Your View | April 8 – 14, 2009

Adam Trenk, will you please stand up? Now will you please withdraw from a game for serious players only? Next, please sit down, be quiet and listen. Maybe you’ll learn something.

The town core has been bustling the last few weeks with art events, bull riding, a human (bachelors and bachelorettes) auction and Fiesta Days with a great parade and rodeos. It’s wonderful. What kind of effort, and by whom, would be required to keep the momentum going?

If an ILLEGAL ALIEN can work here by using a stolen Social Security number, then I wonder how many are claiming unemployment with that same Social Security number?

I must give Geoff Orton a pat on the back in support of his Letter to the Editor, titled “Peripatetic Obama” in the March 25 issue of Sonoran News. Well done – insightful, but frightening.

We in Carefree have a momentous moment to actually get a professional council. We are just one vote away, and if we do write-ins we are home free. Can you imagine a free Carefree? Think about it!

I am fed up with tailgaters on Schoolhouse and Spur Cross Roads. This is one time I wish for law enforcement. Some even ignore the double line and pass! Instead of looking for an occasional speeder, how about nailing the impatient few?

Absolutely love the Snor’n Snews page. I have sent the link to my mail list and already received raves. How many people think it is real? If I hadn’t seen it before I would. My wife and I both fell for the old woman having a kid. Great follow up. Thank the authors; one was better than the next.

You may laugh, but there is a large creature that frequents our ranch. Our livestock, both horses and steers, go on a rampage once in awhile and we have seen a shadowy figure. I have bought a one million candlepower light and hope to get a good look. I’m like John Gunn and I didn’t include my name, but if I ever get more I’ll send it.

Don, although I’m sorry for your family’s loss, I really enjoyed your column last week. You must have had an adventure every time you went somewhere with your brother-in-law. Many of us are stuck with relatives with whom we have nothing in common and cannot communicate.

If you didn’t have a distinctive banner, I would have bought into the “fly” story. I wonder how much of it is based on fact. I can believe such a meeting was held, and that all the powers that be you mentioned have a deal. Hope you do have more detail and will share it.

Do covert agencies have such technology? I wouldn’t doubt it and will remain suspicious of flies. Wonder what would happen if I swatted one like you discussed. Anything explosive in those things?

It is about time someone wrote about the fallacy of the 85331 zip code. We are tarred with the low home value brush and there should be a way to break out real Cave Creek values. I bet we are way higher than the rest of 85331. Talk to our postmaster. I will!

How did the government article about Obama supplicants get on the Snor’n Snews page? I have read all that and I know it to be true.

Although I am a fairly broad minded person, I thought your unnamed article about a topless place in Carefree was over the top. My kids see enough on TV and on the Internet without having it on the front page of what I thought was a family newspaper. Please stay away from a Phoenix New Times format and I won’t have to hide Sonoran News.

A woman of 87 having a baby has to be a spoof isn’t it? I don’t think it is possible and if it is the child is at great risk. Don’t give people ideas.

I got a belly laugh out of the topless place in Carefree. Do you think Kiwanis and the churches will allow it? And can you imagine getting your picture taken when you went in, or came out? Out-of-towners might like it though. Do you suppose the city fathers would vote it in?

After reading your front page, I don’t know what to believe on other pages. Can I assume the rest of the paper is true? I have been fooled by April One too many times. Color me skeptical.

Your paper is a blessing! I thought your April Fools’ page was a hoot, but believable, knowing the cast of characters you deal with. Any one of the stories has a basis in fact and I wish you hadn’t made it so easy to know it was a joke. Maybe next year you should distribute the April Fools articles throughout the newspaper. Just A thought.

I know you need to have fun, but hope to read more about politics in both towns and the school plans. I hope the legislature holds tight, doesn’t raise taxes and brings state government and schools down to a sustainable level. There are way too may bureaucrats.