Your View | May 6-12, 2009

Are Scottsdale traffic engineers brain dead? Saturday it took almost 30 minutes to go south on Scottsdale Road from the 101 and Scottsdale Road to Frank Lloyd Wright. The traffic light just north of Frank Lloyd Wright has a small fraction of traffic traveling east and west and appears to be a timed light equally for all directions. Increase the green time for north and south bound traffic during construction! Considering construction on Scottsdale, that should be for the next ten years.

It looks like the residents off Tranquil and Sundance got a little mixed up with the letters D and R.

Looks like a little weekend Spackle project.

Ed. Note: The above two comments are about the car crashing out of a garage in Carefree.

When, oh when, will the town of Cave Creek quell the smell near Le San Souci? I don’t know how they can stand it. I hold my nose when I ride through there. Hard times or not there needs to be a solution. It seems to be growing, I even smelled it near Harold’s and the (Buffalo) Chip.

Wednesday in Phoenix Chris Simcox, the head of the Minutemen in Arizona, announced his candidacy against Senator John McCain.

I wonder if Janet “I went to law school” Napolitano is trying to exceed the number of American citizens that were likely killed by Janet Reno or does she just have a chip on her shoulder because she looks like Lou Costello?

Isn’t it cute how Rick’s Camera thought they could come and put their signs on all the intersections in the Foothill’s area? Apparently Rick is going out of business and they are putting signs up about a sale. I think it looks tacky.

The discussion to punish Americans who try to prevent another 9-11 is disgusting. Waterboarding pales in comparison to the thousands of innocent American who died on Sept 11.

Perhaps Carefree's poor downtrodden masses should band together to help the disgusting Huber Stevens, the Pipp, the Dingman and the cowardly ogre Hayward to move out of town. Methinks they have overstayed their welcome.

The three candidates (Fulcher, Meyer, and Gardner) most vocal in support of four year town council terms in Carefree because of the need for continuity in government all dropped out of the general election. Apparently running the town from behind the scenes with their puppets on council is just as good as actually holding office.

I see the Arizona Repulsive's Washington bureau is writing about the impact kidnappings are having on Phoenix tourism. I wonder if the Repulsive will ever bother to cover kidnappings themselves. If they had done responsible reporting, maybe public outrage would have prompted a response and the situation would not have gotten this serious.

Arizona Repulsive reports, "Phoenix police state that violent crime – murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault – has gone down in recent years, dropping from 11,240 reported incidents in 2006 to 10,864 in 2008." If so, I suspect it may be because the bad guys are finding kidnapping to be more profitable.

There are good news and bad news from the White House. Good news: Chairman Maobama has appointed a new Surgeon General of the USSA. Bad news: it's Jack Kevorkian.

As I drove along Cave Creek Road at 7.15 p.m. last Monday, I noticed there were more cars in the parking lot of Los Mesquites Taqueria, than there were at Trenk-a-Palooza at Town Hall across the street.

When I read the quote from Carefree’s town clerk in a prior issue of Sonoran News that “There are only four candidates for four seats.” I was disgusted. How deep does deception and falsehood run in that town? Even people in Phoenix know Traynor and Peirce are authorized candidates. Could it be Ms. Wise, who isn’t, didn’t lookup ‘candidate’ in Webster’s before spouting party-line trash? She should have checked Election law too.

The Pearson farewell gathering was a work of opposites and curiosities. Old time Carefree puppeteers mingled with outgoing councilmen who needed name tags to be identified. The opposition also attended. Coady, Peirce, Traynor, and Koteas were there to extend good wishes to Jon. I didn’t see anyone wishing them well.

As an outsider, I’ve watched Adam Trenk do his dance for Cave Creek. As I see it, his problem is they 2-step, he doesn’t have a clue, cowboy hat or otherwise. He should spend his campaign money on NY subways and NJ Transit rides instead of signs.

The Repulsive just published an article indicating there are 4 candidates for Carefree’s election in May. Did they get their sheet music from the town clerk or the mayor? Voters are smarter than the Repulsive or those two.