Fenger Pointing

Becky Fenger | April 29, 2009

Becky FengerGore's yellow liver and lies

Al Gore lives in a world of his own. The trouble is he keeps fouling our world instead of messing his personal place in space. And for all the havoc he is wreaking, he is making tens of millions of dollars, with more to follow. Seldom has a man so worthy of our scorn been so publicly rewarded. Last Friday was not his finest day.

"It's a good thing Al Gore didn't have to raise his right hand and take an oath to tell the truth before he testified on April 24 to the House Energy and Environment Subcommittee about the Waxman-Markey climate bill," writes Green Hell author Steve Milloy. It is clear that Gore lied throughout his testimony. Doesn't he know that it's not nice to fool Mother Nature?

The Democrats on Capitol Hill scrambled to prevent Gore's humiliation during the high profile hearing on global warming. U.S. Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) is the ranking GOP member on the Energy and Commerce Committee. He had invited Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, to go head to head with Gore during the Subcommittee hearing. Since Gore's theory on global warming is so full of falsehoods, it would have been devastating to the former Vice President. And he knew it. Gore's liver turned yellow, and House Democrats rescinded Monckton's joint appearance. When? When Lord Monckton's plane landed in the U.S. from its flight across the Atlantic!
Al Gore first lied to the Subcommittee about his personal finances during questioning by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee). Since Gore is invested in a company that rakes in money as a result of new environmental laws, some groups estimate he bumped his net worth to nearly $100 million. When Blackburn asked him about his profiteering from global warming legislation, Gore said that "every penny he ever made from his business activities went into non-profit efforts."

When Al Gore left the White House in 2002, he was worth less than $2 million, including a house in Virginia and his family farm. Now he is making enough to plunk down $35 million in for-profit endeavors, according to a March 6, 2008 Bloomberg report.

Next Gore brazenly lied to Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise when the Congressman asked him about his ties to Goldman Sachs. After claiming that there is a consensus on the science of global warming (a lie in itself, which Lord Monckton would have exposed), Gore flatly stated that he wishes he did, but he does not, have financial interests with Goldman Sachs. More deliciously, the April 27 issue of Fortune magazine reports that six months after Gore became a partner in Kleiner Perkins, a venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins joined Goldman Sachs in financing Terralliance – are you ready for this? – an oil exploration firm! Fengernails to the hypocritical and dishonest Al Gore who stands ready to rake in the bucks wherever he can.

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Listen up, people. Please. In last November's Arizona election, the Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act lost ever-so-narrowly at the ballot box. Proposition 101 read: "No law shall be passed that restricts a person's freedom of choice of private health care systems or private plans of any type." One finds it difficult to believe that anyone could be against choosing one's doctor or health care plan. That vastly underestimates the power and cunning of proponents of a government-run health care system who spent vast amounts of money to mislead voters. Gov. Janet Napolitano led the fight to frighten folks into falsely believing they would lose Medicare and Medicare coverage if Prop. 101 passed. Shame on the woman. Others who but glanced at the title thought it had something to do with abortion when they spotted the red-flag word "Choice." The majority, however, were simply unaware of the gem that lay before them on their ballot card.

Well, we're going to get another chance. Since it is unlikely that the legislature will have time to refer the issue to the ballot, citizens are going full bore to get the job done themselves. Any donation you can make to them now will allow them to gather signatures while the prices are still cheap. As the temperature rises, so do costs, so early money will get twice as many signers. Just go to www.AzHealthCareFreedomAct.com to learn all about this chance of a lifetime. You and your liver will be oh so glad you did.