Guest Editorial: Thomas McGuire,
Candidate for Re-election to Cave Creek Town Council

By Thomas McGuire | April 1, 2009

Sonoran News has shown remarkable judgment in its endorsements of candidates for Cave Creek Town Council. The newspaper has a clear conservative political agenda on national issues. But Sonoran News has chosen to support independent candidates for town council who are known primarily for their community service and long-range commitment to Cave Creek.

Beginning with mail-in ballots on April 18, voters will have the opportunity to elect the two final members of the town council. Having elected four strong supporters of our staff and community was an important step for Cave Creek. Voters were wise to re-elect Vincent Francia along with incumbents Ernie Bunch and Dick Esser. Your most recent additions to our council, Steve LaMar and Ralph Mozilo will bring their long-time service and expertise to guide Cave Creek through the current economic downturn and into the future.

However, your selection of community leaders has one more step to go. Cave Creekers have the opportunity to install two more council members. Jim Bruce has been a resident since 2001. He has an impressive record of service. Jim has been a strong supporter of the Sonoran Arts League along with his talented artist wife, Judy. Jim has volunteered many hours to events such as the Film and Arts Festival and art showings including those that highlight Stagecoach Village and our local businesses.

His community leadership is evident as a volunteer on the Cave Creek Planning Commission since 2005. He is the current chairman of the Planning Commission. His decisions have shown a deep interest in protecting the character of the Town Core while supporting the long-range economic viability of our community.

Jim chaired an advisory committee to guide the long-range needs for fire protection in Cave Creek. The committee considered a variety of options to save money for our citizens and yet provide essential and secure protection of our homes and businesses. He worked closely with committee members and with town staff to establish realistic plans for the future.

I hope that you will also reelect me. Elaine and I moved to Cave Creek nine years ago. This is our home. After attending council meetings for three years, I was asked by Mayor Francia to run for office. Past councils have too often been a group of individuals with poorly formulated and fractured ideas about the future of Cave Creek. In the past four years I have worked toward a more effective council that can establish a clear vision for the future and work effectively with our staff.

I actively supported the purchase of the Cave Creek Water Company. I also recognize the need to construct a new wastewater treatment plant that will meet the needs of our citizens and allow new businesses to locate in Cave Creek.

I have opposed zoning changes that serve the limited interests of investors. For example, I opposed four recent requests for rezoning because the benefits to our community were not clear.

I have also worked with town staff and with trail maintenance crews to extend and maintain our network of multi-use trails. Those trails will preserve Cave Creek as a horse-friendly oasis in the increasing urban Phoenix Valley. At every step of the process, I have encouraged and supported the mayor and our staff toward the historic annexation and preservation of six square miles of high-Sonoran desert. As urban development closes in around us, Cave Creek will remain a jewel of the desert environment.

Cave Creek voters will begin to cast their ballots over the next few weeks. It is important the voters understand the need for leadership by candidates who have demonstrated service to the community and a commitment to the future of this unique town. While candidate Adam Trenk is a bright and ambitious law student, he has yet to learn how to work effectively with the council and staff. He is well suited to serve the community in a variety of roles, but his limited time in Cave Creek, just one year, leaves questions about his understanding of the needs of this community. You deserve council members who have worked closely with our professional staff and with other citizens for the betterment of our whole community. Jim Bruce and I offer that proven combination of leadership and service.