Guest Editorial: Jim Bruce,
Vote for Cave Creek

By Jim Bruce | April 8, 2009

On May 19 (earlier if by mail-in ballot) the residents of Cave Creek will elect the final two town council members. Although four very qualified individuals were elected in the primary, the final two positions are very important to help the town carry out its goals.

Judy and I first met Tom McGuire at a council meeting when he was speaking about the “Jewel of the Creek.” He spoke with such passion; we were captivated by his enthusiasm and concern about the drought harming the creek and the bottled water company pulling water out of the aquifer. Since that time we have come to know Tom and although I do not agree with him on every issue, I have learned that Tom is motivated by his commitment to our community and its future. He is deliberate in his evaluation of the issues and sincerely votes with Cave Creek in his heart and mind. He has served Cave Creek well, and I believe he will continue to do so!

Judy and I moved to Cave Creek seven years ago, captivated by the serenity of the desert and the deep beauty of the foothills. Judy was drawn to the vibrant arts community and I to the laid back down-home country lifestyle I grew up with on the farm, where my Dad still lives, in Hampshire, Illinois.

Originally, issues at Stagecoach Village near our home drew us into the Cave Creek political world. Since our voices were heard on most issues, we have been delighted with most of the results. I was appointed to the Planning commission in 2005, and am now the chair of that committee. Working with the other commissioners has provided an excellent education of the history, lifestyle and neighborhoods of Cave Creek. Many tough decisions had to be made during that tenure.

I was appointed to the Fire Options Advisory committee last year and was elected chairman. I believe, while on that committee, I showed leadership skills as well as negotiating abilities learned in my law practice. Recommending a property tax to obtain and fund better fire protection was not a decision we came to easily, but it was the best recommendation for the citizens of our town.

Adam Trenk, one of the candidates, has not lived in, or served, Cave Creek long enough to earn your vote. His one platform is to make Cave Creek the “Rawhide” of the foothills. While I enjoy and support our western heritage, Cave Creek needs strength, knowledge and experience in this critical economic time.

I am painfully honest, have NO agenda, and hope to not only preserve the quality of life in our beautiful little town, but to lead it forward to a strong economic future. I am passionate about preserving space, conserving resources and building a progressive water company and water ranch facility with a strong tax base.

Tom and I have worked hard for Cave Creek and with your support we hope to continue that work.

Jim Bruce is a candidate for Cave Creek Town Council.