Carefree’s Mayoral mess

Larry Grow | Carefree

The residents of Carefree are in for a bumpy ride over the next two years. Once again, the majority of the Council has demonstrated their tone deafness by electing David Schwan as Mayor. You have to wonder why, when the electorate overwhelmingly passed the proposition to provide for the direct election of the mayor, that this new Council would go so far as to elect not only another of the "Old Guard" but one that struggled through a general and runoff election only to get elected virtually by accident.

While I wish Mr. Schwan nothing but success for his term as Mayor I must acknowledge that I am not the least bit optimistic. My interactions with Mr. Schwan have been less than satisfying. He has consistently failed to follow through on his commitments to myself while continuing to promise swift results. In my opinion, our new Mayor is nothing but an "empty suit."

My prediction is that the residents of Carefree are going to be treated to more of the same. I believe it is highly probable that there will be further abuses of the COINS system; that the saga of politically motivated actions by a less than objective and independent town clerk are likely to continue; and, it is reasonable to expect that there will be violations of the State Open Meetings Law both reported and unreported. As has been demonstrated on day one it is also clear that the gang of four, with the help of the town clerk, will do everything in their power to marginalize the remaining three, even though the Carefree's Charter clearly states there is to be a council of seven (and presumably equal) members.

In this climate of difficult issues, both economic and other, it is unfortunate, but predictable, that four individuals feel it is more important to engage in self gratification rather than put the best interest of the community that they were elected to serve first. Thankfully this is only a two year term and with another election cycle not far off, hopefully the voters of Carefree will then finish the task they have started.

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RINO Colin Powell

Arden Druce | Camp Verde

Colin Powell, the guest on Face the Nation on May 24, was asked what he thought of former vice-president Cheney saying he didn’t know that Powell was still a Republican. Powell responded that he was a Republican although he had voted for a number of Democrats: John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. Powell said he does believe in redistribution of the wealth, which is currently an important principle of the Democrat Party.
President Barack Obama also believes in redistribution of the wealth and he has said so numerous times. He deserves credit for his honest admission. However, when Obama took the oath of office he swore to protect and defend The Constitution. Redistribution of the wealth is unconstitutional.

Let’s consider the redistribution of the wealth, socialism, is government deciding where your money goes; capitalism is you deciding where your money goes. The government is currently taking your money, forcibly, without your permission, and giving some of it to ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). ACORN could receive $3 billion from Obama’s stimulus package and $5.5 billion from Obama’s 2010 federal budget.

ACORN is under investigation in more than a dozen states for voter registration fraud. Nevada charged ACORN with submitting thousands of fraudulent voter registrations in 2008. Las Vegas officials believe 48 percent of voter registrations turned in by ACORN were fraudulent. Pennsylvania said that ACORN submitted at least 1,500 fraudulent registrations.
It is interesting that Obama has chosen ACORN to supply the 2010 census counters.
The government is giving some of our money to pay for people’s abortions, whether we believe in abortion or not. (Why can’t people who want abortions pay for their own? Why are you and I being forced to pay for them? Andy why are we not only paying for America’s abortions, but we are paying for people’s abortions all over the world?)

The government is giving some of our money to support illegal immigrants – immigrants who broke the law to enter our country, who refuse to get in line and enter by legal means.
To reiterate: government forcibly takes our money to spend on its choices, such as funding left-wing organizations suspected of numerous cases of voter fraud; national and international abortions, and illegal immigrants. Under capitalism citizens can keep their money and spend it as they wish.

A typical strategy of socialists and communists is to get control of a government’s spending and make people finance their own destruction, which is what’s going on in our country right now. Do you want to finance your own destruction?

People who support redistribution of wealth usually think of it as being redistribution of their money. Margaret Thatcher said, “Socialism works only until it runs out of other people’s money.”

Back to Colin Powell. Powell said, in his own words, that he believes in the redistribution of wealth (legalized theft, which is unconstitutional). In his own words he said he believes in the opposite of Republican principles. So the only conclusion is that Powell is a RINO (Republican In Name Only). There’s a party that believes in redistribution of the wealth, socialism; it’s the Democrat Party. Why doesn’t he join it?

Just setting the record straight.

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Re: “Scottsdale proposal would allow 100,000 planes” by Bob Popov

Randy Rogers | Scottsdale

Bob is exactly on the mark. Following an incident about two weeks ago, where-in I was awakened at 0330 by a jet taking off, I filed the 'Noise Complaint' that is associate with the Scottsdale website. Curious, but after filling in all fields, a notification pops up and advises that this is not recorded and directs one to a general mailbox. I re-iterate my communication, and about 0700 the webmaster apologizes and say's they're working on this 'glitch'.

An official with Scottsdale Airpark calls, is cordial and informative and advises they weren't aware of this 'glitch' to which I responded, that cynically, "you will not have the correct empirical data relative to complaints as none of these have been logged and for how long?" The Airport representative advised that there was in fact an early morning take-off and it was a company that does charters who had to get their equipment in place for a trip for a client at 0600 from somewhere else. My rhetorical comment was that why wouldn't they respect the neighbors and move their equipment the night before and spend the night in a hotel that we all would have to do?

All was civil, and bingo, the next morning at 0430 early departure redux, re-files, still no logging and no callback! I did ask the gentleman, why there is a dialog about 100,000 pound aircraft, John Travolta etc., why not be specific, what is a 100,000 pound aircraft? A 737! I advised him that at the major events from Super Bowl to Phoenix Open, the airport is overfull anyway, with no room for more aircraft. Why have larger planes come in that require more space?

Why, when from Scottsdale and Princess it's 25 minutes to Sky Harbor, do we need to entertain this anyway? Why do we care about John Travolta, as he stays at the Phoenician (closer to Sky Harbor time-wise then Scottsdale General Aviation).

With no supervision between 1800 and 0600, why should the citizenry have the issue of safety and quiet skys further violated with no real response?

No, is the answer, this is what it is. If Scottsdale needs more space, then go east to the reservation and closer to downtown where all the big folks can benefit, with a flight path over PV!

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Jesus Christ and Obama: We need heroes

María Ferraz | Barcelona, Spain

According to a recent survey between 2,600 U.S. citizens, in which they were asked to situate the greatest historic hero, Jesus Christ came second after Barack Obama. Such messianic expectations have raised this man to a position where he hasn’t proved anything and where he might be a disappointment.

Today, the Jesus in “Da Vinci’s Code” is a wrong reference of the Son of God. But, was he only a man? His moral attitude, generosity, such devotion that made him suffer the greatest sacrifice in the crucifixion, the founding of his Church and the constant comfort he offers to his offenders; are the greatest proof that nobody but God would come to Earth to save a bunch of ungrateful people – us – in exchange for our poor love. And now that we see our savings threatened, we turn to Obama to answer our prayers and keep our hopes.

Is there a biggest heroism than that of Jesus towards all of this human meanness?

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My humble opinion

Lou Zuccaro | Scottsdale

Dear Editor: Here's an opinion from a total nobody ...

Idealistically, it is easy to firmly and assuredly decide critical issues in the abstract: abortion is wrong or it is right; talking is better than fighting or not; and, of course, “torture” is surely un-American. Yet, with the accumulation of years, military experience, life’s cornucopia of awesome ups, spiraling downs and the more common drumbeat of daily routine, many of us become more malleable on these types of issues.

In short, I respectfully submit that when critical issues materialize much more individually with perhaps severe and personal consequences, our earlier abstractions may not fit well. Faced with a handicapped teenaged daughter’s pregnancy from rape may well ameliorate one’s view dead set against abortion. Surely reality if not history suggests making happy talk to the likes of Hitler or Ahmadinejad would be a bit dicey especially without a really big stick already in mid-swing.

Likewise, in the abstract, decent persons – a younger me, President Obama, even right-leaning Fox’s Shepard Smith – found it so very easy to pontificate without exception: no way, “torture” is unacceptable, un-American, … end of story!

Yet, I suspect that in the hopefully-never-to-ever-happen event that any of these persons’ wife or daughter were abducted by terrorists with be-heading in mind and we have in custody one who knows their whereabouts, the surely uplifting ACLU view of how to urge terrorist cooperation might not be so, well, functional for even these idealists.

Most confusing of all, however, is the reality that many of these kind of idealists who loathe even the idea of very limited and in only life-saving incidents use of “torture,” support the almost totally unlimited killing of absolutely innocent human pre-borns, read: “fetuses” as a matter of inherent legal and moral right. That is, he who supports virtually unconditional aborting millions of innocents is hailed as a most moral leader. But, any who seek to prevent death of innocent Americans by a bit more unkindly urging of a terrorist to chit-chat is a no-good-nik to perhaps be prosecuted.

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Response to Jason Walsh’s letter

Gene Drynan | By mail

I am a concerned citizen of Cave Creek. I do not really care for the big Walmart super stores for I have seen how they push little mom and pop stores out of business. Progress will always win because of the taxes that will be brought in to the state and city coffers. Not even you, Mr. Walsh, can stop it. May I call you Jason? Jason, I guess I am part of the trash that you have so eloquently described in your letter. Jason, you are a simple minded man.
Who in the h---- do you think you are? I guess the police who protect your sacred piece of property or the firemen who you will call when push comes to shove are trash also. I am sure these folks make so much money that they don’t have to lower themselves by shopping at Walmart. I am ashamed of you and all of your so called friends who think as you do. You, I pity. Where ever you came from please go back and take all your snotty friends with you. Don’t call the trash for help when you find yourself in need. I feel sorry for the people who have to work for the mighty Mr. Walsh. I hope your dream of a never-never land comes true. No crime. No trash that you have to associate with.

Jason, I bet to say you have never worn the uniform of our Nation. I have. As a United States Marine. You, Jason Walsh, have not earned the right to call me trash.

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Letter to my community

Rebecca Lester | Cave Creek resident, 22 years

I wanted to share my hope with my Cave Creek neighbors, council members, the town manager, and our local newspaper, that we can work together to resolve the issue of Walmart. I also want to let Mayor Francia know that there are many Creekers who do not support the Walmart at that location. I read your interview in the paper and we have been remis not to let you know that.

Mr. Sorchych, per your editorial that those of us who oppose the Walmart are from the Dark Side (whatever that means), incapable of reasoning, “aginners,” and whiners, I disagree with your description of the “Walmart” dissidents. I am not from the Dark Side and I am capable of rational, logical thought. That does not mean, however, that you and I will conclude the same outcome for our community based upon the problems facing us today. I would support Walmart placed on the 240 acres of commercial property. Unlike you, I do not think that Walmart’s expertise on location should override many other considerations. I would also consider a temporary tax hike that could provide relief to our town until some of the financial strain ebbs.

I have never believed that Cave Creek community members could not resolve an issue that threatens our way of life and uniqueness as a community. If we work together, I know we can meet this challenge without sacrificing this very precious community.

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Cars coming from China

Vincent Chien | Cave Creek

It’s amazing the amount of bigotry that exists in our nation. It’s people like Donald Moskowitz that shatter the tolerant and educated image that this country is supposed to represent. In his previous letter to Sonoran News, Donald Moskowitz, from Londonderry, New Hampshire, complained that while General Motors planned to shut down several plants in the U.S. and lay off thousands of workers, they also planned to increase imports from foreign countries like Mexico, South Korea, Japan, and China, with a strong emphasis on – and I quote – “Communist China,” a statement that anyone could tell was slathered with contempt.

First off, if Mr. Moskowitz had ever been to China, he would have known that China’s major cities like Beijing and Shanghai contain the some of the world’s leading industries. In fact, China has the second largest economy in the world, right behind the U.S. While it is correct to say that China has had a history of communism in the past, it is also correct to say that China is distancing itself away from its past political establishment. How could anyone say otherwise when one looks at such a country thronged in such capitalism?

Second, Mr. Moskowitz has to take a look around him. Has he not seen that imported cars have become more popular than ever? In fact, Japan is the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer. Good luck trying to find a street in the U.S. without your Toyotas, Lexuses (or Lexi), Nissans, Hondas, Kias, Mitsubishis, Hyundais … you get my point. Why are they so popular? Because they are good cars. So why would it be any different with GMs? The answer is there won’t be a difference.

Lastly, even though I doubt he’d be reading this, Mr. Moskowitz, stay in your own town. Carefree, Cave Creek, Scottsdale, and Phoenix don’t need your kind of input. I also saw that he submitted this same article to news publishers in Alaska, Maine, Minnesota, Georgia, California, and Florida. Just looks like someone trying to spread hate throughout. I guess New Hampshire’s not good enough for him.

Editors note: Are you asserting China is not communist? Then I suggest you go there and check it out. Further, Mr. Moskowitz has the same First Amendment rights as you do, no matter where he lives.

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Bishop sentenced in bell feud

J-P. A. Maldonado | Phoenix

Bishop Richard Painter, of the Cathedral of Christ the King Church, in Phoenix, was sentenced to a suspended jail term of 10 days for violating a city noise ordinance by ringing his church's bells.

Not a person has gone to his aid. However, had this been a mosque, with a muezzin's call to prayer five times a day, there would have been a veritable army of lawyers from the Atheists, Communists, Liberals and Unamericans organization (ACLU) rushing to the mosque's aid.

Sauce for the goose, anyone?

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