Your View | May 27 - June 2, 2009

I guess what bothered a lot of people about (Adam) Trenk was his not wanting to work on committees, learn more about the area and pay his dues. He thought buying a cowboy hat, moseying around town and a whole lot of signs would do it. Most of us have worked hard to buy our house, but Adam’s gramps just gave him a cool $500,000 to buy his. The kid doesn't work, lives off of his family and at 25 has attempted to bring his 'Jersey Boy' values of buying an election to Cave Creek. Throw in his clan being knee deep in civil law suits plus I.R.S. problems and this kid just doesn't pass the smell test.

Walmart will have heated debates, no doubt. I’ve noticed, so far, only people who are not Creekers are moaning. Last I looked, Carefree and Phoenix didn’t ask if their new businesses were acceptable to us. We have a tax need and Walmart fills the bill. I also, horror of horrors, drive a long ways to shop there. Bring them on!

I am sitting on the edge of my chair praying (John) Traynor wins in the election. I know both he and (Jim) Peirce can’t win with 555 votes, but I do know Traynor and don’t know Peirce. It would be incredible if Traynor wins. By the way, it is a delight to see (Susan) Vanik at the bottom where she belongs. She can fool Kiwanians, but not the rest of us.

I’m glad Adam Trenk didn’t win but I am amazed he got 660 votes and tied. Makes me worry about how gullible our voters are. I could write a book about how unqualified he is, kind of like our president. Hope he moves somewhere where gullibility is more common, south maybe? Cross your fingers about a recount.

Good riddance to Wayne Fulcher, dark droid of Carefree. He didn't have the common sense to leave after one acrimonious term as mayor with a modicum of class. His parting gesture – take another cheap shot at Bob Coady. This time, the deceitful Fulcher complained to the Attorney General that Coady kept a 'secret' recycle account, without the town or mayor knowing about it. Even Stevens would have trouble getting that out of his mouth without two rolls of Charmin in hand.

Since the COINS announcements can't go out without the mayor's approval, can Fulcher be identified in a complaint to the AG's office? Never mind, he already has them working feverishly making Carefree look like the Simpson's retirement plan.

In response to Thomas Klingaman’s letter in the May 20 issue: Any functioning town council would have accomplished the things you listed. My questions: Did they request three bids for each project? Did they get the best deal for what it cost the residents of Carefree? Did they shop for loans when they were necessary to ensure the lowest rate of interest? It’s not difficult to get things done. It is challenging to get those things done within an ethical and reasonable set of expectations held by the residents – doing things by the book rather than flying under the radar, keeping residents in the dark.

If Peirce and Traynor didn't make it as write-in candidates perhaps they should be the first to declare their intention to run for mayor in 2011. Have Rural/Metro standby to assist Ron Nelson and Hugh Stevens.

With the election over, the creepy crowd that runs Carefree need no longer worry about losing control because of a political backlash. They picked their champion nasty, the recent ex-mayor with nothing to lose, to launch another attack on Coady. Fulcher is unworthy to carry Coady's old recycle shoes.

The cartoons by Bil Canfield are always entertaining. It’s incredible to see someone with such a gift for not only nailing the issues but also illustrating them perfectly – week upon week. The Memorial Day tribute cartoon was simple but carried a message none of us should forget – to thank our service men and women. Thank you Sonoran News and Mr. Canfield.

Just when we thought the elections are over, they are not. The tie between Thomas McGuire and Adam Trenk is bizarre. I heard we may have another run off election. I also heard there may be some chance type solution, like a coin flip. After having spent thousands of dollars on a campaign to win the election, it seems ludicrous Adam Trenk could win or lose on the toss of a coin.

The CSHS decision to ban the ‘celebrating’ seniors from graduation ceremonies is harsh. Do the powers that be have no memory of their youth? High school graduation is a momentous occasion, arguably the most important day of their lives. Although there should be consequences for their behavior, being banned from graduation is over the top.

It is rewarding to see an open space fundraising event planned and hosted by Cave Creek Coffee Company. I hope other businesses or groups of businesses can come up with creative ways to help raise open space funds while improving their bottom line. This kind of effort to benefit our community motivates us as members of the community to support those local businesses.

I’m sorry to see Mark Winkleman leave the State Land Department. He was instrumental in our annexations and open space preservation efforts. One would surmise he did not go willingly. I had hoped Governor Brewer would rise above partisan politics. Is Annable at work here?