Vol. 15 Issue No. 22 | June 3 – 9, 2009

breaking newsCave Creek Council seat to be decided by luck

By Linda Bentley | June 5, 2009

Adam Trenk & Tim McGuireCAVE CREEK – Council candidate Adam Trenk (l) and former Councilman Thomas McGuire are pictured anxiously awaiting recount results at the Maricopa County Elections facility downtown on Thursday afternoon.

When it was all said and done, Town Clerk Carrie Dyrek forwarded an e-mail from Maricopa County Elections Director of Communications Yvonne Reed, with pictures from Thursday’s recount, stating, “Don't forget to send me some pix of the ‘draw’ - I would love to add them to this file,” making it clear the recount also resulted in a tie.

The results were subsequently filed with Maricopa County Superior Court where Judge John Buttrick ordered the election to be decided by a draw of cards using a new, unopened deck to be shuffled up to five times with the candidate drawing the highest card to be declared the winner. If a joker is drawn the person must draw again. If a tie is drawn, both must draw again until a winner is declared.

Ernie BunchBunch unanimously elected vice mayor

By Linda Bentley | June 3, 2009

Recount for final council seat Thursday at 1 p.m.
CAVE CREEK – After being sworn in, council, minus the one member yet to be decided in a recount or “draw by lot,” unanimously elected Councilman Ernie Bunch vice mayor.

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David Schwan elected new mayor of Carefree

By Curtis Riggs | June 3, 2009

Glenn Miller in as vice mayor
CAREFREE – The more things changed, the more they stayed the same for the new Carefree Town Council, which was seated on Tuesday.
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Honey, we're home!

June 3, 2009

This swarm of bees is resting in a nearby tree. The owner hopes they don't take up permanent residence.
Courtesy Photo/Jane Drazek

MooreZipprichStagecoach Village condos slated for trustee sale

By Linda Bentley | June 3, 2009

California Department of Corporations issues ‘Desist and Refrain Order’
CAVE CREEK – On Wednesday, June 10, 12 of the Stagecoach Village commercial condominium units are scheduled to be auctioned off to the highest bidder in a trustee sale to satisfy the balance of a $4.5 million loan issued by First Savings Bank in Las Vegas.

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Carefree losing Alchemix Corporation as renter

By Curtis Riggs | June 3, 2009

Alchemix building
Chamber threatens closure if budget cut

CAREFREE – Town budget hearings revealed a few surprises for new town council members who were sworn into office earlier this week.
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