Your View | May 13-19, 2009

?Good luck in retirement Jon Pearson. Surviving 22 years in Carefree with the likes a Stevens, Morgan, and Fulcher in recent times must have been a chore. In terms of character, he stood well above that group.

I just received David Schwan's political mailer. Obviously he is concerned about being defeated by a write-in candidate. One of the points he lists under the goofy section, "Government that is the right size and makes the right decisions" is "Carefree must have balanced budget for 2009-10." Someone should tell him that is a state law requirement.

Less than two weeks after Carefree's so-called "budget workshop," which all budget detail was kept secret, the town's proposed 2009-10 budget has just become public. I suspect it greatly pains the incumbents to have to reveal how they want to spend the town's money.

After reading Vanik's piece in the Scottsdale Republic, I have to wonder who wrote it for her. Being so new to Carefree she has no idea what our history is. In fact, she pleaded ignorance at the forum when asked about our water company. Maybe she should move into the present and get away from the past.

The "Fifty dollars" joke under God Bless America is shockingly ironic. Perhaps the little girl should have asked, "Why haven't you offered the homeless man the job so he can earn $50 for food or shelter?" Then, the joke teller might say, "Thank you; that is a very Christian idea." Would this fit under God Bless America?

I just received Schwan's propaganda flyer. Does he think Carefree citizens are that stupid? Since when does he support our zoning? Schwan voted in favor of that future Easy Street Monstrosity in the middle of town. And, that was after a lot of citizens complained loudly.

Nowhere in Schwan's junk mail does he support electing our own mayor. If he works well with anybody, it certainly isn't citizens!

David Schwan's political mailer trumpets, "Has a proven record of accomplishment cooperating with other members of Town Council." Or to put it another way, "Votes as he is told!"

Wolf Blitzer and CNN are getting downright disgusting. On May 5, Blitzer brags about a journalist in Afghanistan who "through remarkable means" is transmitting a story of a meeting with a high ranking Taliban terrorist. During the transmission, they play a translator's voice of a rag head giving threats to the U.S., and Blitzer talks about how brave the journalist is to get this story. What a joke! All he did was let a terrorist communicate a message of fear. If that journalist was taken hostage or kidnapped, we wouldn't hear the end of how sad it was. CNN is a joke and Wolf Blitzer is a liberal tool. We should pull out of Afghanistan and drop a H-bomb to end the entire Taliban problem within five minutes. Radiate the entire region.

Both Jim Bruce and Thomas McGuire have a lifetime of experience both professionally and personally. They've served on various committees and made hundreds of decisions. Adam Trenk, 25, “never owned a hot dog stand,” has lived in Cave Creek for one year and is still being supported by mommy and daddy.

Grace Meeth, Cave Creek’s foremost open meeting law violator and her principal surrogate, Terry Zerkle, just got their butts handed to them again; this time by the Attorney General who investigated and threw out their complaint on an open meeting law violation by the mayor and council relating to Bob Moore’s removal from the Planning Commission. These two malcontents stand alone in their ability to waste huge amounts of public time and tax money and both need something far more productive to do.

We really appreciated your article and editorials on the Obama citizenship question. I have been concerned about that also. Yesterday I received a mailing from Alan Keyes who has a lawsuit pending with regard to this and seems to make a good point constitutionally. I support what you said in your editorial writings.

Arizona has the worst budget deficit in the country on a per capita basis because of the huge spending increases enacted by Gov. Napolitano and the legislature during the past six years. Now the new governor and some members of the legislature are thinking about raising sales and property taxes to deal with the state’s budget deficit. For more information visit

After reading Linda Bentley’s well written article regarding Adam Trenk it would seem his credentials would be better suited at the White House under the Obama administration and with the Clintons rather than Cave Creek.

What I can’t understand, Mr. Sorchych, is how for 10 years you’ve been telling us what an imbecile our “shurf” is. His jails, failure to comply with records … it goes on and on. Just because he’s decided to enforce the immigration laws, now all of a sudden we’re supposed to support him, simply for that reason. It’s truly amazing! And you are the king of flip flop.