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He is NOT at all qualified

Beverly Metcalfe Brooks | Cave Creek

I was disturbed to receive the mailing from Cave Creek Council candidate Adam Trenk. Apparently he thinks he can bring something to this community in spite of having lived here for such a short time and of his lack of knowledge and experience.

I came to Cave Creek in 1958. This is over twice as long as Mr. Trenk has been on this earth, therefore, I feel I know a bit more about the area than he. In the last half century I have literally given my blood, sweat, and tears in volunteer work for Cave Creek. One has to live in a community for a period of time before he or she can get to know what it is. If he thinks that Western culture is as the movies and TV shows he has seen, or the likes of “Rawhide” (which we thankfully were able to stop from being moved to the center of town and what I call “Hollywood East”), he is sadly mistaken.

I not only can inform him of the last fifty one years personally, I can tell him the history, by proxy, for the last ninety years plus, that I learned first hand from the old timers that were my friends when I came – the old AUTHENTIC working cowboys (not the “Rhinestone dude variety), such as, Jim Hardy (riding roundup and running his Verde River trap line into his middle nineties), Tom Latimer (51 Ranch in Bloody Basin), Tim Adams (Quarter Circle One Ranch), Hube Yates (cowboy, Phoenix firefighter captain and Church of Christ minister) and his sons (Sierra Vista Ranch and his ranch on the Mogollon Rim), George Mileham and his sons (Bronco Ranch) etc.

But that is past history and we are dealing with the present. Having watched this area grow from 200 people (before Carefree, Scottsdale and Phoenix engulfed us) when we were 30 miles from town, to the several thousand that live here today, I feel I could educate this young man in what he needs to know before he even thinks of running for the Cave Creek Council. Until he learns what I and others have gleaned over the years of living here instead of living in the East, he is NOT at all qualified to try to steer Cave Creek into the future. Remember that old adage “If you do not know your history you are doomed to repeat it.”

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Please write-in John Traynor for Carefree council

Judy and Jerry Wetta | Carefree

John Traynor is an official write-in candidate for the Carefree Town Council. John is very passionate in any endeavor he pursues and will make a needed addition to the council. He has attended almost all the water company and town council meetings over the past several years and encouraged the council to be more financially responsible. He has continually monitored the finances, tax figures and projections of our town so he is quite well versed on our past and future needs and challenges. John is conservative in his views and would appreciate you and your friends and neighbors writing in his name for a seat on the council.

You can see John's information website: http://traynorincarefree.com for more details about him.

Please vote (write-in) John Traynor on the mail ballot for Carefree Town Council.

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Carefree’s Declaration of Independence

Bob Coady | Carefree

In towns and cities all across the nation, Americans vote on who will represent them in federal, state, and local governments. In Carefree, only the Town Council gets to decide who is to be the mayor; our official representative, Town CEO, leader and decider.

Proposition 404 is Carefree’s “Declaration of Independence.” It gives citizens a long, overdue right to have a vote in who represents them by a direct election of the mayor.
The claim that Proposition 404 is legally flawed is not so. The wording was taken directly from the AZ. Statute 9-821-01 B. In fact, the pro argument for this proposition was written and signed by long time Carefree resident and lawyer, David Burnell Smith.

Does electing a mayor by popular vote instead of majority vote, lower the standard for the mayor’s position than the councils? No. Since the mayor is now chosen by the council, only four votes are necessary to elect. As per Maricopa County, Carefree has approximately 2,693 registered voters. four voters out of 2,693 = 0.148 percent. That certainly isn’t a majority vote.

Will Proposition 404 require the Town Code be changed and the vice mayor chosen another way? Of course. The Town Code would have to be amended; that is exactly what this proposition is all about. We have amended our Town Code, Zoning Code and even our General Plan over the years. Common sense dictates that when something becomes obsolete, it should be changed.

Candidates Gemmill, Schwan and Vanik have all originally opposed Proposition 404. Please consider their position when you vote.

Now is the time for change. It won’t come again.

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I am supporting McGuire and Bruce

Mike O’Rourke | Cave Creek

I hope the citizens of Cave Creek realize the importance of the May 19 election to select the final two members of our town council. We need to select the people that have the knowledge, experience and integrity to steer us through this current financial crisis while preserving the open space and rural environment we all wish to keep. I am supporting Tom McGuire and Jim Bruce to fill these two seats.

Tom has lived in Cave Creek since 2000 and became immediately involved in the community after taking up residency here. In addition to serving two terms on the town council he actively participates in and supports community events throughout the town. He interacts with Cave Creekers on a daily basis and understands and supports the wishes of his constituents. He believes in maintaining our open space environment, but understands and supports the need for Cave Creek to be fiscally sound.

Jim Bruce moved to Cave Creek in 2001. He also has an impressive record of community involvement and support. His endeavors include the Sonoran Arts League, Chairman of the town Planning Commission and he also chaired an advisory committee to look at the long terms needs of fire protection for the town. Jim also is a strong candidate.

The other candidate, Adam Trenk, I don’t know that much about. He is a newcomer to town. He seems to be an aggressive young man and has spent a lot of money to secure a seat on the council. I am not aware of his community involvement. He is a student and a real estate consultant. I’m not sure what his real agenda is. I will wait and see. If he does something in the community other than run for office he might be a viable candidate sometime in the future.

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The importance of community

Peter Koteas | Candidate for Carefree Town Council

Last December, I began conducting research into ways I could help our community. I now understand better the difficulty of executing a master plan to satisfy everyone, or one that portrayed the vision of a utopian atmosphere. As one would expect, there is never a clear middle ground to follow, and difficult decisions must be made to insure the best outcome.
According to an Ohio State University paper, the real community is not the streets, buildings, or city (town) hall – it is the people interacting and relating. Physical attributes do not make a good community. Residents of an area with satisfactory relationships make a community good. It is important individuals live in close proximity to one another and the life of each interacts and impacts the lives of others.

We must put forth our best effort to understand and respect the differing opinions of our community’s citizens, then make decisions to benefit the whole. This requires the development of a new level of communication and a keen ear.

Community starts with the basic expectation on the part of the residents of Carefree their elected representatives, and paid staff, act in a manner consistent with a high level of personal integrity, and exhibit a true concern for their fellow citizens. One particular area of concern is that the various businesses in Carefree deserve our highest considerations as consumers, as patronizing them provides a benefit to us all in the form of sales tax revenue for the town.

Only by working together in the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation will the “Carefree community” be able to overcome the obstacles we will encounter. The immediate future will test our resolve and determination to address real issues that affect everyone. Even hard to swallow choices must be made in the light of day with as much cooperation as the people are willing to provide. Complaining must be put aside for a spirit that clearly states, “We will do the right thing for the town on behalf of all the people,” We must welcome the challenge.

I believe we’re up to the task!

If elected, I pledge to serve no special interests, to maintain an open mind and a keen ear to every issue, to serve with integrity and honesty and to use the authority granted to me by the citizens of Carefree to do my part in maintaining our unique lifestyle.

Please visit www.peterkoteas.com to learn more.

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Two are qualified: Bruce and McGuire

Jacky and Gary Davis | Lu and Rolf Cartharius | Judy Darbyshire | Joyce Darbyshire | Mike and Patty O’Rourke | Martha Arnold | Jacquie Goodspeed | Dick and Sue Mueller | Carole Perry | Donald Caroll | Toby Payne | Fred Mueller | Melanie Williams | Cathie and Fred Rosenbaum | Lynne Hoss | John and Linda Budge | Cave Creek

Of the three candidates on the ballot for the run-off election of May 19, only two are qualified to serve on the council: Jim Bruce and Tom McGuire. We plan to support them in the run-off election on May 19.

Both Jim and Tom have already shown their commitment to the community through public service.

Tom McGuire has been a councilmember for two two-year terms and has a good grasp of all issues confronting Cave Creek. He prepares for meetings and votes thoughtfully. In addition Tom has given selflessly of his time as a guide on Spur Cross, as a photographer for the town, and as a geology lecturer for community events.

Jim Bruce has been a Cave Creek planning commissioner for four years, an experience that gives him insight into the town’s operations and development plans and projects.

Both men know Cave Creek well, having lived here for several years and been involved in a variety of community activities. We believe they will represent us well and fairly.

Residents may have noticed that the great majority of votes were cast by mail in the Primary Election and that the total turnout was a record for Cave Creek. The run-off election is equally important, so please be sure to mark and mail your ballot or vote at Town Hall on May 19 for Tom McGuire and Jim Bruce.

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What about “diversity” in campus politics

Jeannie McGill | Scottsdale

While planning a tea party in Cave Creek I wanted to find a college student to speak. I called Paradise Valley Community College and asked if they had a Young Republicans Club. I was told it was inactive. I asked if they had a Young Democrats Club and was told “yes.” I then asked why the Republican Club was inactive. I was told that unfortunately they couldn’t find an advisor willing to run it. I said my husband would volunteer. I was told it had to be a staff or faculty member from the school. Hmmm.

Are there no conservatives at PVCC? Or are conservative faculty and students sufficiently intimidated so as not to buck the tide and participate in political dialogue?

How can any public college feel that they are offering a quality education without making sure young adults have the opportunity to explore our politics? I would hope colleges would have healthy debates from both clubs and encourage our young voters to explore their beliefs. We hear about “diversity.” What about diversity in politics on campus? Are our colleges so Liberal that they discourage real dialogue? How many other colleges and universities suffocate these freedoms?

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A Carefree Bedtime Story – Epilogue

By Ira Member

Ah my sweetlings, you have done it. You have risen up, fought the Evil in Carefree and you have won! Forked Tongue Fulcher, with tail between his legs, has gone home to sulk. No more droning from the Malevolent Sorcerer Meyer’s organ! Greg the Shekel has given up, and hides in his cave, afraid that someone will now count the magic beans and get a different number. Splat goes the Toad Prince Schwan with the lowest of the low in votes.

You are the MAYOR SLAYERS. Be proud!

And, maybe, just maybe, you have aided the Kiwanian Knights to free themselves of the Disgusting Huber and his repugnant court jesters, The Pip and The Ding Man. Alas, the Kiwanian Knights can be a cowardly bunch and may just try to shelter all those vile, disgusting creatures. They will even try to protect the Cowardly Ogre Hayward. And, sadly, the Wicked Witch Vain-Neck now leads the most loathsome of the Kiwanian Knights (she even likes slugs). She is just votes away from bringing back the evil to our beautiful little town.

Beware my Little Carefreers, freedom does not come cheap. You must always be on your guard. Evil lurks around the corner. The Ugly Giant Miller will continue to toot his horn. A vigil must be kept until the lights go out for Gemmill the Dim. The despicable Rat PACs may be down, but they aren’t out. They could rear their ugly heads at any time.

So my precious ones, be watchful, be vigilant, each one of you must be the sentinel of our freedom. Light and truth are so close. We have the Loyal Stavoe watching Bob Coady’s back. The Kind Koteas waits to help us. And now, the Tried and True Traynor has come to join in the battle. We must all vote together, for a happy ever after in Carefree. You must support these valiant warriors for with them, Bob Coady will become “THE ENABLER” and Carefree will be care free once more.

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Oh please!

BJ Walters | Cave Creek

It is not enough, apparently, that you (Sonoran News) promote those candidates with whom you agree, you have to disparage their opponents. Linda Bentley's article this week, "Trenk betting Cave Creek voters can be bought?" is only the latest example. If this had been someone you supported, the line would have read: "Voters support Trenk's candidacy with their contributions." Why must you disparage someone who wants to become part of the dialog and perhaps take a seat on the city council? I came from a small town in Michigan who elected a councilman who was just of voting age. That was 30 years ago, and this individual eventually was elected mayor and has done a fine job. Why shouldn't all age groups be represented? People do gain from experience and guidance. Adam, if elected, will grow as he serves. But age alone does not confer wisdom.

P.S. If you want to fact-check, that town was Northville, Michigan.

Editor’s note: We would say “Voters support Trenk’s candidacy with contributions?” We would never write such a headline since only $1,343 came from Cave Creek (presumably voters) and the rest of the $17,000 came from out of state.

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Somali pirates

Ron Clayton | Apopka, Florida

The solution is simple. The UN should ban assault weapons and declare the Gulf of Aden a gun free zone. The pirates will immediately comply and surrender their firearms. Sound familiar?

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