Guest Editorial: Vince Francia
I will vote for Bruce, McGuire

By Vince Francia | April 15, 2009

On May 19, I will vote for Jim Bruce and Tom McGuire for the Cave Creek Council.

These are my reasons.

To get a quick read of a person’s mettle throw them into a situation where there’s as much chance of failure as there is of success.

Such was the case with Jim Bruce, the current chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission. I “asked” Jim to chair a committee to investigate and recommend alternatives for Town-wide fire coverage. Knowing that such alternatives may not exist, thus the possibility of failure, Jim still accepted the assignment.

The result: Under Jim’s leadership the fire committee arrived at five different alternatives for Town-wide fire coverage. That’s leadership. Council consideration is next.

An equally compelling value marker of Jim is, he steps up and volunteers when not asked. To note, the stellar Academy Award look of Cave Creek’s Film and Arts Festival Coyote Awards Night is because of Jim’s behind-the-scenes grunt work. Maybe Jim’s wife and Festival Chairwoman, Judy, dropped a few hints. But in fact, Jim saw what had to be done and just did it.

Councilman Tom McGuire has quietly done exceptional work during his previous two terms. Tom’s not flashy; the limelight he does not seek. His value to the community is he’s balanced and does not pre-judge any agenda item. Instead, Tom researches, practices quiet deliberation and then arrives at a vote that is oriented towards what’s best for the community. Harboring no personal agenda, Tom’s ambition is to be the best public servant possible.

Tom is as solid as his geologist-loving background. He approaches agenda items in the same way he would analyze strata of rock: recognizing the importance of each strata in relationship to the mountain; meaning, he respects all segments of the citizenry that make the whole community.

Though very much individuals Jim and Tom share a few essentials necessary to be good councilpersons. Both have been in Cave Creek for nearly ten years; thus, they have a feel for what the community is and what needs to be done to insure Cave Creek’s core identity remains intact. Secondly, both Jim and Tom have gained experience by contributing their talents to being on council or the P & Z Commission and numerous committees. These two men exemplify the spirit of volunteerism which is the continuing lifeblood of Cave Creek’s present and future.

Joining Jim and Tom as the third candidate running for one of two open council seats is Adam Trenk. The affable 25-year-old law student has made a splash on the local political scene. His enthusiasm and contagious smile make him likeable; that he is a horseman dedicated to preserved open space and trails, shows his heart is in the right place.

The reason I cannot endorse Adam at this time is not because of his lack of optimism, but because of his lack of experience. Adam has been living in Cave Creek for only a year. That’s barely enough time to learn to stay out of the washes during a monsoon. The challenges facing the new council will not allow time for a learning curve. Those already elected and the two to be elected must have their experienced running shoes on even before they’re sworn in. That’s how critical the time we live in is.

However, there is a future for Adam on the town council. Garnering the all-important experience that comes from being a P & Z Commissioner will go along way to insuring that Adam has an acceptable candidacy resume.

Each council has its challenges. The new council will face two major sets of challenges. First, the completion of projects already in motion. For example, the annexation and the managing of the newly acquired open space and the completion of the Water Farm and community garden. And secondly, the implementation of a new economic revitalization model for the town, which will require foresight, sensitivity and courage.

Jim and Tom possess the experience, community commitment and hard-work ethic to make the best decisions for the town’s future.

That’s why I will vote for them on May 19.