Your View | April 1 – 7, 2009

?It looks to me as if the Kiwanians need to do some spring cleaning. Their reputation has been tarnished, thanks to the likes of Stevens, Hayward and Pipp. Where I came from, the Kiwanians were well respected and admired. Here, they are nothing more than a PAC, no matter how many good deeds they do.

The people have spoken, and we want Bob Coady to be the mayor. Let's hope this council listens this time to the voters, or they will be the next to go.

In response to the Your View comment about cats, dogs, parvo, etc.: Dogs and puppies can contract parvo even if they never leave their yards. Parvo virus, despite what you might hear, is not an airborne virus. It is excreted in the feces of infected dogs, and if someone – human, dog, bird, etc. – steps in (or otherwise comes in contact with) the excrement, the possibility for contamination is great. Some people speculate that birds invading a dog’s food dish can deposit the parvovirus there. If you think you may have come in contact with parvovirus, a strong solution of bleach and water does kill the virus, so you can wash your shoes and clothes, even your hands with it, to reduce the risk of infecting your dog. Rest assured that parvovirus is specific to dogs alone and cannot be transmitted to humans or other pets of a different species, such as cats.

To all those “Scottsdale Babes” out there, the blonde hair, the perfect pedicure and fake boobs are becoming common and getting old. Many of you women with weathered skin from the Arizona sun don’t look good as blondes.

Love that (Craig) Cantoni, and hope you find space for him every week. Why not ask if he will run for public office? He is a perfect replacement for RINOs, including loser (John) McCain and our appointed governor (Jan Brewer) who is favoring tax increases.

Maybe Adam Trenk’s candidacy is good for youth advocates but he is an empty pair of Levis and cowboy hat. He seems to think this community is made of simpletons and Obama tactics will work here. What can he know about this complex town in one year that is useful with no historical basis and Joisy as his home? Cowboy he is not. Yes he is facile, but dumb. I will go with an incumbent and an experienced retired lawyer rather than an attorney to-be, in school.

I hope someone will tell me there is a fine when idiots drive off the road and run into our desert treasures like has happened on Tom Darlington with that beautiful Saguaro. I hope those people are handed a bill and forced to pay for it.

I overheard someone say, “I support the President” the other day. What is it about the President you support? The fact that he’s human? I’ll go along with that. His foreign policies? His bedfellows? His inability to speak a coherent series of thoughts without a teleprompter? His economic policies? I cannot. The answer is NO.

The weed overgrowth has created a major fire hazard. This is the second year in a row. Can’t something be done about weeds? How about natural enemies to consume them? Maybe some enterprising entrepreneur can rent goats. I know I can’t hire labor in this financial environment.

I am a supporter of Jim Bruce and Tom McGuire as are my neighbors. Both are true Creekers who will support a fine administration. That being said, I am counting on Sonoran News to keep them all straight as I believe they are. Insurance is always worth the money.

I am a motorcyclist, as is my wife and son. But I am ashamed of the conduct of too many bikers in Cave Creek. Where was the town marshal and deputies to keep them sane? They parked everywhere as if they owned space in the town. Why didn’t they lease space behind the post office like other event holders do and provide a shuttle? Did they have permits for all the traffic and retail outlets? The noise was deafening and clearly violating law. Our bikes are all legal and so is our behavior. The Cave Creek council needs to visit these issues.

I look forward to two years of peace with no campaign signs, lies or subterfuge. I do think the voters voted right since they voted mostly like I did. I hope (Thomas) McGuire and (Jim) Bruce prevail, then I am batting 100 percent.

Looks like the “slate” in Carefree sprung a leak! Hallelujah! I was about to quit voting since it seemed the majority swallowed the BS of those despicable PACs. They went over the line didn’t they? Soon to be Ex-Mayor Wayne Fulcher finally showed his true colors with no complaints from his submissive followers, all too true for all too long. Now if Mr. Koteas and a couple of write-ins prevail their back will truly be broken. I pray.

Obama hasn’t been in office for 90 days and he’s already spent more money over and above what has been budgeted than most presidents in their entire four year term of office. If we are not vigilant he will soon burden us with the cost of national health insurance which will mean that none of us will be able to get health CARE. Volunteer service may also be REQUIRED of each American (when it is required it is not volunteerism, it is slavery). Are you paying attention? If you are still stuck in Messiah mode, you’re scaring the rest of us.