Walmart – The good, the bad and the neighbors

By Linda Bentley | May 13, 2009

Will new slogan, ‘Save Money Live Better’ sell Walmart to Cave Creek?

Walmart meetingCAVE CREEK – What’s good about Walmart? Apparently, a good number of people like to shop there; it carries everything from alphabet soup to guns and ammo, at least in some locations; goods are generally inexpensive and their 24-hour Supercenters also sell groceries.

And, Tom Witt, who now lives across the road from the proposed 125,000 square-foot store on Oleson Road, was able to buy his house at a good price.

What’s bad about Walmart? Well, that depends on who one asks and where they live.

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Elias Bermudez – doctor, lawyer, notary and busboy?

By Linda Bentley | May 20, 2009

Elias BermudezIn January 1996, Bermudez was convicted of conspiracy to launder monetary instruments and sentenced to 18 months in prison
PHOENIX – In March 2008, the State Bar of Arizona filed a complaint against illegal migration advocate Elias Bermudez and his organizations Centro de Ayuda (Help Center) and Inmigrantes Sin Fronteras (Immigrants Without Borders) claiming he was engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

In April 2008, the state bar filed an amended complaint detailing the facts which formed the basis of that claim.

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