Ralph G. Smith | Cave Creek

The article “To bit or not to bit” by Leslie Nichols was interesting to me, and would have been interesting to any old time Cave Creekers who knew and rode with Hube Yates, who had a string of about 25 horses, with which he led the “dudes” around the Cave Creek trails. Hube made his own hackamores, and passed them out to anyone who wanted to ride with him.

Leslie says the word “hackamore” originated with the Moors, and that may well be so, but it made a long trip before it got to the Arizona cowboys, via Mexico. A lot of the cowpokes’ language (and I don’t know where “cowpoke” came from) originated in the Spanish spoken by the “vaqueros,” who became “buckaroos” when mispronounced by guys chasing the strays. And, to get to the point, “hackamore” may have been “hakma” to the African Moors, but it was a “jáquima” to the Mexican vaquero. Similarly, other words from the Spanish were transformed: “Calabozo” became the “calaboose,” where cowboys who spent too much time in the bars were housed. “Juzgado” became “hoosegow,” where the judge who sent them there resided. And the “rodeo” was actually a cattle round-up, not just entertainment consisting of bronc and bull riders. There are lots of other examples.

Maybe some language researcher will someday figure it all out. “¡Ojalá!,”

(“Oh Allah”) as the Spanish speakers would say!!

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Speed bump

George Knowlton | Scottsdale

Mary: I overheard some very disturbing comments from some city employees today stating that a speed bumps/speed tables were going to be installed in the area of Mohave School.

I pray this is just idle talk because if not there will be one hell of a very public fight over any such installations, especially when we have sidewalks, curbs, and gutters going to hell in a hand basket all over the city and only a crew of two to take care of those same dilapidated, disintegrating sidewalks, curbs, and gutters citywide.

Please advise how anything like that will happen without full public input from all areas within the residential areas using those streets. I expect you to guarantee us all that there will NOT be any such traffic calming devices of any kind other than simple striping anywhere in our neighborhoods.

We've had enough secret and underhanded operations going on within this city since Dolan and Manross ran the city – they're both gone now, you don't have to answer to them. Let's get everything ABOVE or on top of the table for a change!!

Enough is enough already!!! Respectfully:

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Land is for everyone

Matthew Jenks | Phoenix

Thank you Salazar. I am glad more and more people are opening their eyes and doing amazing things to stop greedy, self-righteous profiteers without regard to others and the environment!

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Stimulus bill

Lawrence Rupp | Carefree

Today (May 15, 2009) I read two letters promoting the passage of the Dem's stimulus bill.


That $787 billion bill passed the evening of Feb 13, 2009 without anyone reading its contents (Obama insisted it be done immediately lest we all go belly up!) containing over 9000 pork projects Obama promised us "no more pork") and then Barak (sic) took Air Force One to Chicago to celebrate Valentines Day with Michelle.

His dire need for immediate passage then waited until he returned and signed the bill on Tuesday, Feb. 18? Talk about arrogance!

What I'd like to know is what the authors of those two patently silly, misguided letters are smoking? I really want to try some. Must be good stuff, but sounds like they're writing from Margaritaville, not Phoenix or Cave Creek. I'll bet they got their stuff from Buffett! No wonder it took them this long.

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Adam Trenk articles

Bill Warner | Cave Creek

Don: I respect most of your views on national and local events but I have to vehemently protest to your coverage on the CC council elections.

You make fun of the Republic’s slanted reporting of the news and you ridicule the "good old boys hand picking the Carefree Mayor" and then you go and try and influence the election of the CC council by slamming Adam Trenk constantly in your reporting.

The dirt throwing at Kim Brennan re: her past was totally unwarranted, and the trashing of Grace Meeth was unnecessary. Most people have the ability to comprehend the rights and wrongs going on in this town and we realize that you are trying to be the master of Tamany Hall.

Our council and mayor have done some stupid things and need to be held accountable. Your newspaper is the main outlet locals have to hear local news. If you slant it you are doing a major disservice to your readers and advertisers.

Please think about the harm you may be doing. Do not become another Boss Tweed.

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Appeasement jeopardizes national security

Donald A. Moskowitz | Londonderry, New Hampshire

President Obama is making mistakes impacting our foreign policy.

The Administration tried appeasement when it declared Chavez’s president-for-life referendum was “for the most part … a process that was fully consistent with a democratic process.”

The Administration looked the other way when Russia pressured Kyrgyestan to shut down a valuable U.S. air base.

In Turkey Obama said “The United States is not, and never will be, at war with Islam,” which is true, but he should have stated the U.S. will pursue Islamic terrorists.

The President warned North Korea it would suffer “consequences” if it went ahead with the launch of a long range missile, but North Korea snubbed the U.S. and launched the missile on a 2000 mile run. Also, North Korea recently restarted its nuclear weapons development program.

President Obama attempted to charm Iran, but Iran’s parliament speaker rebuked our President and told him the U.S. has to acknowledge 60 years of crimes against Iran, change our policies, and abandon Israel.

Obama is making reconciliation overtures to Cuba, but Cuba is negotiating to allow Russian warships and aircraft to refuel at Cuban bases; and Russia might be allowed to reopen an electronic intelligence gathering operation in Lourdes.

Appeasing and apologizing (for nothing) to these totalitarian countries is interpreted as groveling weakness by the Administration, and it is jeopardizing our national security.

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Scottsdale Airport, May 2009 – At it again!!

Bob Popow | Ironwood Village Homeowner | Scottsdale

It is apparent to me that the "powers to be" have already influenced the Scottsdale Republic newspaper and they are going all out to make it appear that there is NO opposition to this lifting of the weight restrictions as SDL (Scottsdale Airport).

Of course "Business Owners" in the Scottsdale Airpark are going to be "for it" as it could possibly increase their revenues (gas-oil-repairs on planes, etc.). However, property owners all around the Airport should have their say also … but the Republic has never published any of my "Letters to the Editor" on this issue and I had written both this one (below) and one in early ‘09 copying the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, etc. … but absolutely NO RESPONSE from any of them!

Obviously I am "just a homeowner" so I know that I come "last on the list" – after developers, politicians, special interests, etc., etc., etc!

But organizations like yourselves should know the importance of this issue of raising the weight limit restrictions at Scottsdale Airport (SDL) to allow bigger planes to use this "LAND-LOCKED" airport is absolutely ridiculous! This decision will have great impact on all North Scottsdale residents as well as residents of North-North-East Phoenix! If you read my articles, you will see that we are NOT trying to close down Scottsdale Airport … we are simply trying to get them to be good neighbors to the vast amount of residential development that the City has allowed to happen over the last 15 - 20 years all around Scottsdale Airport. Obviously … the city did this to raise revenue (as money always seems to be the reason most things are done). Now that the Airport is totally Land-Locked, it should learn how to live within those boundaries and be good neighbors to all residential development around them. Lifting weight restrictions to allow bigger planes to utilize the airport is not the answer. Neither is starting commercial passenger service. Perhaps it is time for a new Management Group at the Airport as it is apparent that the present one cannot understand reason or logic and is only intent on finding ways to "make more money" ... property owners and residents be damned!

Please let me know how we can join forces to voice our opposition to this issue and somehow "make the opposition known" as the AZ Republic does not have any interest in hearing and publishing this side of the issue.

Thanks for any and all help and consideration you can provide. Regards.

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David Neill | North Phoenix

Two comments regarding the May 13 issue. Don Francis is right on with his guest opinion regarding Al Gore's movie “An Inconvenient Truth.” Gore sure does do a good job of feeding the sheeple of this country. I am politically indepen-dent, and irrational or radical views (in either direction) are exactly why.

And the other comment, love the picture of the bobcat by the pool on the front page. Refreshing to see people appreciating their natural surroundings rather than freaking out and calling someone to have the animal removed or destroyed. If you are unable or unwilling to live with your natural neighbors, you have no business buying a home in the desert!

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Carefree’s accomplishments

Thomas A. Klingaman | Carefree

For some years your newspaper has focused negative attacks on the Carefree Town Council, particularly its leadership, expressed in editorials, letters to the editor and the columns of unsigned comments designated “Our View” (sic) which I presume you write.

A review of the accomplishments of that body and its leadership brings your vitriol into question. And just what is your beef? I think of several accomplishments.

1. Transformed downtown from a dusty parking lot to a lovely park
2. Included in that park an amphitheater that hosts frequent free entertainment, a farmer’s market and civic events
3. Provided restrooms in that park
4. Built an attractive fire station, provided a fire truck and saved each taxpayer several hundred dollars in Rural/Metro fees for fire protection
5. Brought the water company under town control and built a large water storage tank
6. Refused to rezone the corner of Tom Darlington and Carefree Highway for a questionable “resort” development – even under threats to themselves and their spouses from the “developer”
7. Added Loews (sic) and CVS to the tax base
8. Introduced recycling to Carefree
9. With the Carefree Inn inaugurated a wonderful Christmas picnic showcasing singing groups from local schools
10. Most recently, organized an energetic and happy Christmas parade around the downtown
11. Arranged for an interesting condo/shop development which when the economy improves will revitalize the downtown
12. Have kept the town solvent with a surplus in the area of $5 million

Not a bad record. Routine forward thinking and planning for the future. Constant provision of facilities and events to energize the citizens and bring them together in pleasant surroundings. Sound financial management.

May the next generation of leadership do as well.

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Frustration in Obamistan

J-P. A. Maldonado | Phoenix

The annual meeting of the National Rifle Association, held in the Phoenix Civic Center, is officially over. Over fifty thousand NRA members took part in the three-day meeting, and perhaps as many local residents visited the premises. Right-to-Carry (CCW) permit-holders exercised their constitutional right to discreetly have the means to protect themselves while enroute to and from the venue. To the chagrin of the Arizona (People's Democratic) Republic, nobody was shot; the streets were not awash in blood; no quarrels arose. The Republic's E.J. Montini, Matthew and Steve Benson, Randy Lovely, and, from a distance, Chairman Maobama, Rahm Emanuel, Janet NapoliReno and the usual Chicago mobsters in the Maobama regime donned mourning colors.

Imagine: all those rowdy gunnies in a Western city, and not a shot fired! This is a reminder that an armed society is, indeed, a polite society.

"From my cold, dead hands!" – Charlton Heston.

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Two elephants on the podium

Jack C. McVickers | Scottsdale

There were two big elephants on the podium with President Obama at the University of Notre Dame yesterday as he was honored with an honorary degree in law.

The first elephant was the fact that Obama, having taken an oath to protect the Constitution, has chosen to ignore it and assume for the federal government powers that are not enumerated in the Constitution. For example, proposing a law that singles out certain individuals for punishment and making such unconstitutional laws retroactive, also unconstitutional, come quickly to mind.

The second elephant was his support, as an Illinois senator, for denying medical care and food to a baby that had survived the barbaric procedure known as partial birth abortion – nothing short of murder in the minds of all reasonable Americans.

That Obama can support this and not be taken to task says a lot about the motivations of the leaders of Notre Dame University and the American media.

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