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By Don Sorchych | April 22, 2009

Don Sorchych
Support our local sheriff

Buy a council seat?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a rare individual. “Testicular fortitude” is not enough to describe a man who fights the Democrat establishment – never blinking.

I have said many times, lack of party affiliations in municipal elections is a large mistake since each party is active and connected with the acts of officials.

Take Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, for instance. While mayor of a city with major budget, crime and legal problems, he jets to Washington D.C. to lie about Arpaio to the eager ears of Democrat friends.

And that isn’t partisan politics?

The jackals in Phoenix and Mesa think they have an opportunity for business as usual, comfy jobs and zero enforcement. Shame on Arpaio for going into their havens and actually enforcing the law.

Have Obamanites in Washington forgotten Arizona is a sovereign state and we elected Arpaio? The likes of Al Sharpton demanding Arpaio’s resignation and the lefty media prints and speaks such garbage?

Sharpton has proved he is a scoundrel but are we supposed to take his theatrics seriously?

Arpaio’s letter to Sharpton was perfect. He invited Sharpton to come to Arizona and see law enforcement in action while summarizing Sharpton’s lack of creditability. Arpaio made clear how ludicrous Sharpton’s resignation demands are.

I have been a ride-along witness to a saturation patrol in this area by MCSO. It was clear race wasn’t involved. My host was a Hispanic sergeant. Car-towing and arrests were largely Caucasians with suspended license plates and in some cases, felonies of record found through quick computer analysis.

Complaints that MCSO is not searching for 40,000 felons with warrants are mostly bogus. Many are caught in sweeps, which don’t require individual time consuming detective work.
Finding and arresting illegal aliens should be priority law enforcement action everywhere. Only MCSO has illegal aliens and their employers at the top of their priority list. That is what MCSO detractors are trying to prevent.

If MCSO was racially profiling, they could start at the Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church where up to 14 presumed illegals congregate daily.

The Congressional “investigation” led by John Conyers is so biased as to be comical, if it wasn’t so important. Note that invitees are all Arpaio haters. Wouldn’t you think they would invite Arpaio supporters and Arpaio himself?

They don’t want a balanced investigation but a federal lynching.

This activity by federal officials is driven by apologists and propagandists at the Arizona Republic, Democrat office holders, and various organizations such as La Raza, ACLU, MALDEF, other racist organizations and assorted individuals like Elias Bermudez and Salvador Reza.

We voted for Joe Arpaio and he is up for reelection in 2012. That is what state rights are all about. He is not going to resign and I believe he will continue to enforce the law.

Support your local Sheriff.

Buy a council seat?

When Cave Creek Council candidate Adam Trenk’s supporters complain it is all about voters. The May 19 election will make that determination. But who are the voters?

Trenk’s recent financial filing totaled $17,381, surely a town record.

Why is a non-paid council seat so important to an aspiring councilman, especially when he is competing with two eminently qualified and experienced men? Is my theory of our council being a stepping stone accurate? We will see what the future brings.

When I came to Cave Creek in 1990, a friend, also new to town, had mayoral ambitions. Piece of cake she thought. After living here awhile, those dreams evaporated. Cave Creek voters proved they think and generally make good decisions. Newbies are scorned as are out of step candidates. The recent primary election is an example.

Nine Cave Creek residents gave $1,384 to Trenk’s campaign. Trenk himself loaned his campaign $2,200. Both Anna Marsolo and her husband Paul Diefenderfer each gave $24 presuming perhaps their names wouldn’t be published since they gave less than the statutory $25, or less. Charles Spitzer gave $50. It is well known Trenk attended the dark side’s home forums.

Therefore, ignoring the $2,200 loan, about 92 percent came from non-voting, out-of-Cave Creek sources.

Seven contributors with the last name of Trenk donated from Scottsdale, New York, New Jersey and West Palm Beach. Other friends, family and what ever contributed mainly from Massachusetts, Las Vegas, Mesa, Illinois, Gilbert and Pennsylvania. By far New Jersey and New York contributors dominated.

Signs grew in proportion to contributions. Signs, which never were popular in Cave Creek, grew in size to the maximum four by four feet allowed.

A new endorsement came from the Arizona State Horseman’s Association. I asked them why they had endorsed Trenk. The answer was he answered the four requisite questions asked. Here are the questions, although they couldn’t remember Trenk’s answers:

1. What is your position regarding the preservation of Open Space and public access to non-motorized Multi-Use Trails?

2. Describe your thoughts on how existing horse property owners can successfully co-exist with urban people who are moving in to the area.

3. What is your level of awareness regarding the economic impact of the Horse Industry in Arizona in your political jurisdiction?

4. What knowledge or experience do you have regarding potential legislation on horse related issues such as dust control and horse slaughter?

All are good questions which could have been asked in forums. I believe all of the candidates and incumbents could have adequately answered those questions.

We once had a real cowboy on council who admitted he was there to improve the lot of horses, horse owners and horse property. His name is Terry Smith and he was the top vote getter when he ran. He has lived here most of his life. He, volunteers and staff members gave us great trails and that continues with the annexation.

I received a letter supporting Trenk. Why didn’t I print it? The writer has a commercial stable, which was developed without county permits. Neighbors complained the horses weren’t fed or watered. Allegations were made the rental horses came from and went back to killers.

Why didn’t Trenk know that?

He wasn’t here.