and I hope this is their last term.

Interestingly, two Democrat house members, Harry Mitchell and Ann Kirkpatrick, voted against the blunder. The leadership may have given the two a pass because the nose count said they were going to win anyway. Irrespective of that, their votes were in the right column and Flake is a coward.

Cap and Trade is one of two issues that could sink the country. The costs are monumental and it is a bureaucratic nightmare. Government intrudes at every level. What is more basic than energy to move capitalism forward?

I received this e-mail when the details of the Cap and Trade bill passed by the house were made public:

“I was referring to the Cap and Tax travesty. There is a clause therein that gives cash back to those who have incomes at or under 150% of the "poverty level" to make up for their added expenses for fuels, electricity, etc., etc. Last I knew, the poverty level was set at income somewhere around $35,000. 150% of that ($52,500) will qualify at least 95% of all retirees plus all the liars, cheats and bums out there in the bushes. You know who I mean, the dregs and amoral dross left over from the 50's, 60's and 70's. That leaves "X" percent of us, perhaps 20-25% to support everyone else. Keep in mind: just over 50 percent pay no federal income tax today. Talk about killing the goose that laid the Golden Egg!! Those seven Republicans who voted for the bill and the two that were AWOL must have received some heavy duty promises of wealth and fame from Obama to make them do something so outrageously unpatriotic. Come 2010, they should be road kill!”

It is sad Russell Pearce, now in the state Senate, looked at Flake’s election bankroll and his name recognition and stayed home rather than compete in the primary election.

As an aside, I am a strong supporter of Pearce, but he is wrongly fronting two issues and I hope you will call him. Pearce is trying to pass two bills, one to stop impact fees and another to create a moratorium on development.

When Walmart is built, the town estimates impact fees at about two million dollars. Without those fees the town will be critically strapped for cash.

Furthermore, impact fees are appropriate because growth is paid for by the people and companies that create the need for added infrastructure.

That is why this newspaper has pleaded that impact fees should fund growth in schools rather than property taxes.

The theory about moratorium is that the absence of new development will allow the existing high inventory of homes, condos, apartments and business buildings to be sold.

First of all, government should do nothing to defeat competition. Developers and entrepreneurs should never be inhibited by government. Secondly, moratoriums don’t solve high inventory problems. It is a symptom of the deep recession we are in.

How do you defeat the recession? By budget cutting and tax decreases. By government getting out of the way rather than hobbling business, which drives the economy.

What Pearce and colleagues need to do is cut government expenses to a level that preceded Jimmy, I mean Janet, Napolitano’s excessive spending.

Do not let the governor raise taxes; reserve that for the Democrat who will surely replace her if she does.

If the legislature sends it to the public for a vote they are not doing their job.

And don’t fall for schools being special; they are union driven and seek ever higher budgets for frills and administration.

Call Pearce at 602-926-5760.

With full Democrat majorities, it is likely Cap and Trade will pass. It is doubtful the country will know they have been had until it is too late to save the Republic.

But coming at us like a high speed train is nationalized health care. How could something as simple as looking at Britain’s and Canada’s rationed system not send a message?

Why do people come here to be treated? Because we are the best in the world, despite major government interference and major impact by tort attorneys.

Don’t do it; it is suicide!

And it will surely be the final coup of socialism.

Is there a way out? Only getting rid of the Obama administration will save this country.
Is Obama suitable for office?

Not if he isn’t a citizen and there are many reasons to assume he isn’t.

If he is suitable why does he have a staff of lawyers fighting to seal vital records? Remember, he was the champion for transparency in the election cycle.

What is he hiding? A long list.

Is he a citizen tops the list. There is testimony he was born in Kenya. The so-called certificate of live birth certificate from Hawaii is claimed to be bogus.

There is the question of his records from Occidental College. Requests are blocked.
There are allegations of fraud surrounding his selective service registration.

His friends and associates included a racist minister and domestic terrorists.
The national media is silent on these issues and are complicit in his election and his frightening rush to socialism. Will they awaken in time?

A few patriots continue the search although blocked by the media and courts.

His actions are to continue his strong union protection. Not only is he trying to stack his administration with law breakers, he is now trying to appoint to the third branch of government a racist, because she is Hispanic. All you have to know about Sonia Sotomayor is that she is a long time member of LaRaza, a disgustingly racist organization.

But Sotomayor’s rulings, which smell of racism, unionism and lack of balance, have been reversed 60 percent of the time.

It disturbs me that Obama has taken over much of our financial institutions and domestic automobile companies.

It is not constitutional, yet when in nationwide media have you seen objections and complaints about obvious socialistic actions?

The only way you can know what is going on is to listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and a dozen others like them.

As President Ronald Reagan often said, “Government is not the solution. Government is the problem.”