Mullet Over
Should you ever visit Pontypridd, Wales

by James K. White | June 10, 2009

Mullet OverAccording to snake studying folks (herpetologists) there are approximately 2,400 different species of snakes in the world. About 400 of these species are poisonous.

In England there exists the Beckton Sewage Treatment Works wherein the waste from 3.5 million Londoners is processed. What is most noteworthy about the BSTW is that the waste is used to produce enough electricity to power some 7,000 homes. That seems to be quite clever and eco-friendly. Yea Brits!

The world’s largest oil company is perhaps one you have never heard of – Petro China. On another branch of the fuel front, it is estimated that about 450 pounds of corn are required to produce 25 gallons of ethanol. 450 pounds of corn contains enough calories to feed an average person for an entire year.

Should you ever visit Pontypridd, Wales, you are visiting the birthplace of the famous singer Tom Jones.

Sir Thomas Gainsborough was a very famous artist in the eighteenth century. His most renowned work, Blue Boy, was painted to show his fellow artists that a painting featuring blue need not be dull or morose. The original Blue Boy now hangs in the Huntington Library and Art Gallery in San Marino, California.

Have you ever heard of Rocco Francis Marchegiano? He was the only heavyweight boxing champion to retire undefeated. He was also known as Rocky Marciano.

The male mite with the name Acarophenax tribolii has to have one of the shortest lifespans of anything that has ever lived. It hatches while still inside its mother and mates with the female siblings. The not-so-mighty male mite then dies before it is born.

This is simply a presentation of fact without any comment: One-tenth of one percent of the people in America own approximately 40% of all the wealth in this nation.

Camel milk is the preferred beverage of millions of people on this planet. Scientists are now beginning to give some interesting information about the dromedary secretion. Camel milk has more potassium than does cow milk and it has about three times as much vitamin C. Grocery stores in many parts of Europe have begun to stock camel milk and reports are that the demand generally exceeds the supply.

The distinguished author Nathaniel Hawthorne was born Nathaniel Hathorne. The contemporary story circulated was that the writer added the “w” since he was ashamed of his family name because his Grandpa Hathorne was a judge at the notorious Salem witch trials.

Well, be grateful that you are not a male Acarophenax tribolii and have a great week.

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Only in America – 2009

Only in America … must we spend billions because we can't let Chrysler go bankrupt … and then, let Chrysler go bankrupt.
Only in America … can Congress force Fannie and Freddie to buy subprime loans … and then blame Fannie and Freddie for buying subprime loans.
Only in America … a major crisis requires swift action to pass a bill without reading it … then vacation for three days before the president has time to sign it.
Only in America … you can be legally illegal.
Only in America … Congress makes laws they don't have to follow.
Only in America … your vice president declares 'jobs' a three letter word.
Only in America … does the military get investigated by homeland security as possible terrorists, while our borders are wide open.
Only in America … can you get a tax refund on taxes you didn't pay.
Only in America … can you blame others when you don't perform.
Only in America … you have more rights being illegal, than you do being legal.
Only in America … can you be 13 and have an abortion without telling your parents … but must have a written note from your parent why you missed school.
Only in America … are you punished for good performance … and revered for nonperformance.
Only in America … can you call large corporations evil … while 99.9 percent of the Americans work in companies with less than 500 employees.
Only in America … can Chrysler get $10 billion in aid for their company of 30,000 employees … I guess it is difficult to run a company for $333,333 per employee.
Only in America … we care about three guys that get water up the nose … while our enemies are beheading us and blowing crowds of people up with suicide bombings.
Only in America … you can say other interrogation techniques work … but you have no idea what those techniques are.
Only in America … you can be president without a birth certificate.
Only in America … do politicians consider 'we the people' astro-turf.
Only in America … whatever goes wrong will always be Bush's fault.
Lastly, however, in America, you can only be president … when the TELEPROMPTER IS ON!