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Upcoming election

Ernie Bunch | Cave Creek Councilman

First of all I would like to thank everyone for their support in the Primary Election last month.

I am truly humbled.

Now, let's turn our eyes to the future and the General Election on May 19.

I have thought long and hard about this. My biggest issue is that I like all three candidates running for the final two seats.

Cost cutting measures at Town Hall are having some positive effects, but, things will continue to be tight for quite awhile.

With this in mind, I will be casting my votes for Tom McGuire and Jim Bruce.
For me, it has more to do with experience in the community than anything else.

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I support Jim Bruce

Dan Baxley | Cave Creek

I support Jim Bruce as a candidate for election to the Cave Creek Town Council. Since his arrival some six years ago, Jim has served in leadership roles as a Cave Creek Planning and Zoning Commissioner where he was recently elected as Chairman, as a member and elected Chairman of the Cave Creek Fire Options Committee and as a volunteer with the Arts community.

Jim is a can do guy when it comes to getting special events organized and offered. I have worked with Jim as I served on town committees, commissions and advisory groups and his advice has been sound and his service dependable. He has an affable personality that enables him to lead and persuade others without causing conflict. He is an effective leader and team member.

Although Jim is not from Cave Creek, unless you knew his background you would swear he is a Creeker by birth. He lives and breathes the values we all cherish. He is committed to keeping Cave Creek Cave Creek as he helps to guide future town development. He and his wife Judy chose to live in Cave Creek when they retired and literally could have lived anywhere they wanted. They came here because of the open spaces, the individualistic spirit and the unique blend of western and arts cultures. Jim is among a special group of citizens who epitomize the essence of what it means to be a “Creeker.”

As a member of our town council, Jim will help ensure that the future of Cave Creek will be in capable hands.

I am going to vote for him and hope you do too.

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Early Voting

Carrie Dyrek, Town Clerk | Town of Cave Creek

Early Voting begins on Thursday, April 16. That is also the day early ballots will be mailed out to all the citizens on the permanent early voting ballot request list.

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For shame, Mr. President

Jack and Marlene Duncan | E-mail

Our empty suited President is abroad, and, spouting his usual anti-American gibberish. He is APOLOGIZING to Europeans for us being arrogant! NO American, when he or she is abroad should speak ANY ill of America. Especially this rookie we have as President. (it was Dr. Sowell who called this empty suit a rookie). Dr. Sowell is a black and a prominent and brilliant American.

Do they not know that America freed those ill-fated occupants of the Concentration Camps? The world's Jewry should be proud to call themselves friends of the USA.

Apologize for America? America in one century has saved Europe from their own foibles and mishaps. Our blood and treasure. If it were not for America, the French would be speaking German on the Champs-Strasse and the Swastika might fly over Buckingham Palace! And when we totally defeated Nazi Germany, it was the Marshall Plan which helped them rebuild and feed their millions. The Berlin Airlift saved Berlin from becoming a Soviet bastion. WE, apologize for America? For WHAT REASON? Were I in charge at the end of WWII, Germany, the American sector, would be our 51st State! Nowhere have we ever taken land for our victories. The only land we ask for is to bury our dead who SAVED them and their people! The world owes America a debt it can never repay. We should NEVER go abroad and bow our heads for being America. For shame, Mr. President. You erred.

This same Europe is now being over-run by Islam to an extent which makes the original Crusades look like child's play. Islam is even changing some of the European governments, AND, their social mores and culture. Do they not know they are being overtaken? Do they not know that WE are the only ones confronting this enemy? Why do they not aid the Country which has saved them in the last 100 years?

To watch our First Lady, who wrote in her book that America is a nasty country, cavort around Europe in luxury and be applauded by all seems quite contemptible !!!!

Germany, of all of Europe, should know the horribleness of being Communist. More than half her country lived under such until America, via Ronald Reagan, tore down that wall and freed them.

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Thank you and endorsement

Ralph Mozilo | Cave Creek Councilman Elect

First, I want to thank the voters of Cave Creek for their confidence in electing me to the town council. It is imperative during these tumultuous economic times that the members of the town council have in-depth experience in town affairs as well as the life experience to deal with diverse people and often contentious circumstances.

I ask that you consider electing Tom McGuire and Jim Bruce to town council in the May 19 General Election.

Tom has served on Town Council for four years and has shown the ability to listen to all sides of an issue and make a thoughtful decision. Jim is a retired attorney, serves on the Planning Commission and is currently its chairman. Both McGuire and Bruce have lived in Cave Creek for several years and understand our needs and desired lifestyle.

They are multi-dimensional in their experience. The horse community has adequate representation in both Steve Lamar and me on the council.

I appreciate your consideration.

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McGuire and Bruce for town council

Bob Williams | Cave Creek Planning and Zoning Commissioner

Please join with me to vote for Tom McGuire and Jim Bruce for town council. I have known Tom for years and have observed him closely on town council for the past four years. I can tell you that he listens to all sides of an issue, has no personal agenda and always endeavors to find the best course of action for the town. Similarly, I have known Jim for years and have served on the Planning and Zoning Commission with him for the past four years. He is careful, thoughtful and deliberative on all issues that come before the commission and, like Tom, seeks to find the best solution for the town. I know he will do the same on town council. Both Tom and Jim are experienced candidates with proven track records of service to the town – let’s vote to continue to take advantage of their time and talent.

And on another subject entirely …
Anna Marsolo, who is not a resident of Cave Creek and who opposes Wal-Mart, is threatening SEVEN REFERENDUMS on the upcoming General Plan Amendment/rezoning requests – and probably more on annexation. Clearly, her threat is one of spite, not substance, and would be a regrettable waste of time and tax money. It seems to me that the actual residents of Cave Creek (the voters) have pretty much spoken on those issues. Every successful candidate for town council in the election just one month ago, including the mayor, stated publicly, eloquently and repeatedly in every public forum that they supported Wal-Mart and the annexation and why. The three candidates who face a runoff election in May also have strongly supported both issues. The three candidates who were unsuccessful and did not qualify for the runoff election opposed Wal-Mart and at least one of them opposed the annexation, as well. Representative government really does work pretty well and referendums in this case are a senseless waste of valuable time and public money.

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Something to think about

George Knowlton | Scottsdale

And you thought light rail was dead??? Read on www.azcentral.com/ community/scottsdale/articles/2009/04/01/20090401sr-council0402.html.

Phoenix wants to use this "Discovery Triangle" to use Scottsdale tax dollars to drain as much from Scottsdale as it can because they know we can generate what they can't because of our name recognition.

In addition, that will guarantee light rail to at least Sky Fumble which reopens the discussion sparked by Kidder and the Scottsdale Area Chamber for a light rail link to the Airpark and the Preserve Discovery Center right up the center of Scottsdale Road.

If Mayor Jim Lane and the City Council are smart and as visionary as they say they are, they'll propose a publicly/privately financed monorail connecting with the light rail yard at the 202 near Sky Harbor up the canal bank, past Fashion Square, to Casino Arizona, then up the 101 to the Airpark and the Preserve Discovery Center. They could use some of the millions the City of Scottsdale gives to MAG every year for part of the financing.

That would leave Scottsdale Road safe from disruption while still bringing customers directly to Fashion Square and the Scottsdale downtown area as well as the Airpark, Casino Arizona, and the Discovery Center at the Preserve.

The owners of Fashion Square, resorts along the canal, Casino Arizona on the Reservation and airpark businesses would be foolish not to be a financial part of such a state of art, innovative and impressive transportation system which would not tangle traffic and have minimal land costs with huge returns in the form of customer dollars.

Something to seriously think about ...

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You got me again!

Fayette Wester | Cave Creek

So we stopped to pick up the mail on April 6 and headed for home. As we pulled into the garage I spy the article "Cave Creek Secedes." This immediately captures my attention because it appears that we will have to change our zip code. Yikes! What a nightmare! I can't really make any sense of this but tell my husband that he needs to read it over to see if we really have a problem or not.

About 30 minutes later I'm soaking in the tub and my husband reads me an article about a topless coffee shop in Carefree. "WHAT?" I say. "That's unbelievable!" He then tells me about how the owner is thinking of opening up a topless club in Hammerhead Jack's and I say, "Oh that's JUST what we need."

He hands me the paper and I start to read about the 87 year old woman planning to home school her daughter from the Navajo reservation. I'm reading aloud, with great emphasis, the whole paragraph about taxaholic liberals, ding-dongs, tattoos, and other paraphernalia when my husband interrupts and says, "Wait a minute. Didn't we read about that 87 year old woman giving birth LAST year? WHAT ISSUE IS THAT?!?!"

Sure enough ... we were April Fooled again. Thanks for the laugh. Maybe next year we'll see it coming.

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Kiwanis members have freedom of speech

Joseph John DeVito | Director, Kiwanis

The Kiwanis Club is not a 501(c) (3), but rather a 501(c) (4) nonprofit club. The Wednesday noon meetings are club meetings. The Kiwanis Foundation, a separate organization, is a 501(c) (3) charitable nonprofit. They sponsor the flea markets, pancake breakfasts and other fund raisers to finance scholarships, science fairs, key clubs, etc.

The agendas and publications of our club are not political. There is no regulation or restriction on what our members may or may not discuss in their private conversations at their table. The members have complete freedom of speech. To ask anything else is not what America is all about. A libertarian should know this! We do ask our speakers to not solicit for their organizations, sell books, etc, to not campaign, or preach dogma.

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Rubberized asphalt rather than cheap seal

Jim Peirce | Carefree Town Council write-in candidate

As Sonoran News has reported, the town of Carefree is scheduled to receive $588,000 in federal government “stimulus” funds. The proposed use of the windfall is resurfacing Cave Creek Road from Scopa Trail to Carefree’s eastern border, a distance of about seven miles.
At the April town council meeting the only material seriously discussed was sealing material, an inexpensive routine maintenance treatment that will only temporarily delay roadway deterioration for a few years.

I propose that the resurfacing be done properly using 2" rubberized asphalt, the product commonly used by ADOT in Maricopa County. Not only will rubberized asphalt last up to nine years, it also quiets roadway noise considerably, a major benefit to residents near Cave Creek Road.

The town will have to add funds to the federal amount to cover the total initial cost of rubberized asphalt. However, the town would more than get its money back by not having to reseal for many years. If elected to town council by write-in, I will try my best to see that rubberized asphalt is used rather than cheap seal.

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The tragedy following Natasha Richardson’s accident

J-P. A. Maldonado | Desert Foothills

Head injuries are common in sports. Most result in headaches, but some require immediate medical care. It is interesting that actress Natasha Richardson was transported, not to Montreal, but to New York, after exhibiting signs of brain injury. It is an open secret that Canadians of means, especially physicians, choose to travel to the USA for emergency or urgent medical care, for which I cannot blame them: the entire British Commonwealth, including Canadians and visiting Briton Ms. Richardson, is being held hostage to socialized medicine. When one's life is endangered, why not the best? This still means the USA – for the time being.

While I was serving on active duty at the Naval Air Test Center, I befriended a fellow officer from the Royal Navy, at NATC as an exchange officer. Upon his arrival, he was forced go to the base's dental clinic because of a severe toothache. His problem was immediately solved ... and his fourteen dental cavities were filled, despite the fact that he had just undergone a full medical and dental examination prior to his departure from the UK! He claimed that physicians and dentists in the UK just don't care: they get paid the same, whether they take care of the problem or not.

I wonder how the "Frostbacks" will take care of their medical problems after Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetero) socializes medical and dental services! By the same token, I wonder whether the illegals from the other border will stop the invasion of the USA once they realize that there isn't a hill of beans of difference between medical care in Mexico and Obama's USSA!

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