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By Don Sorchych | May 13, 2009

Don Sorchych
Trenk continues hysteria • Defeat the GOBs

Just six days from today, voters from Cave Creek and Carefree will make their choices.

Cave Creek chooses among three candidates for two seats on council. Sonoran News endorses Planning Commission member Jim Bruce and Councilman Thomas McGuire.

That leaves Adam Trenk, an inexperienced 25 year old law student with all of one year in Cave Creek. You know the name I’m sure. You cannot move in Cave Creek without being assaulted by signs that take every square inch allowed by town ordinances. Thankfully, his opponents, understanding sign pollution, have posted only a few small signs.

If you never leave home and someone brings your mail, you will still be harangued with mailers of various sizes in blaring red, with Trenk printed all over.

Why, we wonder, is an unpaid Cave Creek council seat worth $17,381 and probably more?
My theory is Cave Creek is merely a stepping stone as Trenk covets the thought of eventual offices in Washington, D.C.

His most recent flyer is a case in point.

On the front page is his name, boldly in blue. Then in red is, “A new voice for the American West.”

There you are, not a new voice for Cave Creek, but a new voice for the American West. Tells you what his ambition is, doesn’t it? Cave Creek is a beginning, obviously too small to be named, but available to be used, as a start.

Then he mentions endorsements from the State Horsemen’s Association and Cave Creek Firefighters. I have poked holes into both so-called endorsements.

On the back side of the flyer is a political statement, “As a resident of Cave Creek. I am dedicated to our community, our ideals, and our way of life, blah blah, etc. etc.”

Then two thirds of the 8 1/2” by 11” flyer is devoted to “What people are saying about Adam Trenk.”

Only six people are quoted. One wonders where are supporters Anna Marsolo and her husband, Charles Spitzer, Grace Meeth and the rest of the Dark Side?

Is he hiding the Dark Side people?

Among the six, the first is former Councilman Jay Williams. Williams lasted one term on council and was voted out mainly for bad motions and votes. He is not a friend of town hall.

Next comes Patti Motley, owner of MTM Ranch. She was booted out of Norman Foster’s Ranch where Spur Cross Stables now resides for many reasons, but did not properly take care of her horses. We have had the same complaints about MTM Ranch, which she established without county permits. Neighbors have fed and watered her horses, concerned about the animals’ welfare, before Trenk’s time.

The third Is Tim Hill, president of Professional Firefighters of Arizona, apparently another union dude. We have explained about voteless union representation and how they are enamored that Trenk is on the fire committee, a serious conflict of interest.

Jumping to sixth is John Ford, no affiliation printed, connected to Rural Metro through Southwest Ambulance Service. Ford was an early aspirant to Town Council who preached to council about how desirable T.C. Thorstensen’s plans were, after upzoning, of course. Trenk got Thorstensen’s support by leading horsemen around by the nose to support T.C. John is a disappointment.

Frank Ziskovsky, another disappointment, is a realtor and horseman. He must have been brain-washed by Trenk’s B.S.

And last is Penny A. Swearengin. She wrote an e-mail and followed with a nasty-gram when we didn’t print her earlier e-mail. I am printing it this week so you can see why we don’t print such trivia.

On May 1, Trenk sent Cave Creek a voluminous request for documents in a typical Dark Side display of truculence and spite. He seems to imply the town and election departments are in some sinister plot.

Hey Adam, that is what they do in New Jersey, not here.


The election is probably too close for resolution of a territorial dispute. Councilmen and candidates have been told they cannot electioneer in or near the building which hosts the Town of Carefree, a contract post office and other businesses.

By the way, the only people negatively affected have been those running against the GOBs (Good Old Boys).

I talked to Cave Creek’s Post Master Ron Rodriquez and he said the Carefree Post Office has the same limitations as does Cave Creek. He said the Post Office rents the facilities where they reside as well as the entrances and hallways. Postal buildings do not allow electioneering. He said the outside is not controlled by them but may be by the building owner.

So I talked to building Property Manager Doug Bitner. He said, although he conceded he wasn’t an attorney, he had the right to stop electioneering anywhere on his property except inside of Town Hall.

I received an opinion from an attorney, who suggests that even private property owners are subject to constitutional law (First Amendment) if public functions are exercised on the property. In this case there is both a town hall and a post office.

Here is his opinion: “So, in summary, since the government of Carefree has put public facilities and functions on private property that private property is subject to constitutional limitations that might not apply to other shopping centers, so they cannot restrict his solicitation of signatures on the petition.”

The individuals affected are not members of the GOB club and believe the town and property manager are inhibiting their rights. I suspect they are, considering the history of GOBs and their supporters.

Now is the time to have the right to vote for your mayor. Just check who is against your right and you will find they are all GOBs.

Votes for Peter Koteas and write-ins Jim Peirce and John Traynor will assure a legal and honest government. Vote for the three and David Schwan, who is the least lethal of the three GOBs.

Imagine who will be mayor if the GOBs get in. Both Susan Vanik and Bob Gemmill are conflicts of interest. Vanik as president elect of Kiwanis is a clear conflict of interest.
Gemmill’s connection with the Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce and business owner is another conflict of interest.

Finally, Attorney Michael Herrod, Director of Kiwanis and former Carefree town attorney, sent a threatening letter to Councilman Bob Coady seeking his financial records. Coady has refused.

Carefree Town Attorney Thomas Chenal is rumored to support Coady’s position.