Your View | June 3 - 9, 2009

According to Fox News Channel today, only 38 percent of the people now support Mr. Obama – and 50 percent are all against him. Maybe the year 2010 will see the Congress leave the Democrats and turn Republican.

I found the Foothills Academy debate article fascinating. The poster on the wall quotes: “Neither slavery nor involuntary service … shall exist in the United States.” I gather Mr. Obama has not read the Constitution. It is apparent he is also generally unfamiliar with its content. Perhaps the students at Foothills Academy could assist Mr. Obama by providing him with the Constitutional basics he’s going to need if he plans to keep America free.

It seems the Foothills School (Academy) is made up of mush heads based on their Obama nonsense. It would be interesting to see if Foothills teaches history and constitutional ethics in their curriculum. If they defer to college, you can be sure they won’t learn it there either. And I thought it was only CCUSD that taught liberalism.

Now it comes out ... Adam Trenk’s goons trying to intimidate the local paper’s staff. None of us were there and some of you may not like what Don writes, but one thing is certain ... Don is not a liar. To think that Trenk can waltz into Cave Creek, attempt to buy an election and than start intimidating people who disagree with him is ... just nuts! This kid is trouble!

Fulcher wasn't aware of a recycling bank account? That is literally ... old news. What else wasn't our Mayor Fulcher aware of during his two years of running the town? No wonder Fulcher now joins the Carefree One Term, Incompetent Mayors Club along with Hugh Stevens.

This goes out to the wonderful driver, license number AAY1713, that had a cell phone sticking out of his ear by a couple of inches while he drove through Cave Creek at 10 miles per hour. That was really considerate and I hope you have a wonderful day.

I cannot believe Adam Trenk is still in the running. He spent a fortune, never said anything noteworthy, is a child and YOU people kept him in the running? This is not the same town I have spent over 30 years living in. He called me several times, filled my mailbox with propaganda, his signs confronted me wherever I went and his stuff was tacked up everywhere. And it worked. What a bunch of sad sacks Cave Creek voters are!

Too bad John Traynor didn’t win. Only 12 more votes and we wouldn’t have to confront that ditz sitting at the podium planning her next Kiwanis meeting. Revolution will start if they even think of her as mayor although the other three are only marginally better. If I can sell my house I’ll move to Cave Creek.

Wayne Fulcher is a jerk, and his predecessors shared his sick distinction. I hope the three good guys see if there are grounds to sue him or have him prosecuted. I had hoped this was clean up time and we were close, but no cigar. Don’t give up the fight ... we are close to getting out of the rat hole.

Call me a redneck if you like but I am a Walmart aficionado and I drive miles to shop there. I like their products, their prices, their service and their attitude. If other stores practiced those qualities, I would shop there but they don’t. Go for it Cave Creek – I’ll be there at least three times a week!

Thanks for pages A4 and A5 (editorial pages). Sonoran News spares my blood pressure, which rises 40 points when I read any daily including that communist rag in Phoenix. I love what you say and how you say it on all pages but the editorial pages give me local and national talking points. Keep it up. I love it!

I don’t know John Ford who wrote that stupid e-mail in the last issue and I’m glad I don’t. Anyone who would vote for (Adam) Trenk, and try to justify it is missing some marbles. Maybe he should move to Carefree. They like his kind over there. And don’t tell us about your employer, Rural/Metro; we know you belong there too.

I read about Tonto National Forest asking for comments about the rebuilding of houses at Camp Creek. Can you imagine building a home under bureaucratic supervision in 2009? Building the houses years ago was probably a piece of cake and I suppose the home builders added on with time. I have heard how chicken the current management is and I would fold rather than tolerate the harassment.

It was sad to read of Mayor Fulcher's letters to the state and county complaining about Councilman Coady. I'm sure his actions will result in more law suits that Carefree will have to pay. Mayor Fulcher's vindictiveness is both petty and uncalled for. Maybe if he had paid as much attention to running Carefree, as getting even over a perceived grievance he would not have done so poorly in the election.